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Pot Roast & Pinot – Dining Tip

when I tell you about great places toeat and drink my favorite thing to tellyou about our places that have animagination that really do somethingdifferent than anyone else is doing wellpot roast and Pinot tells you in thename what they're doing here they havecomfort food things that a mom wouldmake but a really creative mom a mom whogoes into the kitchen and sees what shecan do with old-fashioned recipes tomake them fresh and new and equallydelicious if not better Pinot element isabout the great wine list chair theyhave over 300 kinds of wine they have aWine Spectator awarded lists since 2014how do these things come together we'regonna see in just a second so we havetwo perfect examples of what you canfind here at pot roast and Pinot rightin front of us and we have max here totell us what we are looking at so youdecided to pair the chicken and waffleswith what it's a quail's gait convergedemeanor it's out of British Columbiait's a pretty classical take on aconvergent manner it's off dry sothere's a hint of residual sugartelltale white pepper I love this dishit's you get the sweet and the savoryall in one usually I don't even have toask people that they want a dessert listafter that because it's covered in syrupso you get the easy pairing of syrup andthe off drive like a virgin's demeanorbut you also get a little bit morecomplexity with with all the salt andpepper and everything in the in thebatter for the chicken matches upperfectly with the white pepper of thegood what about that so this is oursignature dish this is our pot roastthe names pot roast and Pinot Pinot andPinot oh my perfect match made in heavenI have the Buena Vista Carneros Pinotwhich quinoa's is the greatest grape onthe planet you have every type of winedrinker well like what you know can allgood Carneros especially though you getthese big robust Pinot Noir that canstand up to something like a chuck steakdish pretty essentially and I had tocome all the way to Pensacola to evenknow that there was Gewurztraminer fromBritish Columbia say I didn't even writethey and I found it right here at Patrasimogen really good and it's really goodthank you for it oh that's what you dohere this looks I'm so excited to dinehere I can't wait Cheers[Music]

Watch as Margit Bisztray presents her dining tip for Pot Roast & Pinot in Pensacola, FL. Pot Roast & Pinot is an upscale comfort food restaurant with an impressive wine selection and a lot of character.

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