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Plantique, Inc Florida – Designing Moss Wall Art – Green Walls – Plant Leasing & Rental Service

Plantique Inc. Florida, Ph: 561-641-0124 est. 1984 in Palm Beach County Florida. We are a plant service and are experts at designing interior and exterior plantscapes that are custom tailored to your space and budget. We also rent plants and trees for special events such as parties and corporate events and trade shows.

Plantique services all types of public buildings such as offices, hotels, restaurants, car dealerships, condominiums, Country Clubs, as well as private residences. We understand the importance of creating the perfect impression; a professional Interior Plantscape warmly welcomes guests, cleanses air, increases productivity in the workplace and lifts one’s spirits.

Our goal is to provide maintenance to your Interior Plantscape as closely as possible to the original installation with regards to design, plant size and plant variety. We want your plants to look as good in five years as they do when first installed!

Plants are a critical addition to a “Green” Interior Design.
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Plantique Inc. Florida, est. 1984 in Palm Beach County FL
“Think Green, A Healthy Difference”
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