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PLAYING IN MY ROOM FULL OF TOYS! – Out Of Colors VR Gameplay – Brand New Toy Game!

get get out of here okay what are wedoing here okay oh geez oh stop light goback what's up guys over here andwelcome to a brand new game that justcame out like a - you'll go called outof colors now when I saw this game itgave me a lot of a baby hand so kind ofa duck hunting feel and it looked reallycool so my room I'm in my room right nowguy is it a super dark in here okay youknow what it's gonna go ahead and go toone player here Oh beautiful look atthat screen oh nice oh here we go dudethere's a dog out to have a dog okay wegot a basketball goal guys just likeevery kid's dream drink okay leave I'vebeen locked in my house I can skateboardhere then I can't grab it just whitejacket this looks like a fool Floridawhat is this pro surfer here withoutrolling in poopoo I was rolling in poopoo okayokay how do we oh okay teleport likejust ate something on my floor okay Ihave a remote control how do we turnhere we go now we're doing it look atthis just so cool dad I haven't I can'tget rid of this I'm gonna play no gamescome here okay hold on mister myfingernail hey um I got gameI got games over here okay we got overhere this we got track one my boys myfavorite game growing up okay track oneeverybody loves a little track one blowon a look get up in therejam it in there jamming it there with abossokay okay stops happening it's like it'sa it's a track it's a track hold on myboys they just started how do i okay youready for thiswhat is this Tim Oh like water - Idropped it okay now over here we'll comeback to this tracker just a second Iwant to see what's going on - this kidfrom what is this what is this oh it'spretty shiny my face wouldn't guys Ican't get it it's brokenokay so we got paper here okay we got ascrewdriver oh I can scoops okay it'skind of hard to pick things up guysum I oh I almost sat get out of this badboy that's how real VR is guys let's goahead and okayget out here okay what are we doing here[Music]okay Oh in my housestop it light go back all right allright that's the problems we're VR guysyou get a little bit too much into itknocking over things afraid of me okayI'm going back in okay here coupe adaptityeah buddy scab hoop whoop ants go geezI'm holding a screwdriverpull that out okay stop it'll be calmdown I gotta learn to keep my feetplanted where is it put this here can Iopen this please I'm gonna can I getcloser little squirt I just wanna seewhat's outside okay I know I'm notsupport an icepick Lee just said not tomove from this spot okay hold on where'smy okay hold on I'm scared to moveforward of real life guys I'm gettingclose something it's nothing okay backto my safety stone safety zone you guyscan see my circle down here right Idon't know how to get it to go awayother youtubers have turned it off minedoesn't want to it knows who I am and itknows that I am not smart enough to playwithout the circle I won't go skate I'mgonna bump into a wall guys that is mybiggest fear that I'm gonna break myhandbump it into a wall guys come over hereI'm over here actually and make anycloser yeah what are you closer to thewall don't die[Music]so it looks like I'm some kind of racinggenius child who races remote-controlcars for a living I can't think ofsomeone's gonna come to that door canyou imagine what Effendi does all day sowe shut him down what's in hereit's a shoebox I can't open it hold onget a little closer here so they alsohave this thing guysit lets you is this you suck things toyour hand you can't normally pick uplike if it's outside your zone like thatit's kind of drawing it's a little scarybut that's that right is basketball it'slike oh okay let's come over here[Music]dad did not sound good mom could be somad will she come in yeah we're justlava lamp I have two DS we're like guysmake shut until you stop what am Isupposed to be doing right now ain'tnobody know um I guess we gotta playthis game here so do I have to put thecar on the track okay yeah that'sexactly right how's he look that's awhite thank you come on V please it'snot as easy as you guys would think itis the turn is a little hard okay got alittle bit of an obstacle here I did notgo to my chair in a fit of rage earlierturn it this way here hold on hold onthis is like stunk toys but Indy arekinda I can't even turn a time what ishappening car go straight please for thelove of everything just meet the hairpinturn you know what I'm gonna completethis course guys what if it takes me allday or not I'm doing it I'm doing itwhat yeah I am not good at this at allokay now I'm getting better than that'scloser okay here we go come ongo stopped go what you know what a badrace please you're so close oh are youkidding me you put it there can youwhat just freed me every what this gameis fighting me every bit of itplease can I just slap it come on comeon you come on please just go pleasewhat is your freakin problem look at me[Music]what she's 30 years old I'm married whywhy does my wife stay with me - umthat's not cute and adorable are youkidding me hey okay okay back I have tocomplete one course guys so maybe maybeI can reset this one okay stick it stickit in this kit okay let's see well thecourse we poopley there it is okay grabthis grab this now this it's upside downmy car is upside down okay can ireconfigured it to be to another carhere put this deal okay I have neverworked so hard for any game before mylife okay hold this work right thereit's on the course it's on the coursehopefully okay oh okayhoby settle down where does the kid haveit front of this room maybe we gotgrounded for the day and mom left all mytoys in in here checkup I hear meplaying my toys right now she plays somad what should I do sugar coming herestop me I want to see your dry mommommy I don't know where I'm at guyshumming like a different world right nowI just wanted to play more course please[Music]guys moment of truth Marta truth okaygive my my fingy ear mite zips abreokay we got awaywe're deal with this first of all theboys I don't know what it's doing hereoh I could spray paint Oh mob gonna bereal now as you come homeI think this bugged out guys I think Isuppose the paint kiss or something Idon't think that's supposed to be how itis maybe I come over here throwing thiswall as if as if David's ooh okay I'mhaving fun look what are they all theseblank squares on the wall for hold ondoes that happenthat's a logo on it can I get a littlebit more detail in my bum boy come overhere okay my guys covering up the logooh there it is okay it says racecarthinghuh okay pay my course no well that'spoopoo then I'm not sure what I'm doingright now um please forgive me I reallywant to show you guys this day becauseit looked really cool but I like to jumpinto these games very blind but Ithought is there some dinnerI thought maybe to be a livable contentto it maybe something like baby head Iwas wrongI want to play around too we got to playround two nowfunny yank this one out and I'm gonna goahead and throw it in my dirty clotheshamper we're getting it's fine why isour black squares that the chef is thata shadow Oh what am I seeingshould I restart guys I feel like thisshould be down guys why does the musiconly play when I'm hold in thecontrollerwell hey am I asking you guys do theanswers please tell me the answers Iwanna play the arcade tag stuff here ohokay hold on[Applause][Music]okay let's see if I can make one forreal okay my boys hold on me try thisquickly hold on garbage garbageum um it's like every step bite heredraw this close okayall right guys I'm back okay I'm backlook how scary my room is in it that'smy lava lamp over there I'm assuming therest of my stuff if this is in this roomhere you know what we get out of hereit's too dark it's too scary okay nowwe're in it okay okay let's not breakanything we have the paint the paint isstill here it saved my progress my sweetsweet progress okay okay we had a paintpiss all alongso there must be other colors we can getin so this is a race car my boys so webuild at our own race car I think that'sthe top two one so put put this downover there no put it down there can Ihave this gee I can't get thoseschematic way 28 paint's dead oh so wecan get our own colors and paint our ownRC car we orientate myself here wait goover here give me this teleport mepleasehey hold on its back and differently didit once it's like the kick it's like aplanet of game now huh what is happeningokay so we got to go to round two hereokay I might not do all that he's in thefirst episode I mean um they all saytrack 1 this is track 1 this is track 1but boys are all tracked one justgrabbed this one I don't think I grabbedthat oneokay okay so this is definitely adifferent track even though they all saytrack one so we're gonna go ahead andgrab this here um you guys look at mybutt if you want there it isokay okay now now it's not turning likea would for what is turn off the Fredlaser get on the track I'm not I can'tget on the track my boys okaythis is harder than it looks I knowy'all out there thinking oh bu you areridiculous like I'm five y'all could dothis I promise youwhat does every second car no no nodon't worry jump a car know what it'scuz I was holding the button down whywas it say why does it give herself acall for voice okay I just want to goleast one more I just want to see whatthe next color is that we're gonna gethere okay that's cool that there is away to reset the car though in case oflike bugs out look hold on look itthere's a carbon that's a bridge overthere so how do I get it on how's it gooh my gosh that they actually do thisthe right way okay so I'm gonna try toline myself up here on the bridge okayokay so you got to go for itoh my god this is so complicated okaythat was probably harder for the trackto get um please[Music]look guys I know I'm not great eye gamesor anything but please understand thisis like something else okay calm downand focus your face your home is at theend no wait I'm right there check backto the page turn it turn itcome on please get on the track hereokay okayoh my god did I get them all no cast youI feel a sort of the need yeswhat color do I get here what is thatpeach where's it well my peach color gomy voice OHdirts um do you all see it anywhereperhaps am i dumb I mean I know theanswer to that one absolutelyOh give something that's called overhere with my carokay well there you go guys here's outof colors I'm not really too sure whatelse I'm supposed to be doing in thisgame doesn't really have a lot ofcontent yet to be honest with you I meanwe could do the tracks and we can shoothoops and paint that um yeah that'sabout it for guys I can't actually grabthese these are not like grab abull's-eye wanted to play the radio herebut I can't so uh yeah there you have itif he was curious about this game forwhatever reason if you own an HTC viveand you wanted to play it um you knowjust for yourself it's cool for what itis and I heard that developers are gonnabe adding Easter eggs and probablyupdates to it as well so if they doanything phrases like that guys I'mabsolutely get me checking it out and ifyou guys do want to see another episodejust let me know down in the commentsbelow or about hitting like button anduh you know look at some more courses wecould do and I'm pretty sure I can getat least another 15 minutes out of thisgame by doing something you guys know meokay I could better football up therehopefully get a bit of curvature of myangle here it's a hat it's not afootball so you can't get up there whichis kind of disappointing I really wantedyou know there yeah just let me oh wellwell guys thanks so much for checkingout this video of out of colors if youenjoyed it make sure we build fastthumbs up on this video my nose isburning uh I was gonna pick you I'llwait I'm into the video and I can't waitI gotta sneeze they can watch it like avideo[Music]okay bye[Music][Music]

Playing in my room full of toys in Out Of Colors VR Gameplay, A Brand new HTC Vive Game about a room full of toys!

Out Of Colors is a new game released on steam. The game is about a boy in his room playing with R/C cars and Toys!

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About Out Of Colors:

Find yourself in a lovely teenager’s room from the nineties. Somehow all colors of your remote controlled car have been stolen by some nasty color-thief. Your mission is to grab the remote control and collect all tiles of a racetrack. As a trophy you can win color sprays to bring back the color to your beloved rc car.

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