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Philips Hue Lights Review | 16 Million Colors in 1 Room

what's up everybody in today's video weare checking out the Philips you lightbulbs these things are so freakin coolcheck this out okay google turn on thelightsheck yeah that's freakin awesome so ifyou don't already know what the Philipshue light bulbs are they are light bulbsthat sync up to your Wi-Fi network andthen can display 16 million differentcolors and you control all of them witheither your Apple watch iPhone or iPadand it's super freakin cool and there'sso many different built-in lightingeffects that you can choose from this isjust one of them and there's also tonsof customization options again with 16million different colors you can makeany theme in your room so I'm gonna popup the app right here in the top cornerso you can just see what I'm doing so onthe app we've got all these differentpre-built scenes that we can control sohere's one of many different scenes Ijust switched in the background here'sanother one there's all kinds ofpre-made lighting options for you here'sone customized just for reading it makesthe lights look better if you're tryingto read a book or here's one that I useevery night called night light it bringsthe lights down to three percentbrightness and dims them and makes itreally easy for using your lights atnight but at the same time it's not soharsh on your eyes as turning on lightusing the flashlight on your phone itlooks really really great here's onecalled concentrate it really boosts thelights up get your energy flowingthere's all kinds of these differentlights and options available right heredirectly in the app and then theypre-built some programmed ones that arereally cool like savannas sunsetthis one's really neat I don't actuallyuse these as much as I use some of theother ones but the Savannah sunset thisone looks pretty cool and here's anotherone this one is called Arctic Aurorait looks awesome it really looks reallycool and you can actually tap on this tobring up the actual color wheel so onceyou do that you can get into Vindual lights to change colors so you canmake the light over here a differentcolor so you'll see some of them onejust turned pink and now it's green nowas I was showing you before with thedifferent scenes and effects you cancreate you can also program ones if youparticularly run across the setup youjust really enjoy so you've got all thepre built-in ones like this one here butif you really are coming acrosssomething that you just like and want tobe able to quickly access all the timeyou can do that as well so I'm gonna goahead and move my lights into aconfiguration that looks pretty coolwe'll do something like this and we'llbring the brightness up a little bit sothat it looks nice let's write about inthere so now we've got a lot of colorit's like a nice rainbow look going onback here behind me and I like to accessthis quite a bit so if I just tap newscene it will ask me if I want to savethis I can enter the name of it we'llcall this rainbow and hit saveand now we've got quick easy access tothe rainbow effect it's right down thereat the bottom and a little pre programand look for us right there on thescreen and it makes it super easy to getback to so if we leave this effect go toa different one say here we are with theread look tap on rainbow and we're rightback into rainbow it's really easy toadd your own effects say you want toedit that later you can delete it oredit the actual look of it so we can goin and get down the exact color looks wewant and it will tell me which light I'mmoving so if I'm moving this one ittells me I'm moving hue color lampnumber two so you can name eachindividual light so for example thislight you're looking at right now iscalled Brian's bedside table lamp so ifI want to quickly adjust just that lightI can do that as well now these lightsalso benefit greatly if you have aGoogle home so if you have a Google homeyou can use that to quickly change thecolors or brightness of your light so ifyou want to change the color of lightswe can just say okay Google make thelights blue and it does it just likethat you have a really cool thing thatyou can do with the Google home is youcan change the- of the room as a whole so if I want tomake it a little darker I can say okGoogle make the lights 50% and itautomatically lowers the brightness if Iwant to make a little brighter it can belike ok Google brighten the lights andwe'll bring it up just a little bit butif I want to make it all the way I cansay ok Google make the lights 100% andthen it automatically adjusts the lightsin the road are capable of beingadjusted up to 100% which is super supercool now one issue I've had with theGoogle home and I may just be doing itwrong or I may not know what I'm doingat all I don't know if you know what I'mdoing wrong please tell me but if I sayok Google set the lights to Savannahsunset see that's what I've been gettingwith the Google home recently and it'sjust not working for me I would love tobe able to dynamically change the scenesof the room but it currently only letsme change colors as a whole orspecifically I can dial into each andevery light and change it but anothercool thing you can do is if you want tochange the color of a specific lightsuch as this one I can say ok Googlemake bedside lamp red which is reallyfreaking cool so that was just a quicklook at how Philips hue has transformedthis space and made it a really coollook in my bedroom hopefully you enjoyedthis quick demonstration of the Philipshue lights and I will see you in thenext video thanks for watching[Music][Applause][Applause]

The Phillips hue lightbulb kid is probably one of the coolest things I have recently added to my room. I highly recommend these lights to anyone looking to spruce up a space that they are currently living in!

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