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PRESENTATION SELLS – PART 1 What is the ‘Home Staging Business Blueprint? with Tracey McLeod

it's Tracy McLeod for presentation cellsand I'm here today very excited to betalking to you about the Home Stagingbusiness blueprint so the reason I wantto tell you all the reasons that Iinvited Bob immigrant and Cindy Lynn whotalks about top home stages to come hereto Australia to help Australians tounderstand the benefits of home stagingand I'll take you through our websiteand some of the information that's onthere to help you understand how itactually works so what it is when we doopen we're going to have an early birdregistration so I really recommend thatyou get on the waitlist now even ifyou're not sure about whether you wantto join up for the Home Staging businessblueprint what we'll be able to dothough is to be able to offer you someof the early bird opportunities that arecoming up as soon as we do open forbusiness this is a program that is forthose people who are into decoratinglove design may already be in theindustry or in an allied industry butreally want to take their knowledge andtheir business to the next level and theway that we're doing that is reallyinviting people into a community that'sgoing to be able to elevate theirbusiness and elevate what they do fromday one in a very supportive environmentthis is an elite community which isactually mentored by the world's leadinghome stages throughout the year-longprogram so we really want to make surethat you have the information we need tobe able to make a good decision only youwill know if this programs going to befor you but it's a fantastic program tomy knowledge there's nothing like thisanywhere else in the world and so wereally want to make sure that youunderstand what what the opportunity ishere so that you can make an informeddecision so just to help you understandthat who this mentoring is is for andwe're really looking to have in thegroup we want really positive people whoare going to be able to take this ideaand run with itmake it even better than what we'rebringing to them and we also want tocreate a new generation of home stagesin this country there really understandthe benefits and the depth and thebreadth of Home Stagingyou really know their craft who arereally going to be able to take thismessage into the broader communitycommunity and be able to help theirlocal community to thrive and survive inany market so whether it's you know it'sa virus or a seller's market there areopportunities for people at any in anymarketplace to be able to stagesuccessfully and still be best-in-showstill be showing better than everyoneelsewho maybe is you know in a in a in aseller's market you're going to haveproperties coming and you know beingsnapped up quickly but you still wantyours to stand down at the top of thecrowd so these are the types of thingswe're going to be teaching home stagesso this is really for you if you're youmay be a full-time home stager at themoment and you may be in the first fewyears of your business and reallyunderstanding that you need mentorshipyou need guidance you need help you needunderstanding in any businessinformation to be able to bring youryour income to a level where you'regoing to be able to create a successfulbrand and this successful business youmay be a designer you may have finisheddesign school and love the idea of HomeStaging as an emerging industry and soyour team to be able to get into thatarea we also have the bonus of thebusiness training and so while you mightthink no I don't need that in fact whatthat does is even if you decide I'm notreally going to start a Home Stagingbusiness understanding and knowing thebusiness of Home Staging really doeshelp you to again elevate your brandusing those marketing skills usingpricing using all of those differenttools that we have available to you tomake sure that yourreally being able to elevate what youoffer to whether you're collaboratingwhether you're working for or withsomeone else however you decide tocreate your business we're going to havemodules to be able to help you do thatbecause we're interactive and we havelast classes we have ways of being ableto be very responsive in this trainingrather than just setting you a videocourse over a period of time I've reallybroken it down and broken down theinformation from Cindy and Bobby but aswell as our other 15 Australian mentorsand I'm going to go into that as well sothe blueprint can help you if you mightbe renovated a real estate agent or youmight just loved a tour in design so oryou may only be looking at it I justmean only you may be looking at it tostage your own home for sound it's goingto give you a lot of information and itstill help you decide to be moving intohome staging your business we are onlyopen for business for 12 months thoughyou should know because we can onlylicense the information for 12 monthsperiod the other thing that it does ismake sure that it's very current so eachyear or each intake this information isgoing to be developed for that cohort ofstudents so really looking forward tothat for you too but and really helpingyou build your businesses as I said thisis a personal program this is aboutmentoring that is really on and on adifferent scale then you know somethingyou can read in a book on staging or anonline course so we've tried to bring ineverything together so that you've gotit in one place we may only get throughthe front page of this this websitetoday but we can certainly help you tounderstand how it all worksso the blueprint can help you haveconfidence and direction from day onehelp you to revive refine your visionand dissolve doubt you know you mighthave questions around your personalityyour lifestyle your different aspects ofyour life we're really going to help youtoto figure those things out and dissolveany doubt that you have around that andif Home Staging is not the rightdirection for you we're going to helpyou define that very quickly but ofcourse you are still getting the benefitof that amazing training and thatamazing confidence around a taurendesign so there's so much in this inthis course that I think you're reallygoing to enjoy it and we're reallylooking forward to you joining us soobviously we want to help you reinforceyour personal strengths you know we'vegot training around sales so improvingyour sales and profitability stimulatingyour creativity and not stifling it inprocesses and you know any any businessreally but making sure that yourcreativity is allowed to shine through -and crafting visionary and distinctivebrands for you quickly and effortlesslyconverting prospects to module longbecause very few of us are actualactually natural salespeople and so thisis such a beautiful process that we haveled some during tried and tested methodmessage method and you don't have to bea great salesperson as you can see butwe want to create raving fans for you inreferrals and so that you can chargewhat you're worth that if you want toyou can develop profitable profitablepartnerships and because being yourbusiness and being a solo entrepreneurcan be quite lonely and so often youwant to collaborate and coordinate withothers in your local area and I knowI've certainly done them over time butwe kept our into each one theseidentities have come together ondifferent projects and being able toreally help them support each other andalso bouncing ideas off each other sothere's a lot of there's a lot of realbenefit that you can have bycollaborating as Cindy Lin will tell youin her training that you we are in thepeople business so when you arewhen you're you're putting your businessinto practice it's really important toremember that you are not in thefurniture business and that's one of themyths the misnomers if you like themisunderstandings that we have been herein Australia we see all the shows andthey bring in furniture they go outshopping for furniture and it's all thisamazing fun stuff and or it's thisincredible stress stuff well we don'twant you to be to be at either end ofthat really where you're purchasing alot or you're stressing out a lot wewant to be able to bring you to a placewhere there's income coming in fromdifferent areas of your business andreally being able to help you turn overand continue without burning outyourself which happens a lot to peoplewho are working on their own and tryingto build a business and trying to doeverything about the business plusfinding out online where they can go youknow people have asked is there is youknow can I just Google what is in but isin the training that you are offeringand all I can say is that you can't doall the experience that you're meant toexam and I'm going to talk to you aboutthat in a moment because I'd like tointroduce you to the mentors and notonly is this team of mentorsinternationally acclaimed but when wetalk about the mentors themselves theywill be walking you through every aspectof creating a successful home stagingbusiness but they have been where youare they know exactly where you are andthey know what you need to get to me ofgoing the reason that I reached out toBobby and Cindy Lynn who as I said aretwo of the world's top home stages isbecause Bobby has 14 years experience inover 6,000 homes we go to 200 realestate agents now Bobby has notdelegated that work to someone else intoher business she has been into every oneof those homes done every one of thoseconsultationshas done all aspects of home stagingshe's done vacant homes she's donethe enhanced staging the partial stagingand she's also done and now specializesin the occupied side of home stagingwhich is from that two hour consultationso there's very little that Bobby hasnot seen in that time the other theother thing is that when you considerthe American market as far as some ofthe things that we faced in our industryin Australia like for sale blind ownersvery low-cost players coming into themarket as far as the real estate agentside of things go then you can see thatwhat we're starting to experience nowthey've probably been experiencing forthe last seven years so they're almostlike the ghost of Christmas futurehaving Bobby and Cindy come here to talkto our home stages because they reallyare in the market that's probably a bitfurther ahead of ours and hasexperienced things previously and theyknow how to deal with it from the otherside so this is just a depth and breadthof experience that I don't believe thatwe have here in Australia and so that iswhy I've invited some the Amagi to comeover but it's also why they are such avital part of our home staging businessblueprint the other thing is that Cindyas well Cindy is a vacant home stagerthat was where she decided to to focusher business but Cindy also has she hasbeen a visual merchandiser she hasstudied design in London she has studiedfloristry she has also been a stylist ofevents of food photographer you knowadvertising for different products soand cindy is currently in Paris studyingher master's of photographyher information her knowledge bank is sohuge as well as having started a homestaging business when she was 25 andhaving gone through all those pitfallsand learning to be able to create asuccessful six-figure business she'salso in the last three years in herpodcast actually interviewed everyone inthe morning Home Staging and dicotInDesign and so she is such a huge assetfor us to be coming to be coming andjoining us here this is just a knowledgebank you know they have 25 yearsexperience in in staging and differentaspects of staging in the more of thedifferent things you need to know aboutstaging as a business and as a craft butalso about styling which is that in homein home relocation and editing offurniture that you see in the on thehome shows and things like thatso it's really teaching you how to dothose things but at a knowledge basethat really is phenomenal and and as Isaid see me mo be seen he was also veryhands-on in her business so you knowthey're not at the executive levelcoming and talking to you about whatit's like to be at the at the workerlevel they're actually the whole thewhole package so really really reallyexcited to have them here and they'vebeen very gracious they're very verygracious with their time and theirknowledge and they will just tell youlike it is and you know that is theother aspect of them huge amounts ofintegrity huge amounts of cheer factorfor you and obviously to their clientshere you go there's some pictures justto show you a little bit of informationabout us as I said I'm once my wards inmy area I've also been in business forseven years and for the seven yearsprior to that I was actually studyingproperty development and propertyinvestment and soI had been into hundreds and hundreds ofopen homes before I staged my first homeand I was actually in those homeslooking for reasons to discount and geta cheaper price from people when the GFCarrived and I was also living inBrisbane so I was it was during theBrisbane floods and so the price ofhousing actually dropped overnight in mytarget area but I've been into so manyhomes that I was really able Iunderstood that I was able to helppeople I realized that I had developed alevel of knowledge where I could go inand help people and understand pricingand how to actually make sure thatpeople were getting top dollar so I kindof flipped my investor knowledge if youlike into that that training for homesellers to be able to help them toreally elevate their homes for sale andthe other thing is that with regard toBobbie she has she's been the top one ofthe top ten home stages in the u.s.Bobbie create has created a six-figurebusiness just doing the two empoweredconsultation so you can imagine that youknow that's a service based businessthat relies on your ability to deliverthe service so you know it's it's a it'sa service that you can work around otheraspects of your life so if you have kidsif you have other lifestyle factors butyou still want to be in the data anddesign business there are ways to beable to use staging in a broader senseto work around your lifestyle and howyou need to operate to have thatwork-life balance cindy has been as Isaid she was 25 and she started herbusiness in San Francisco so and SanFrancisco has a lot of different pocketsdifferent styles of housing as mostplaces do and she was able to after abusiness of refining refining andrefining her business she was able toactually find her nicheand really create a successful businessin a specific niche so we talked to youabout the different things that we havelearned and what's been reallyinteresting for me is I went to the realestate staging Association convention in2015 and I met Bobby McGrath this thenstarted us on a bit of a trainingjourney where we started trainingAustralian real estate agents online howto deliver how to use home staging forbusiness success and so that we did fora few monthstowards the end of 2016 and then wedecided in 2017 that we really wanted torather than trying to sell onlinetraining that what we wanted to do isgive away information for free we justwanted to help home sellers home ownersand and home stages to really understandthe business of home staging and so forover the past 12 months we've actuallybeen delivering that opportunity topeople here in Australia so you'll seeus obviously here every week on facebook line where we actually talk aboutthe business of home staging and as youcan see Seelye is also a photographerand a stylist so we're going to betalking about those types of things oncourse so let's get into what the courseactually involves

Home Staging Training: Home Staging Business Blueprint proudly presented by Tracey McLeod from Presentation Sells

The ‘Home Staging Business Blueprint’ is a 12-month online mentoring program for far-sighted enthusiasts who want to blossom into successful Home Stagers from Day One, supported by a bonus state of the art 4-day home staging immersion event. This exclusive educational experience is mentored by world renowned home stagers Tracey McLeod, Bobbie McGrath and Cindy Lin.

Starting from day one, you’ll learn how to stage occupied homes with no inventory all the way up to building a successful six-figure occupied and/or vacant home staging business. During the 4-day home staging training event, you will also be personally guided by your mentors through the hands on selections, styling and staging of an actual property for sale.

TRACEY McLEOD describes what to expect from the Home Staging Business Blueprint program

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