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hey guys and welcome back to my channelso in today's video I'll be sharing withyou guys my power hour cleaning routinetoday I'm just cleaning the girls roomwhich is why I'm in the girls room so asyou guys will see throughout the videothey do have their own cribs howeverthere are transformable into toddlerbeds and we had an issue with them goingback and forth between each other's bedsclimbing in and out of the crib so whatwe did what my husband did is hecombined both the toddler beds togethermake one big giant kind of likesleepover bed and this is what works forus this is what the girls like Iwouldn't recommend anyone else doing itwithout obviously expecting it to see ifit's safe it's definitely safer for usthe safest option because they do sharea room and they love being with eachother they go back and forth quite oftenso you'll see that throughout the videoit's been actually a while since I'vecleaned the girls room so it's beenpretty messy in here and honestly whenthey're in here together it's likethere's a tornadoeverything is messy they just run aroundthey throw things they put things out ofplace in here gets pretty dusty againbecause it's winter time and I'm reallyopen the windows as much but I do openit every time I clean and I do open itwhenever I can and the windows aren'tliterally like frozen shut which hasbeen happening a lot here because socold so I'm not gonna take too long toget into this video again this video hastaken me an hour if not an hour andchange because I've had to stop toobviously tend to the girls in betweenbut yeah this is pretty much how I cleantheir room I pretty much just make surethey get me bedding I wipe down all thesurfacesI wipe the windows the mirrors and Ialso sweep and mop the floors so if youguys would like to see more cleaningvideos like this from me on my channelwhich I have been getting positivefeedback that you guys do like to seethis it's getting a lot of views so I'mreally happy that I'm giving you guysobviously content that you enjoy soagain don't forget to thumbs up thisvideo if you enjoyed it you can alsocomment down belowyou know if you'd like to see mark thesevideos and if you haven't subscribedplease subscribe so you'll get updatedwith all of our new post and thank youso much for watching in[Music][Music][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Music][Music][Music]a whole hour to be this kind of makes nosense because the moment they walk inhere at this entire world without seeingit I invested in our my times make sureand it's clean and germ-free and lovableand all of a sudden when they walk inhere that's all gonna go away that'sreal life for you that's mom life oh andby the way the hour is taking me tofocus just on this one room every otherroom in our house is a mess because theyhave decided to rip the place apart sothis is real life this is what happensin a dedicate a little time to do onething everything else gets messed up butwhatever I'll get to it when I do andI'm sure a lot of you guys come away aswell

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