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hey everyone its Lisa from in prisonplanner and welcome back to another planwith me or welcome to my channel ifyou're new here today I'm gonna beplanning the week of Monday September3rd through the 9th in my verticalneutral and Kandra my planner the kidI'm gonna be using today is this kitfrom green donor designs I did win shopcredit to your shop a few months ago andso I bought a few kits ilyich art piecesand I've just been holding onto becauseI thought them like one's kind of ananytime kit and then ones like moresummery so I'm using this more summerybeachy one I'm also pulling in thesedate dots from my newest diction in rosegold foil and then these seashells fromthe simply gilded serene seas box andthen here's all the wash I'm gonna beusing for this spread I didn't use allof it and there was I think one or twothat I pulled and that I didn't show butshe will see later on in this friend andthen I'm gonna go ahead and start byusing my tombow why don't she just whiteout the bottom of where at the bottomwashi goes the lines and then I'm gonnalead on the bottom washi because I don'tlike the lines to show through links forthis kit and any stickers I use as wellas my whiteout and my tools and my nailpolish just in case you guys wanna youknow you don't want to know what I'musing on my nails too are all in thedescription box so you can definitelycheck down there if you want to pick upanything that I'm showing in this planwith me then the links are down thereso anyways umm I do want to apologize ifyou can hear any like TV or video gamesin the background because everyone'shome everyone's watching TVcurrently Sunday right now so maybesecond and I have to go ahead and getthis voice over recorded because I wantto upload this video today so we'll seeif that happens but well we'll seeanyway for now yeah I'm so put the datecovers down and then white out the datesso they don't show through but yeah wasI yeah I was just saying sorry if youcan hear any noises cuz you knoweveryone's home I usually film Thursdaysand then editFridays and then that way my son's atschool and my husband's at work and Ican just quiet film my are requirementwhatsoever but I guess I did Sunday nowso that's not happening but anyway soI'm gonna take this flag from the kitand put that in the corner and it'spretty tiny flag so I definitely didneed to make sure I actually wetted outthe flag in the corner of this of theErin Condren it was a little bit hardfor me to get the white out to roll outas smoothly as it usually does in thisplan with me and that's there you couldsee me struggling with the with themwhat are they called tweezers anywayum just because it was almost out and soyou know how it's like always kind ofhard once you're at the very end of thelike rule or whatever anyways so I'mjust using this really plain full box sothat I can use a quote box overlay fromrose-colored days in the light gold foiland it just says good vibes only sincethere was no you know foot box in thiskit so I just wanted to make my own andthen I'm just gonna go ahead and use mysimply gilded and this is heranniversary floral but this is the pinkversion because she has this kind oflike periwinkle version so this is kindof like 2.0 because it's um you know thepink version and I thought it reallyworked well in this spread because it isrose gold I was trying to go for a rosegold theme who's only like a little bitof Hollow and a little bit of like goldand the spread mmm but otherwise it'smostly rose gold and y'all know ifyou're not new here I don't mind mixingmy medals at all the more shine thebetter so it's fine with me but mostmajority of it I just I try to juststick to you like a majority foil andthen if there's like a little accent Idon't care said majority foil is rosegold and I just thought it worked reallywell cuz there was some Pink's you knowin this kit and then the florals toowith the you know like all in the bottomwashy and some of the full boxes andstuff so anyway I just put my weeklyMonday through Sunday tracker there wasa red one too but it just kind of lookedlike too bold of a red to be right therein the sidebar so I used my Mondaythrough Sunday tracker for my gratefulthought or like thankful thought of thedaybecause I have been tracking mygratitude and you do enjoy actuallydoing that so helps to try to keep melike positive and have a good attitudebecause I feel like it's so easy toforget when something could happen youknow like I can always look back and belike oh I remember like I was happy forthat or even if it's something littlelike I just had some like good cookiestoday I don't know you know just to likerealize like you need to sometimes it'seasy to forget I guess I don't knowanyway um and then the two littlechecklist cuz there's no one like fullchecklist um are to just mark likethings I need to do for throughout theweek I try to get doneum and then I just have this like alwayshave this little bottom section in theside bar that I don't know what to dowith and I decided to use some of thedeco down there but then I thought theflowers would look good up there withthe quote box because the whole box ispretty plain so I kind of put thosethere and then I used two sunglasses inthe drink for the deco on the bottom soalso I would apologize if you can hearmy cat meowing now he's always trying tocome and be around me but he's lockedout of the room that I'm in right nowand he wants in and I kind of if he's inhere he's gonna be jabroni and meananyway here's my exacto knife I was usedthat for what I want to cut washy I usemy vector knife when I want to cut washybecause it's longer so I can just tearit and then I use my slice tool when Iwant to cut something with a rulerbecause it won't cut into the ruler likethe exacto knife desam anywaysso first I'm gonna take this half boxand then this Labor Day sticker fromrose-color days um in the rose gold foilagain and that was from an oops grab bagso if there's anything if you seeanything wrong with the foil then that'swhy and um because my name is Liranwhich also means that there's no schoolMonday so I'm just gonna take a quarterbox and then use another script for mostcolor days the clear foil again theseare her grade school scripts and theseare in like gold foil and I just usedthem no school and this is not gonna becheap so that's why I want to came off asuper easily so I just put new schoolthere to remind of myself since you knowI have my son the T does not testablethe day and thing in oh my god y'all Idon't understand why I can't just tellthis room this place over sorry if youheard that loud motorcycle outsideanyway still out there okay sorry aboutthat I'm recording this so voice-over isreally turning into a disaster disasterbecause this is now my second attemptsince I cut off the voiceover when I waswhen the motorcycle is outside and thenI was talking and talking and talkingall the way up until the end of at theend of Wednesday and then suddenlyfreakin iMovie crashed and went back tothe homepage and noise over counted socool let's try againso that sticker was from Binks and bonesand it is Hearst you know mercury or Amyum at our desk just kind of like writingsomething so I just I'm gonna be usingthose to mark when I have to do anassignment or quit or yeah an assignmentor something anything for somethingschool related so moving on to TuesdayI'm gonna lay down some stickers andthey're gonna be kind of out of order soI'm gonna be moving those around pleaseforgive me for that it was kind of astruggle to plan this week because I hadso much written down on my pre plans andthey were all crammed in together andout of orderbecause I planned some things and then Iforgot to put something in anyway so itwas kind of a struggle but that quarterbox is for a library event that I'mgoing to be taking my son to afterschool and then that hath boxes to markthat I have an assignment due for myschool and then this strip of washi isfor $2 Tuesday so I'm going to use asticker from sticker insanity to mark $2TuesdayI used to PR for her shop but I nolonger PR for hers andmy term my peer term ended so I don'thave a coupon code for her and I dropstick her um but if you would like toshop then check out her Facebook groupshe might have a code anyways I realizedthat I don't want the quarter box up atthe top of the day because the libraryevent is after school so I don't knowwhy I would have it like kind of firstthing in the in first first thing of theday because the I kind of sort ofplanned chronologically um in my mindlike the morning stuff kind of goes atthe top I don't know why that is butthat's just what I do I decided to movethe Sailor Mercury and then use thispinks and Dawn'spink holo foiled paper clip and that'sthe moon prism pink foil a home namedafter me because I love pink and Hollowbecause the paper clips are to marksomething that is due today so I'm alsousing a rope my noose addiction rosegold foil arrow didn't really know whereto put it but I settled there pointingup for an upload and then I'm gonna takethe upload script in the play buttonfrom rose color days and also rose goldfoil to mark my memory planning rewindplanning upload in my person plannerlike to try to upload those on Tuesdayso we'll see then anyway so I'm justgonna put my full box at the bottom ofthe day and then move the Sailor Mercuryup at the top for consistencyconsistency sake I have used half boxesand paper clips tomorrow something thatis due and then I've used the SailorMercury or ami just in the white spaceto mark something that I need to do sothat's why those kind of got movedaround and I you know I want to makethem consistent so anyways so that'sthat moving on to Wednesday I'm gonna goahead and start with a full box with thefloral and then the like light script inthe background and if you've noticed ifyou're not new here I have been puttingmy full boxes in the same places I justkind of feel like that's the bestspacing for them for now but I am gonnabe switchedfor my next week's upon with me andtrying a different style so stay tunedfor that if you're new here this is myfirst year planning and you're near aconference so I don't really have aPotter style yet there's a lot of stylesand I'm just kind of been tryingdifferent things I've been liking thispun as I go style but I'm gonna trysomething new next week and we'll seehow that goesI'm just taking the other small pageblog from the kit and using this stickerinsanity books do because my son hassome library books that are due mmm itwould make sure to return those and thenI'm taking this my newest addiction boatclip in the gold foil taking this bluecolored one and that's just to markpre-planning because I do like to try tofilm my weekly plan with me is onThursdays and I pre planned for that onWednesday because it takes like a longtime to pre-plan um and then at thebottom of the day I put this half boxthis red half box to mark that I haveanother you know school assignment dueI'm sorry's a little on a frame becauseI forgot to push the planner up so thatwas just like I said to mark somethingdo so I'm gonna take that half box andthen layer that with the same pinkhollow paper clip you know forconsistency like I said it's gonna bethe pink paper clips with somethingthat's to you so I move it up so you cansee it though um then I also have a billdue on Wednesday so I'm just taking abill do from the kid there was twocolors so I use this bluish want I feltlike there needed to be a little morebelow there so you use the bill due fromthe kit I started you know working myway down and up because I wanted to seeif I had enough spacing so and then Iremembered my son has a doctorappointment to go to oh I'm sorry mycats trying to get in the room and I'musing this quarter box from the kit witha stethoscope from the sticker Jeannie Ialso used to be officer but my PR termended and so check out our Facebook aswell if you want to see if she's a codeto save um I don't have one anywaybut yeah he has a doctor appointment sothat's what the stethoscope is for himand then I'm taking my magic Prince Conail polish icon in rose gold because Ialways try to do my nailsthe day before them and that is all onWednesday moving on to Thursday so onThursday I'm gonna go ahead and startwith a quarter box this red quarter boxto mark the TPC stamp can't talk todaythe TPC sale starts which is the plannercollaborative sale so that's kind oflike you know he's like like PVC sale PGsale whatever it's just a good plannersale so I'm a bunch of shops participateand I'm using a cozy paper co pinklittle bow and that's because cozy papercode is gonna be in the TPC sale and Ido PR for her so you actually can't useLisa 15 to save and get my exclusivefreebie with codes paper Co but duringthe TPC sale there's gonna be a betterdiscount and it's gonna be differentcode but you can still mention mesomething notes to get my freebie andthen just still you know use the TPCcode to save so anyways also I need toupload yeah also I'm like upload I alsoI want to upload my personal plan orflip through I did film that like a weekor maybe even two ago and it is editedand everything but I just haven'tuploaded it yet and that's just becauseI don't want to drop too many videoslike all in one week you know I don'twanna upload like 4 videos in a week Ikind of want to keep it to 3 videos inthe week and it was kind of cool to dothat because I had to also upload myAugust haul and I also had to upload mySeptember monthly fun with me so yeah Ijust like to keep it at 3 videos a weekjust um I don't know make it easier foryou guys to watch you know cuz I mean Iknow myself personally I'm getting waybacked up on my watch later list and youknow I have a ton of people I need tocatch up on and it's like I don't know II appreciate the more spread out but hegoes so just like back to back to backwith Oh home time to watch all thisanyway is that half boxes to mark youknow as per usual something that is duefor school for me um so I use the paperclip and again for the half box and thenI'm using the same - addiction androse-colored days icons because I needto mark filming because that is the daylike I said I try to fill my plan withme on Thursdays the time with me and myErin Condren and then I'm taking thefull box directly under thatI was gonna leave space for me to writein like Erin Condren plan with me a bitlike I didn't too lazy to move it andthen I'm using my magic print coach iconand there was a gold well um because itis trash Eve so I'm worked down onThursdays and I'm just ending the daywith another strip of the fivemillimeter simply gilded bows these arethe candy bows and the holographic foiloh and then the first one was also candybows the one on that I used earlierI forgot what day it was anyways um yeahso that's the that's Thursday by the wayI just want to apologize if you noticedthat the auto audio quality is anydifferent or if you can hear the fangoing now this is literally my thirdattempt trying to film this voiceoverand it I don't know it keeps crashingand it's getting hot in here so I turnthe phone on it's just been a reallyridiculous ride so I'm sorry about theaudio quality basically I have to stoprecording the voiceover you know savethe clip and then restart - voiceover umand that's because it keeps crashing soI don't want to lose all my footageanyway starting Friday with a build yousticker cuz I'm bill do and then thathalf box with them simply gilded washyis from simply gilded and that's to markthat she's gonna be having her holidaypre-sales and some kind of an Advent orsomething so I'm not quite sure aboutthe Advent details but definitely gofollow her on Instagram and Facebook ifyou want to get some of those pre salesbecause pre sales are super awesomeanyway and definitely go booked becauseshe's a she was just like a vote onwhich bow you want to bring back so govote for cotton candy y'all anyway thehalf box after the full box is to markbreakfast with books at my son's schoolso I'm taking a little book stock fromthe sticker Jeannie um so he's gonna behaving this little thing at his schoolbefore school starts we're gonna bereading and getting like schoolbreakfast I guess I don't know and thenhe gets like a free book and don't knowjust feel like it'd be a nice way tostart the day before I start school andthen the quarter bucks on the bottom wasto mark Peter Piper Pizza because therewas a Peter Piper Pizza fundraiser eventpreschool going on Friday night and itdid not have Pizza icon unfortunately Ineed to get some of those so that's whatthat was for at the bottom of the daymoving on to the weekend here's myprettyweekend banner I made with some simplygilded washy and some washi fromsomewhere else that I got on a likesampler washi cards I'm not sure withthat oil slick washi is and then Ilayered the weekend banner really prettyweekend dinner over it um and I just cutthat out cuz you know I have to savespace on my phone for recording and sojust to shut the camera off and made mywashi banner and came back on umm somoving on a Saturday and not a whole lotplanned I'm just gonna put my full boxesin so I know you know what spacing I'mlooking at um and all I have going onSaturday is any night so if you're notnew here I mean sorry if you're new herewhy don't I always confuse those ifyou're new here on Saturdays everySaturday is family night so we go overto my in-laws house and then they cookfor us and we dinner there and weusually watch like a movie or TV show orplay some games so I'm using my familynight script in the gold foil from cozypaper cow to go over that or sari familytime the only time tell me nightwhatever same thing um so for that thatlittle glimpse right there was you'llsee that later I'm sorry I forgot Ithought I was gonna use it Saturday butthen I remembered um no not gonna use itfor Saturday and as you can see here andpointing out that blue bar means Ihaven't run out of white out so there'smy new one and that's why it was kind ofhard to pull like I was saying earlierand just in the spread it's kind of hardto is like tugging and this one that nothat's new is very easy to pull soanyway um yeah I just wanted to cover upthat whiteout spot and I had a lot offree space on one Saturday cuz I'venothing else going on so I just put inthat stripper watching and there's a lotof library events that I couldn't planfor but I want to kind of keep it to aminimum because I don't know exactlywhat I'm gonna start my part-time joband so yeah I've been like there'slibrary events going on on the weekendbut I didn't really plan for thatbecause I don't know what's going onanyway I'm using a half box and thenthere's that Ohana story a littlefreebie I got a long time ago andamazing the little family one quit cuzit's Grandparents Day and I thought itwas kind of cute with a little family umand then I'm gonna take a quarter boxdown at the bottom of the dayit's to mark that I have to do somethingfor school so I'm gonna use my pinks andbones stay there mercury a sticker againhmmand so like I said something to do forschool and then I'm just gonna layerthem my deuce addiction and gold rosegold foiled arrows and the rose colordays icons and script to mark that Ineed to film and upload on Sunday someday I try to upload my Erin Condren theplan with me and then I try to film myrewind plan with me your memory plannerfrom you know the previous week so yeahanyway that is about it I'm just gonnaalso I do add a few different thingsthat I kind of forgot to add but you'renot really gonna see that there's justlike some core boxes and half boxes Ithink that I am later trying to look atmy pre plans I don't know follow me oninstagram if you want to see I do updatewith the mid week spread and then youknow mmm full completed spread after thepen and everything so follow me on thereI'm gonna put some of this more some ofthis some more of this simply golden onthe top with a pink anniversary floraland rose gold but this is her tenmillimeter bows just cuz I like the wayit looks and I guys this is thecompleted spread I hope you enjoyed itand I hope you like this video if youliked itnope if you're still watching that youdid like it so please give me like ifyou are and you did and leave me acomment down below ask me some questionsor tell me your opinions or yourthoughts or what you're doing anythingat all I really like to talk to you guysand so perhaps subscribe if you're notalready I promise I don't always notknow how to talk sometimes I know how totalk I'm sorry get Pharrell subscribe ifyou're not already and you'd like to behere's the pretty well and I will talkto you guys next weekand there's my computer mouse and here'sthe leftovers from the kit so anywaystalk to you next week hope you enjoyedit and oh one more thing I forgot to addwas I forgot I wanted to use theseseashells from simply gilded so justpopped one in right there alright forreal I'll talk to you guys next weekhope you enjoyed bang

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