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Today’s room build is another bedroom! While pre recording my the last rooms, I quickly noticed that we almost had a bedroom for every generation again. The first was for either a teen or a couple, and the nursery could easily turned into a toddler room. So for today’s video I thought I might as well also make a kids room. As always I do love to use the cats and dogs bedroom furnitures combined with the items from my first pet stuff pack. I know this pack isn’t loved by many, but I really do love using the furniture, especially for kids rooms.

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lot Info:

💜Lot cost : § 6 846
💜Room dimensions: 5 x 4
💜Room info: bedroom for 1 child


You can find my builds in the Sims 4 Gallery under my Origin ID JongWildAndFree or under the hashtag #JongWildAndFree

Always do make sure you activate the cheat bb.moveobjects on before placing my build, just to be sure no object get removed.

If you struggle to find my builds, make sure to have custom content checked while searching the gallery. I very rarely use CC while building, but sometimes when i put household photo’s on the wall, it might get registered as CC anyway.

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