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Part 3 – Dining Elevated UPLIFTS – Elevating the Standard of Place Setting Design

okay and as you can see I picked up thelow profile arrest so we've gotdifferent shapes so that each restaurantdesign in your tableware if you've gotsomething that's very asleep and low tothe table having something like thiswhere you just lay the head the attendsalon it is what you're do for that thepeace of mind that you're giving to yourguests or that you would have in yourown home is if these are sterilizedevery single time and you can't know forsure really that your tables aresterilized if you look up buying itthere are countless reports about thoserats that we all see the server's isstuffing in their aprons and use themyou don't know when the last time wisethat they visited the bleach then andyou don't know if it's been testedrecently and a lot of times when youhave the scientists come in and smallthe tables you will find quite a fewitems of bacteria so we got like e.coliSalmonella and our norovirusspeaking of those three differentprofessors very well documented onlinerecommended to never touch the ketchupbottles because those are the number oneitem that are not cleaned often enoughand the number three and four were thetabletop itself before that the napkinand probably all devices that you use totry to copy survived including a napkinunder your utensils - ray told us aboutthese in fact these could be sterilizedteaching every time just as much inTexas are so dr. Gibson of theUniversity of Arkansas did a full reportthat is very exciting for me to see andI actually have some copies of thereport right over here it's public pageswill take service we do the black marketand the stainless steel triangle to testthe 100% effectiveness of course nothaving any bacteria transfer to utensilsif you have them up lifted off on thesurface that's the part where it justinstantly better and now it feels betterand it looks better

Chef Chris Sherrill and product creator Rebekah Green discuss the game changing introduction of Dining Elevated Flatware Rests to the foodservice industry at the World Food Championships held in Orange Beach, Alabama.

Topics covered:
1. The scientifically recognized danger of tabletop contamination and transmission of bacteria from tabletops to consumer utensils
2. Research conducted by the University of Arkansas Microbiology and Food Science Department proving the effectiveness of flatware rests in mitigating contamination risk
3. Low profile rest styles made to match sleek low profile dishware

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