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PRESENTATION SELLS Tracey McLeod ‘Home Sellers Live Q& A’

hi it's Jason from presentations elves Ithought for a moment that we had a poorconnection so it's great that we're onlife and it's wonderful to be talking toyou there I am a professional homestylist and I'm going to tell you alittle bit about my journey and then I'mgoing to take some questions from youand with regard to home presentation forsale and how to help you maximize thesale price of your home while it's onthe market so let's get started okay sothe first thing I want to tell you aboutI've got a couple of notes here for meso if I look down that's what I'm doingso the first thing I want to tell you isa little bit about my story and my storyreally began when I was selling my firsthome and I had no idea what I was doingI really wanted the top price for myhome but I put it on the market poorlypresented and it really had you know Ihad blue feature wallsit had outdated furniture the kitchenwas really on its last legs and it wasreally not something that people werewilling to pay top dollar for I had avery straight talking real estate agentand he told me at the time that I reallyneeded to do something to lift mypresentation if I wanted a better pricefor my property so I spent a little lessthan four thousand dollars and I wasable to make eighteen thousand dollarsin less than three weeks to me that waslike a lottery win I was really reallyexcited about that and I realized thatif I could do it with no idea what I wasdoing then anybody could do it but atthe time there was no school of of homestyling you couldn't actually learn howto style homes for sale and youcertainly couldn't learn how to do ityourself so I was really flying blindand to be honest I just put things inthe home that I liked and I wasn't surewhether anybody else wouldactually like them fortunately I waslucky enough that it was in a greatlocation it had great agent and it wasreally well marketed so if I can do itanyone can do it we've got that sussedum and what I've done since then so itstarted me on a property journey andthat journey was all about being able tosell to learn how to make money fromproperty and I was really planning to tobecome an investor and sell inner cityproperties and then unfortunately mydream happened right at the time of theBrisbane floods and the GFC thereforemaking property drop dramatically inprice but homeowners still believingthat they could ask a much higher pricefor their properties so one of thethings I did as part of that process inthat training was to go into hundredsand hundreds of open homes in many areasover about a seven-year period so I wasreally lucky to get that trainingbecause there was one home that wasreally the home that changed everythingit was a beautiful hundred-year-oldcharacter home and it had beautifulbones and socks on the floor dirtydishes in the sink drapes closedcurtains closed in the bedroomit really wasn't appealing so in theagent bring me to see what I thoughtabout the home I've done so many so muchresearch in that area then I just said$50,000 and he said ok all right what doyou mean and I said that's how much theowners are leaving on the table by notpresenting this home well and he said Itotally agree with you three monthslater that home after the owners had hadto get a bridging loan to be able to buytheir next home that home sold forexactly fifty thousand dollars less thanthe asking priceand you know it wasn't like I wasparticularly clever but I just knewproperty prices in that area so one ofthe really important things actually letme just check I'm my friend Carrie ishere and she's actually holding thecamera and have we got any questions sofrom Amanda hi Tracy I'd like to knowyour thoughts on the importance ofpresentation in a home for sale I'mgetting conflicting opinions from realestate agents Thank You Amanda and thequestion was about the importance ofpresentation in a home for sale andgetting conflicting information fromreal estate agents and this is one ofthe things I've also found in themarketplace Amanda that not every agentis on board with home presentation andso it's really about you still have todo your own research some of the timeand so the opportunity there fortunatelynow there's a lot of information outthere although not all of it exact uratebut what we're able to do now is presentour homes you know we have beautifulmagazines and things like that but homepresentation is a marketing skill so itbecomes part of your trifecta of sellingsuccess as I call it which is your priceyour presentation and your marketing nowI've met home sellers in the past whohave said to me I don't do signage sothey don't want to do that thatparticular part of the marketing theysay I you know I want my top dollar Iwant my price which is exactly what Idid and the other thing that they do isthat they say I work from home I've gotchildren I cannot present my homeproperly so what happens in that case isthat those people are handing a lot ofmoney over to the next person withouteven realizing it so with regard toprice price is pivotal getting yourprice right is really really importantinmarketing mix so how do you do that wellpart of it is research and part of thatresearch the really important part Ibelieve is legworkso it's spending as much time as youwould as a buyer going to open homes inyour market in your area at your pricepoint and some of the things that youwill find with that is the diversity ofhomes for sale in your area and howthey're presented the different levelsof presentation but there's some otherthings that you will notice as well andthese are really pivotal and importantto helping you set your price you'llfind out who the top agents are in thearea and how they react to you comingthrough the open home do they call youwhat questions do they ask these are thesort of questions that really help youto understand how the agent is going tobe when they're selling your home thesecond thing is and also help you tounderstand what sort of price point whatpeople are selling at different pricepoints so if your home is below thosehomes as far as your presentation orperhaps your you know you need to dosome work to get it up to a standard tobe competing and comparable with thosehomes the third thing it will give youis who else is buying so who are thosepeople who are also at the open homesthey're your buyer and that is reallythe most important thing that you canknow with regard to getting yourpresentation right so I know this is abit of a long-winded answer a man thisbut I want to cover it fully for youto make sure that you understand thatfirst thing is going to the open homessecond thing is knowing who your targetbuyer is from that so if you can createa kind of avatar person on the fridgethat you can think about when you'repreparing your home because often yourbuyer is the next generation ofby they will not necessarily be you andoftentimes they hunt so then if youthink wow my home looks really nice allof my friends say it's great that's notreally thinking of it from a marketingperspective so with regard to yourpresentation one of the things you cando is actually go around with the camerain your home and isn't it great thatwe've all got iPhones that we can go andwe don't know about I phoneswe've all got smartphones and so we cango around and take photos of differentareas of our home and look at thosephotos in relation to the photos thatyou have on the internet a lot of peopleare looking at a lot of homes littlebuyers are looking at a lot of homes onthe internet and so they want to makesure that they can find the best timethey're going to be judging you on yourphotos now more than everdrones are coming into the picture soyou'll be able to look really closely atyour home so and then of course there'syour marketing you cannot sell a secretso it's really really important if youwant top dollar to make sure yourpresentation and your marketing and yourhome are all working towards that andyourself that's the other thing youreally need to be ready to sell and noteveryone is okay now Kerry have we gotanother question we do hey I hope thatwas good Amanda problem from Melissa ifyou don't want to do any renovations onan old home prior to selling what arethe best things to do to makepresentation so if you don't want to dorenovations on a home what are the bestthings to do Melissa is asking to makeyour home presentation ready hi Melissaand thank you for your question what Iwould do is I would ask a number ofagents in your area to come through thehome if you're serious about selling andgive you an opinion on what they thinkabout your home what you should do atyour price pointand in your market either to get topdollar or what you can expect with it asis so that will really help you gaugebecause not every home in every marketneeds to be renovated as such - to helpit obtain top dollar so I definitely getthe agents in I know that that can be alittle bit of a risky strategy becauseyou don't want to be marketed toconstantly while you're trying toprepare your home and things like thatbut you really want to be again go toopen homessee what's on the market see what whatprice you're looking for and then invitethe agency one word of warning becauseI've done these people is you may getthree really different opinions but itwill give you an idea of your price andit'll help you to understand a lot moreabout the marketplace so I hope that'sbeen helpful Melissa so don't lose

Will I still get top dollar if I don’t stage my home for sale? I have asked local real estate agents if I should stage and have had conflicting answers from them.

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