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Patton Dining Hall’s Last Supper (3/1/18)

hey hey you're doing it good Marvel thelast night I trusted that thank you somuch goodhey there Kevin hey Susan good how youdoing goodcome on through sir[Applause]so Joey hey don't manthe last night Patti Hall feels kind ofbittersweetthank you guys doingno that's streaming recording yeah soyeah it's our last night how was thefood Joe piddly always that was the foodhey you guys goingthis last some bad news article tradeyousorry thatknow which walloh I see Wow what's really cool Thankshey hey damn itthey conceal objects others but let'slook goodHey Wowthat was the very last night and theonly time you'll get to vandalize thewalls at a dining hall and get away withit so here's my truth you don't knowthis will be here after the renovationor not but now all right before gettingfood coming toward a coffeehouse onelast time is packed unusual be packedhey how's the food dude it's alrightit's good okay not much wow it's notpointing at you it's pointing everybodyokay can't see you yes I can now that'sAlaska impression okay hey how's thefood guys it's okay what's up oh my godyeahI'm about to get my last meal of Pandayeahhi I got something thank you so muchand I'm gonna go sit down

The last supper at Muskingum University’s Patton Hall, before remodeling began.

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