Platinum Office Furniture Range

good morning everyone - Craig here foroffice comforts 26 Hutton Street OsmanPark this morning we want to show youthe new platinum rangeit's a made-to-order range and you canhave it in all different shapes andsizes - July in our showroom we'reshowing off the new lemon X classic oakcolor it's a great color and it blendsreally well with the dark colors likethe anthracite or blacksand it also blends really well with thewhites so you can see it here in bothsorts of color so you can do it eitherway we also have in this platinum rangethe top-end hinges and draw runners andhardware so with the open up flip topcupboards for your a4 files and then wehave the nice top range soft closedhinges that can give you great accessfor your files you can see everythingthere with the flipper also look at thatsoft close beautiful soft and quiet downbelow here we've got the lateral filingdrawer combination as well so push toopen comes out beautifully all your dropfiles made in two rows they're easy tosee easy to lift out now no problems forthat at all come to closing top of therange beautiful soft close runners onthat no problem at all all looks greatyou want that clean look with no handlesit's all therealso on the front of the desk we havethe the negative detail design so we canuse it with classic gate we use thisdark in color and and and the whitecards to create a nice design either foryour home office even in the managerialand in an executive style officescommercially as well nice do you handlehere as well looks greatanything else you want with it such as aprintable board at the back anything youneed for the faction that suits yourhome or managerial office this can do ittop of the range if you like somethingreally nice made to the size and colorsthat you want you need to give us a callon nine to zero one one two double oneor come see us at 26 Hutton StreetOsmund Parklet's make great from office compass[Music][Music]

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