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Part 1: Character Dining 101 – Episode 20

[Applause][Music]you're listening to the waltz worldpodcast join your host John and Kaylieas they banner about all things Disneyincluding Disney parks resorts diningfashion and navies they'll keep you upto date with the latest Disney news andrumors and they'll share their best tipsand insight to make sure you have thebest Disney vacation possible so to allwho tune in to this happy place welcomeit's the waltz world podcast[Applause]hey friends it's September the 11th 2018and this is episode number 20 of thewaltz world podcast I'm your host Johnand with me as she is every week myfriend Kaylee hi everyonehey Kaylee hey it's it's it's nice to beback with you feels so good I know it'sbeen a while we pre-recorded the lastepisode the I wish episode because weknew I was gonna be gone and everythingand then we had the crazy technicalstuff last week because you just got anew computer and we were using differentsoftware and crazy ensued last week whenwe tried to record so it's good to haveyou back on here with me and back doingour podcast it's so good to be back Icannot believe her on episode 20 I knowsame how like how fast the time has goneby wow I can't believe it I feel like wewere a toddler just a few weeks ago andhere we are 20 years old at collegeliving our best life yeah gettingemotionaltoday's episode we are talking characterdining at Disney this is a big big bigsubject something that if you google youwill find copious amounts of informationthat's a big word copious amounts ofinformation because everyone wants toknow where is the best character diningis character dining worth it whichcharacters are here which characters arethere that kind of stuff so we're gonnarun down character dining at all theparks and resorts and we're gonna talkabout the characters there the foodpricing and if we think it's worth it ornot all right so let's jump into theMagic Kingdom first let's just jump intothe best Park Magic Kingdom the bestPark is that because why is this theMagic Kingdom because it's a Magic Kingjust cuz it's your favorite part no it'sjust cuz like it I mean you would thinkoh let's start at the bottom and workour way to the Magic Kingdom but likelet's just start at the top okay go bigor go homeMagic Kingdom so we've got two characterdining experiences at the Magic KingdomCinderella's Cinderella Buu Cinderella'sroyal table and the Crystal Palace we'renot including be our guest dinnerbecause we're talking about more aboutthe characters coming to your table thatkind of thing where we kind of see beour guest as like a charactermeet-and-greet more than it is acharacter interaction time people aregonna probably come at us for that onebut that's okay yeah it's just becauseyou don't the Beast doesn't come aroundto your table you're you just you finisheating and you go see him and you leavelike it's not there's no realinteraction happening rightwith these others I mean you go to beour guest for the experience as youwould like you're going to characterdining for the experience so I see itlike that way but as far as interactionyeah no it's not yeah it's a very quickphoto and goodbye because there's a longline to see him exactly exactly so let'sstart with the Crystal Palace CrystalPalace is located there off of MainStreet beside KC's it's a hugerestaurant just the building itself ishuge it seats a ton of people what arethe characters you meet Pooh or pigletand Tigger it's literally all Winnie thePooh it's so good so so good and they doa little um like a friendship parade Ithink is what they call it and theymarch all around the restaurant and thelittle kids can go up and join it's alot of fun I ate here for dinner oneevening and I crave the ham and cheesesoup they have all the time I don't knowif it's just a seasonal thing but it isso good and this is fifty dollars foradults Oh 25 to 50 because 20five is breakfast lunch and dinner fiftyand then 15 to 30 for children okay soif you're on the dining plane also it'sonly one table service credit which is agood deal too the thing that I likeabout Crystal Palace is the charactersthey're super cute and adorable and theonly problem is well tell more positivethings the other thing I like is I'vehad breakfast and lunch thereI loved the breakfast there it wasreally good it's your typical breakfastbuffet and so you got the cereals andthe eggs and the bacon and the Mickeywaffles that kind of thing just yourcommon common things that are there itis a hard one to get a reservation forCrystal Palace is not easy to getreservation for that's one thing that'skind of makes it a little more enticingis because if you get a reservationthat's pretty awesome the things I don'tlike about it I did not like that thelunch at all I felt like the buffet thechoices were too small there was notenough choices it looks like a bigbuffet but really it's just one buffettwice so like the same buffet is like itlooks like a big you and like half ofthe use one buffet the other half is theexact same I have only had two characterdining dinners that I enjoyed and wouldpay to go back to and this is one ofthem just being completely honest Ialways think the breakfast is betterbecause you know what you're gettingmm-hmm and they like each restaurantkind of throws in their own littlethings I guess you're getting you knowthe make you waffles and the eggs andall that stuff but you're also going toget like a little something else toothat they don't have every other arestaurant for breakfast which i thinkis cool but I don't know I'm very likeharsh on dinner and lunch at characterdining because I just like your paintyou're paying to see the characters atthat point when the food is just likesubpar and topay like $50 for a lunch that you didn'tenjoy just to me winnie-the-pooh andfriends it's kind of like I don't knowyeah and to remember you guys we wedon't have kids so it's kind of morerelative to you know adults without kidsmeeting characters so we're there andmore for the food yeah we love meetingthe characters but we're there more forthe food so we're gonna be a little moreharsh on the places probably then youmight be you know your kids you know wedon't know like kids do they eateverything like I don't know how kidsare I pretty much eat like a kid so Iguess I can kind of base it off of mebut the one big big thing about CrystalPalace's because it's so big it takesforever to get through itwhen crista and I had breakfast there ittook over two hours to see all for thecharacters 5 of the characters that musthave been like an off day because I didnot have that issue when I went fordinner like yeah we were there for alittle bit but we were just enjoying ourtime we weren't in any sort of likebecause I feel like with breakfast youhave like a little bit more of a timerestraint because you're trying to getsomewhere where as dinner sometimes morerelaxed and I was definitely like Ididn't feel like I was there for toolong liked where it was kind of annoyingbut I don't know I don't know I didn'thave that issue when I was there so Ican't relate yeah that's true I guessthat I mean I may have been a one-timething but it did take forever so do youthink with the atmosphere is really coolit's really nice and pretty taking -we're going to take into account theatmosphere the buffet the food thecharacters and the price do you thinkthat with those four criteria do youthink that it's worth gettingreservation they are going in there isit worth it to you Kaylee for the priceI think I think for breakfast and dinneryeah I would not go there for lunchI don't think it's worth it because it'sso expensive like to pay that much forlike a lunch like I said you'rebasically paying for the characters atthat point and did I have a good timewhen I was there yes the food was goodbut that's it it was good like you gofor the characters so I don't knowyou're like I I am hard on the foodbecause I love food but I don't know Ithink it's I think breakfast and dinneris fine it's not gonna be like a wasteof your money well I'll go ahead andtell everyone like spoiler alert if it'sbreakfast I'm gonna say it's alwaysgonna be worth it like that's a singleevery single one I will say yes forbreakfast because it's just it's worthit I think that for me breakfast isworth it but the because of the foodoptions there not being a large array offood not a lot of different foods oranything like that I'm gonna say thatfor lunch and dinner it's not worth itbut for you know 30 bucks a person foradults for breakfast yeah it's worth itfor sure you look at like I'm paying 15bucks for the characters I'm paying 15bucks for the food that's the kind ofthe way I look at it right totally agreeso we we both said yes for breakfastI said no for lunch and dinner Kaleysaid no for lunch but yes for dinnerjust because the ham and beans are hamand being okay I'm beansget that ham and bean soup ham andcheese ham and cheese good let's move onto the pinnacle of character dining atMagic KingdomCinderella's royal table I have heardpeople literally say that if I don't geta reservation centerCinderella's royal table my entirevacation will be ruined that's what I'veheard I've heard people say that I'veread it and blot in in like in forumsthat people are freaking out if theycan't get a reservation there and it'salmost impossible to get one there I'mjust gonna say it's hard to get onethere it's close to impossibleyou've ate there I have I have I have Iain't never ate there the characters youmeet are Snow White Cinderella BelleAurora and Ariel so what I did someresearch and it just said an everchanging combination of princesses soit's not even a guarantee which is thething I kind of don't like CrystalPalace it's a guarantee you're meetingPooh ticker piglet you're but to nothave a like what if you're these RangersI don't care what if your children islike you're like so stoked they want tomeet Princess Jasmine and then it's justOh a possibility to me you know I justkind of want like a little bit more of aguarantee if I'm doing that was like theonly thing when I was kind ofresearching since I have never ate thereand that I was like I don't know if Ilike that idea I want a guarantee firstyeah those were the ones we met when wewere there I know that sometimesRapunzel will fill in a case one of theother characters can't be theirCinderella is always there you greet herin the at the bottom so kids writingit's greet her before you go into therestaurant you do that at severaldifferent places - where you atcharacter dining places you'll greet acharacter before you go into therestaurant the others meet you there soyou meet Cinderella you go up theelevator or up the staircase intocertain the rails Royal table it'sbeautiful I will say that it is probablyit's the most beautiful of all thecharacter dining restaurantsit feels very regal and fancy in like astorybook way because you're inCinderella's castle and you have all thestained glass windows around you andit's very it's just cool it's just coolknowing you're eating there if thatmakes sense I will say the food thoughis expensive it's over 60 bucks peradult for dinner it's over 60 bucks andthat's super cheap on the super cheapfood youchoose like Chris and I ate there youget an option right like yeah it likesyes eight options is what I saw when Iwas looking things out yeah it's a menuso you choose choose one for your menuyou automatically you choose an entreeand a dessert so that's part of theprice and the other thing people don'trealize when you make a reservation forCinderella's royal table theyautomatically charge your card basicallya hundred bucks per person theyautomatically charge it oh hibecause people started like hoarding allthese reservations and then like can oneconnect and then canceling them so nowit's like if you get it you better makesure you really want to eat therebecause you're gonna get charged 200 400bucks to being on how many people yeahso if you make this reservation now andyou're not going for another six monthsrealize that there's gonna be a chargegoing on your credit cardnow yeah yeah it's insane people makesure you realize that but you choose anentree and then a dessert which makes alittle bit better you could have boththis is whether you're on the DiningPlan or not okayfor lunch and dinner it's the same menuit is braised pork shank vegetablecouscous beef tenderloin salad beef andshrimp pan-seared chicken chef's fish ofthe daykids stuff we got like a turkey potpiefish of the dayroasted chicken leg so you also havesorry chicken nuggets mac and cheese andbeef tenderloin - so there's a varietyfor kids I guess so we got thereservations specifically during thefireworks because they pump in the music- the fireworks into into Sandra's Royaltable and no matter where you sit in therestaurant the fireworks are happeningall around you through the through thestained glassso it's one of the coolest experiencesis to be in there doing the fireworksshow happily ever after or when we didwhich was wishesit's just cool it's beautifui what Isaid rip rip all right oh my gosh sorryyou're showing your age just to thelingo so you're paying over 60 bucks peradult and how much for kids Kayleigh 35to 45 so it's on the pricing in for kidstoothat's like I'm sorry I'm sure I willlove my kids dearly but that's a lot tome especially because I know kids reallydon't even like eat hardly like they'reusually like picking off their parentsor just like eating like little bits oftheir meal so like paid that much likethat's literally you paying just then tomeet the princesses and for that likejust go meet them in the parks it's freeyou already paid to get at the park likeI I mean I get it I totally get it in itby the way it's two table servicecredits if you're on the dining plan ohit's - I was gonna ask you if it was oneor two I would assume - if it was justme if it was just me and cheddarbiscuits going we just like wanted tohave like a bougie night out becausethat's literally the bougie ass nighthowever um then yeah but it's it's notworth it to me it's not I'm sorryhate on it all you want sure I'm sureit's amazing that you're in Cinderella'scastle and you know the atmosphere I'msure it is and I'm sure I would I willexperience it one day because I it's onmy bucket list of course but maybe notwith any future children sorrycome on Kaylee what isn't it wouldn't itbe just like so special to be able tolike take your daughter to bibbidibobbidi boutique and have herI'm a over to princess and they takeyour table that's literally like let mejust sell my kidney it's Disney to beable to give my daughter all of thatcheese after I'm already paying like ahundred bucks for her to get so far noI'll get her a little costume fromTarget she'll be good I'll do her hairit'll be fine oh that's so sad no I'mlike oh my gosh I want to go with theadult baby boutique so bad that would besuch a cute like little mother-daughterthing but no that's just if my kid wasolder and I knew that they were gonna belike it would be worth it for me tospend that kind of money and you know Idon't know I I think it's easy for me tosay no now just because I don't havekids and I'm you know I just made formyselfor you know it's just me and try to riskit so I don't and everyone's differentit's a different point in everyone'slife like what you may see is likeridiculous now you may not see that wayin like 20 years when you have like ohyeah $45 for my kid Center no big dealnow I'm let yours yeah I'm gonna have tolike start like donating plasma to saveup you get to donate all your plasma notjust a little bit like all of it yeah Iknow so I suggest if you're gonna go doCinderella's royal table if if it's likeyou have to if it's on your half to listdo it book it to where you could artthere during the fireworks I promise youit will make the entire experience amillion times better I just did thatwith one of my friends they were goingback in the spring and they were want tostay there wanting to eat there and Igot them booked for that and that madetheir entire trip as being in thatrestaurant during that is it worth itthen for you it's really tough Kayleebecause the food was not that great okayit's like believe it good it's reallynot like even you're reading that listI'm like okay that sounds likelike the be our guest menu it really ithonestly it's very close to it you'repaying for eating in the castle you'repaying for eating eating in the castleyou're paying for the the princesseswhich we're going to talk about arestaurant just a second where you canmeet all the exact same princesses for alot cheaper and you're paying for justthe kind of feeling that you have whenyou're the experience of being there soI think it's a one-time experience anddone like we haven't done it since ourvery first Disney trip together Kristaand I so when you proposed oh no noafter that sorry like the just the oneof just me and Krista just the for ourfirst as a married couple trip back in2016 which got us hooked on everythingwe probably won't do it again okay is itworth it's worth it if it's just onetime I think a one-and-done it's worthit okay at that in for dinner don't dothe breakfast don't do the lunch dinnerwanted done worth it and only during thefireworks only during the fireworks yeahbut I mean I don't mix it if you havekids I'm sure they would rather be likewatching I don't I don't know it's justlife's confusing when you don't have toconsider what your kids would want to dowith my dog enjoy this like that's theonly kid I have no seriously all rightall right so we got a no from Kaylee Igot a yes from me on Cinderella Royaltable for dinner during the fireworks Iknow it's just a hard no because meetthe princesses in the parks or like yousaid meet the princesses at the nextplace we're gonna be talking about it'sa lot cheaper and probably like a littlebit more worth your money it's more of aunique menu but we'll get you that let'sgo over to Epcot and we've got two hereas well you have a curse Trish and I'm Ihave no idea if I'm saying thatcorrectly or not my friends in Norway orprobablyhating me right now but a Kersh royalbanquet hall which is in the Norwaypavilion and then the garden grillewhich is in the land pavilion now we'lltalk about her shoes firsta Kirsch it's just I don't know HSanyways it's that it's that one besidefrozen it is in Norway so the food isvery Norwegian styleI have eaten here we ate Kristen I atehere a couple of trips ago atChristmastime and here you meet SnowWhite Cinderella Belle Aurora and Arielhey that list sounds very familiardoesn't itthe exact same characters at Cinderellatable um when I was looking up - it saidit had jasmine and Mary Poppins on there- so I guess those could be possibly arerotating they rotate well yeah theyrotate in as well as Rapunzel you cancount on at least two characters at eachmeal so again it's that little bit ofuncertainty but for the price I wouldrather pay for this and have someuncertainty than to pay $70 plus 45 formy child for adults it's 39 to 59 soforty or fifty nine fifty fiveCinderella's was 16 / yep and thenchildren's 24 to 34 so again it'scheaper for a breakfast and they're moreexpensive for lunch and I will saythough it's it's a weird menu okay soeven breakfast is weird it's not yournormal normal stuff I had lunch thereand they have like a it's a but it'sthey have a buffet of like meats andcheeses and salads and fruits and thenyou order your entree from a menu I hadsome kind I tried I got a little crazyand I tried some kind of caramelizedgoat cheese thing oh that sounds so goodI love goat cheese yeah it was like amushyit was gosh I don't even know how Idon't even know what to compare it to itwas just grossthe texture was gross in my mouth butbasically any kind of meat you could geton one of those charcuterie boards thatyou get around the parks it's the samekind of meats here except they have itthey also have some like seafood optionson there it's all cold lace it's allcold and stuff so if you're into thatit's cool I guessbut the entrees I'm not even gonna tryto pronounce these describe a little bityeahso they have like meatballs Norwegianmeatballs and mashed potatoesthey have like a herb roasted chickenbreasts with vegetables some kind ofstuffed pasta they have locks which islike a salmon fish thing they have apork tenderloin and then they have likea Scandinavian potato dumplingit's a weird menu so if you're not intoeclectic stuff then it's probably notgonna be a place you want to go now thekids I mean you always say they're gonnahave mac and cheese and pizza andchicken nuggets and stuff like that butif you're in just trying somethingdifferentI had the meatballs option Christa hadthe seared pork tenderloin and let metell you they were both excellent theywere both really really good it soundsamazing like my mouth is watering justreal like you had me at potato exactlyit was really really goodthe all the waiters and waitresses arefrom Norway so it's true too you knowthe pavilion that it's in they do a Imean it's so cute they do a littleparade with the princesses and they allget the little girls and they're allparading through the tables and it'sjust super adorable adorableI know super adorable Disney is reallygood or like the character dining are sogood about including the kids like theyalways do like a little parade or someprobably not at Cinderella's row tablebecause you're it to be so posh to evengo there but everywhere else is likethey do a little liketrain mm-hmm it's cute I think it'sdefinitely this one for me is a hundredpercent worth it a hundred and tenpercent worth itOh a hundred percent worth it I would Idon't know I think I would probably somaybe just do breakfast and dinner Idon't know I don't ever really considercharacter dining for lunch yeah but itsounds so worth itI'll just kind of stop for a second andtell you guys my suggestion always toeveryone is either do table servicewhether it's character dining or not dotable service as breakfast or dinnerdon't do it at lunch because you'regonna eat more food inevitably at at atable service than you would at a quickservice place if they're gonna walkaround all day in the image below todayand sweatingyeah that's not comfortable no one wantsthatso yeah this this place is 100% worth itit's becoming harder and harder andharder to get a reservation for thisplace it used to be all the time youcould see reservations for it but it'sgotten a lot harder when you first go inEfrat immenseness when you first go inyou meet Belle one-on-one and then therest of the princesses come around toyour table oh that's nice mm-hmm I likethat moving on to the GG the gardengrill in the land pavilion that's whereSoren is that if you guys are wonderingI get so high over GG i'm hype thinkingabout it right now so hype I mean Ithink it's a little hard for me becauseI love Ohana breakfast too but I it thisis definitely better in my it's justit's my like favorite character diningbreakfasthands-down uh I think it's my favoritecharacter dining period like it doesn'tmatter what mule it's my face I'm alwaysgonna choose breakfast over lunch anddinner we had dinner there and it wasokay it just is not like my type of foodbut it was good and sogarden grill is a rotating restaurantbut it when you when you hear the wordrotating you think oh my gosh it's gonnamake me sick you barely even notice thatit's moving like you just happen to likelook up from your plate and be like ohwe're somewhere new now like you don'teven notice it a full rotation takesabout an hour and 15 minutesso basically about how long it wouldtake you to eat is the way they kind ofgauge it the it's family style so theybring all the food to you as much as youwantwhich I appreciate these I like thosewhere I don't have to get up me toohundreds it stresses me out go into thebuffet like oh am I gonna miss thecharacter like it stresses me out yeahand I know I just the way germs germsgerms hey I'm all about that you know meyou meet Chip and Dale farmer farmerMickey and farmer Pluto which meansbasically he's wearing a scarf no it's abandana let our Terms correct but farmerMickey's in like a plaid shirt inoveralls the stars of the show areChippendale yes hands down oh yeah loveyou Mickey love you pollute oh but likeI'm literally going there to seeChippendale mmm-hmm like Mary like aDisney character it would probably bechip Wow okay okay we thought we shoulddo an episode about that like okaythat's settled we're gonna do thatSmasher past Disney this got weirdif I can bury one fake character butit's all you can eat againbreakfast you got scrambled eggs baconsausage a giant roll oh my goshand like you if you've eaten the onethat guessed atGaston's tavern this one at Garden grillmakes it look like it literally pumpedon itWow you you went there with that that'sgrossit's huge and it's so gooey gooeycinnamony good it's just so goodoh my and I love so they serve like theeggs and the meats and all of that and alittle like one little skillet to getthat little but one skillet together andthen they serve salsa and also Nutellaright for the yeah waffles which i thinkis so unique i mean i know a lot ofpeople like to eat it's also with theireggs so i just think it's really coolthat they add that little touch but thecinnamon roll isn't the star the mainjust go there just to eat this inmineral yeah eggs bacon sausage fruitthey keep bringing you a fruit I forgotabout that Mickey shape waffles potatobarrels aka tater tots the sticky bun isamazingthe cool thing about the sauce thatyou've mentioned I do like salsa with myeggs the salsa there that they give youis actually all the vegetables are grownthey're grown there at Epcot which ittastes super fresh you can tell thatit's just like Chip and Dale went overthere and got it and made it into salsafor just your personal use their littlehands altogether yes yes just for youfor brick for lunch and dinner it's thesame menu they recently changed theirmenu about three years ago they bringout a salad which of course are thenagain is all made there at Epcotnaturally sliced turkey breastvegetables which are usually like greenbeans and mashed potatoes french friespot roast with just the same pot roastyou get everywhere at Disney pork like acarved pork loin with apple chutney onitstuffing mac and cheese which the bestthing about the mac and cheese here andwe're gonna do an episode soon on thebest mac and cheese we're gonna makemake sure that happens the cool thingabout the mac and cheese the Garn grillis they put goldfish crackers on the macand cheese yeah that's probably the bestpart about the mac and cheese in generalI don't really link the mac and cheesehere but mmm so good and then fordesserta berry Shortcake with vanilla bean whipcream it's like a shortcake that's beenlike caramelized so it's kind of likegot a crunchy kind of texture to it onthe outside from all the sugar withstrawberries on it and blueberries whenwe were there we also got the Mickeyshape like or not the Mickeythey had Mickey shaped sprinkles on itthe sugar cookies oh yeah yeah and thosewere so fresh like so soft and they'reso good every time we go to Disney weeat there we've met them every characterat least twice sometimes three timesdepending on how long you're there whichis awesome I love that part and whenyou're rotating through you're actuallyrotating through though living with theland ride so you're like you're lookingoff into the ride itself like the farmscene and the in the forest scene andthe Sahara scene so it's cool you're notjust looking at a wall you're looking atlike into the ride which is awesome thisfor sure is a hundred percent 1 millionpercentworth it go go go go go go go literallyif you have not gone what are you evenlike a true Disney person go it's so sogood I highly highly highly recommendthe breakfast but if you are intobasically having Thanksgiving a secondtime to here then go for the lunch inthe dinner but either way you're notgoing to be disappointed theinteractions that I have had there withthe characters are unlike any other thatI've had in the parks mmm in generalit's just it's so many times they've satdown with us like literally like becausethey're going around in an order and solike if one of the characters is at thenext table they'll just like spend extratime with you they'll sit down and atthe table with you and I thought they'reeating your food or you know things likethat I've seen so many times where theyplay around with their your kids andthat kind of thing and it just makes itso specialeveryone that I've recommended goingthere if it's their first time or toDisney or they've been to Disney alongthey've never eaten there I always tellthem andalways say that that was the best placethey ate at on their entire trip handsdown ten I'll just be prepared beprepared it's a lot of food people it isa ton of food it is but it's nice thatit's not the buffet it's a family styleand that the family styles are stillall-you-can-eat which i think is reallynice a little tip I would say is if youknow you love mac and cheese or if youknow that you like a certain thing thatis on the menu or it's gonna be a partof the buffet that they bring you goahead and tell your waiter when theycome to your table to get your drinkorder go ahead and tell them hey can yougo ahead and bring this extra mac andcheese or can you go ahead and ring thisextra you know turkey or whatever andthey'll do that that way it becausesometimes it takes a little while forthem to bring it to you after the factand you kind of get full and yeah yeahthat way just guarantees you get a lotalso the salad I know we talked about itall being from the farm is seriously sofresh and so good equally as fresh asthe salsa probably my favorite saladthat I've had on property and one of myfavorite salads in general the dressingthey serve with it is so good everythingis just so it's not a heavy dressingeither it's not like a heavy thick ranchit's almost oh it's so like it's almostlike a it's a vinaigrette definitely butit's just so light and just complimentsyeah it just complements the freshnessof the vegetables so nicely mmm oh it'sso good so what we're gonna do is we'regonna cut this into two episodes so nextweek we'll pick up on part two of ourcharacter dining and we'll look atHollywood studios Animal Kingdom andthen we may actually turn into threepart depending on if we get into theresorts or not because there's a lot ofcharacter dining at resorts to gothrough as well so it's definitely twoparts we'll see how it turns if it turnsinto three or not but we just want tomake sure we give each place its duediligence so that you guys are fullyinformed when you're getting ready tochoose your character dining experiencesat Disney all right so with that that isthe episode I hope you guys enjoyedtoday's episode we would love to hearfrom you guys we've been getting a lotof messages from everyone and welove talking you guys and getting toknow you so shoot us a message onInstagram at Walt or podcast or ofcourse on email Walter well podcast atgmail.com make sure you stay on thelookout for our t-shirts we're gonna bereleasing those soon soon soon soon soonso make sure you stay on our Instagramand listening to the podcast to find outwhen those are gonna drop and you guyscan pick up your own Walt's littlepodcast t-shirtalright so until next time I'm John andI'm Kaylee we'll see you next week[Music][Applause][Music]


Making your dining reservations can be a stressful task, especially when you are choosing which character dining experiences you want to do.  In part 1 of our character dining 101, we discuss the character dining experiences at the Magic Kingdom and EPCOT.  Are they worth the price? Is the food edible? And what about the interactions with the characters?  We break it all down for you!

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