Painting Old Furniture to look Beautiful and Alive Again with April from Alabama!

enjoy this tutorial thank you okay sothese are the paints that I used andthis is a light blue it is called Azureafternoon from Walmart it's flat you canget a small container you guys thisprocess takes so little paint becauseyou're actually diluting the paint withwater with this one I actually havemixed with one half white flat and thiscolor so I made a little bit of a lightblue that's going to add like a pop anda twist at the end when we're donewashing out with the paint the secondcolor that I'm going to use is calledBenton Harbor also from Walmart it'sflat I've got it mixed with half waterhalf paint the next color is callednautical blue I got this for a discountguys three bucks Walmart it's reallypretty it adds that really deep feel toit almost a royal blue kind of in thebackground just a little pop I've alsogot it mixed with the water already halfand half back color and half of waterand then this is the brown color whichadore it is beautiful this color iscalled Western charcoal it's also fromWalmart and it is a semi-gloss so that'sthe only one that's kind of got a littlebit of a shine to it and I did thatbecause I want that brown to pop throughalmost like the wood that's been on thedrawer for you know a long long time andguys what I do is I just literally storemy brushes overnight in my refrigeratorwrapped up in one of these DollarGeneral bags just grab your brush put iton the inside tied up and it will staythree four days in your refrigerator youmight have to tell your kids that's nota snack but it literally works the bestever I'm such a not done yet do ittomorrow kind of person so those bagsgreat for my brushes and then in thelittle bowls I have lids for all thelittle bowls so you just put your lidson your bowls and store them at roomtemperature and just shake them up whenyou're ready to use them and if you'regoing to remix go ahead and pour thatmixture out and remix equivalent onehalf water one half paint just to makesure that you've got your mixture Creekin there so all right and like I said weare going to use every color the firstcolor that we're going to go with isgoing to be this blue this blue is goingto go on and then we're going to mixthis brown and then we're going to comeback with this blue and then we're goingto mix in a little bit of this just apeekaboo just you know a little bit hereand there's flushed in and the resultsare going to be great I'm gonna go slowso that you guys can do this with me I'mkind of making this tutorial just alittle bit long for the entry because Iknow it takes a minute to get yourpaints ready and you forgot to grabsomething so that's all of our paints umand I'll show you I've got I've got mypaper towels here ready to go I've gotmy bowl of water and these paper towelsare already wet you're gonna want wetpaper towels this is a necessity so thisis my drawer and it is dry I've notpainted the inside of it yet I just waitto do that last because I'm always goingto go back and do another coat on theedges with this color and this is thatgreat blue color right here this isgonna be our base and I've already gotit on it's already dry so I'm ready toshow you this technique okay so we'vegot our blue out this is our nauticalblue and water mix and what we're goingto do you want to kind of see if I canget you to see this when you dip yourpaintbrush in just kind of take thisside I get the excess off of it a bityou know keep some on there but youdon'twant it to run so you don't want it tobe just exactly water consistency okayand we're going to start with the cornerover here you're going to drag it around[Music]you do not have to be perfect with thisand that is the beauty of it try not toget on the edges you're going to go backand paint this anyway but try to stayoff of these top edges only just becauseyou don't want a lot of buildup of paintup there when you go to be finished withit because then you'll have to sand itokay this is my nautical blue mixed withwater and you're going to want someimperfections and some light to come outof itand I'll show you one because when youdo go to wipe it off you don't want tojust wipe it all off and then when yougo to do that some of these lightercolors are going to show and it's kindof like it's just been faded for a longtime and so we're going to give thisabout a minute to dry and then I'll showyou how to wipe it down okay so that'shad about a minute to dry and I'm goingto take some of my wet paper towelsgirls you may want to wear gloves whenyou do this I don't get my nails done soI'm really not worried about it and itwipes off pretty easy with just somesoap and water and so what we're gonnado is we're going to just take our papertowel I like to kind of just see this isa couple of pieces so what I do is Ijust want it up and just kind of make itlook just like that I mean there's nowrongdoing this and so you'll start at thecorner and you'll just start wiping nowrong way to do this and the first wipeis gonna look like it's just smearing itin and that is what it's doingI mean smearing the paint in it's kindof blending it with that original coat Ilike to take the edges and just go alldown the edges with my paper towel andthen I folded my paper towel like thisand I go back with a little bit strongerof a wipe and you can see that that blueis mixing through and it's so prettyover here and do the same and if youfind this fight that's got way too muchon it I want whoo that's too much juststart with a clean spot and you can makethis look pretty textured as much as youwantand this is your result and it isgorgeous and so you'll just like thatjar also for a couple of minutes andthen we'll come back and we will applyour next color which will be see we'regoing to go with the Western charcoalnext so when we come back I'll show youthat okay so now we're going to startwith the brown we've already got thenautical blue over the top of thatBenton HarborI didn't say before but always make surethat you kills your wood any kind ofproject that you've got going on makesure that you either use a primer paintor and they're a little bit moreexpensive with a primer in it or you canjust use keels you can get it prettycheap at Walmart or Lowe's or Home Depotand you don't have to do any sanding Idon't want to sand on my stuff unlessI'm never playing on going back andrestoring it to the original way that itwas and unless I'm staining and so forthis this Brown go ahead and I kind oflike to mix it up in my bowl and I drainout the sides of thatokay and so again we're going to startat the corner I know this looks scaryguys I'm with you I was there I wasthere I was so worried if it don't startrunning a lot of times you can justcatch it and pull it I love thistechnique it just works so well with somany different things especially if youwant to go out on a limb and dosomething different you just tired ofsolid colors this is perfect I thoughtmy husband was going to die when he seenme doing this but when the product cameout he was like whoa that is gorgeousand I love it so I guess it could be formen and women and so we'll just let thisdry for also one minute and then we'llcome back and we'll wipe that and you'llstart seeing some of that color pop outit's gonna look a lot different than itdoes right now actually this does kindof look cool but we're going to go aheadand stick with the technique that I haveshown you so don't let that dry and thenwe'll come back and wipe off okay sowe've went our Western charcoal sit fora minute and I've got a clean papertowel damp I'm gonna want it up just alittle start at the cornerit looks like some of the wood is tryingto pick through thereokay that was the brown and then whatI'm going to do next is I'm gonna putanother coat of the nautical blue overthe brown and we're going to let thisone sit for two minutes it just grabs ahold a little bit better if you let itsit for just a bit a little bit longeron this second blue and if you chug isyou crazy you can get all the way outvery very end this blue is going tocatch to that Brown which is asemi-gloss and this blue is flat so it'sgoing to catch that Brown and it's goingto sit right next to it because it's alittle bit slicker and shinier so I'mgonna let this sit like I said for twominutes and then we're going to wipethis off okay so now we've got thesecond nautical blue own I'm just goingto wipe this off lift it on there acouple minutes and if you want yourcolor to be darker just leave it on alittle bit longer than I havesome focusthat creepy you know this drive becauseremember we've got water on itso it's gonna be a little bit more dampthan normal when you're just regularlypainting okayso we'll let that dry and then we'll puta little bit of that light blue that wemix with the white we'll put that inthere some splotches and then we'll goback over with this original colorBenton Harper okayI went ahead and did the brown it's justanother coat just like we did the firstone this is the second Brown and thenwe're gonna take some of this let mecast up the light blue and the white andwe're just gonna pick placesto play this boys you don't have to bepicky really sample just pick out someplaces I like to do it close to wherethe knobs are going to be and I give ita little pop right thereand I'll just take my finger and smearit in don't smear it it's too much cuzyou're gonna mix too much of the brownwith a lot blue so then we'll let thisdry for about two or three minutes andthen we'll go back with the blue theoriginal color okay I said for thatbraid when we came back where we'regonna put the blue on but I went aheadand did another coat of brown justbecause I wanted some more Brown to comethrough you can put as many layers onthis as you want this has got anotherlayer brown and then I went back withthat light color that I mixed in thevery beginning with white no water inthis it sticks a little bit better but Iwent ahead and just I just selected somespots it's your preference it's whateveryou want to do this creates almost likea sunset top look I think I love itand when you see those colors startcoming out man they just make such adifference like I said you can pickfavorite spots I'm here do what you wantto do with itit's all your choice whatever you wantto do Sam about the colors if you wantto go more green or even yellow butprobably do good with all thesedifferent colors mixed in like I said Iwas just trying to go with thatparticular color scheme on mine so thisis what come out and you might find somedarker areas here here and it's fineit'll all blend in at the end so youjust keep going keep doing what you'vebeen doingyeah good job off and I love the waythat it looks on the ends now if you cansee sometimes on the ends right here itlooks like it's just weathered and atthe end when we get done putting all ofour colors on we're going to go and sandthe edges if you like a reallydistressed look you can get more of agrade of sandpaper and you canabsolutely do as much as you want to asfar as distressed a lot of people likethis rustic distressed look now I likeit my mother is very country she likesshe works at Hobby Lobby - so Wow rightreally she loves it so we've got thebrown on with the little speckles of thelot blue and see I'm fading in here andthat's what we want okay we're going tolet this dry thengoing to come back with some of theoriginal blue which is this blue hereand we're going to do a coat of that andthen I'll show you how to send the edgesand we'll seal it off okay so why that'sdrawing I'm going to come out here andgo ahead and paint my knobs this drawsincredibly fast Walmart again it's likea chrome look brilliant silver and it isamazing it only takes like I'll show youhow much I spray on here is not much atall it coats so good these knobs I guessthey're kind of like a I don't knowmaybe a bronzy look before this is howthey're going to end up very prettyshiny and it's just gonna make that bluepop so nice okay so we have walked offthe brown with the little blue spots andthis is dried so now we're going to comeback with our this one is the BentonHarbor it's the original color that Ihad on the drawers before we got startedso this is a half water and a half ofpaint mixture this is going to be areally light coat so on this one forsure you want to get it toward the edgestoward the edgesI'm sorry I never put myself in thevideo ah first of all half the dollarshome and I think I'm just so countrythat I just don't know so well that's itI'm therefore I would say maybe just aminute on this and then the very lastthing that we're gonna do here is we'regonna go back and we're gonna put on alittle bit more of this blue so you endup doing three coats in this blue isgoing to be the first middle and lastcoat and then after we do that we'll letit dry and we will I'll show you how torub the edges up and then we'll seal itoff with a poly spray very inexpensivealso I'll show you what I use um fromWalmart on that so that one reallydoesn't have to draw too much because Ialready have a good bit of that in thebase so it's going to show up thatBenton Harbor color regardless this so Idon't spill it let's go paint okay sotake it and pull itremember there's no wrong way to do thisI think this will be fun for kids to doum if you have like a garage or you cantake it outsideor yeah there's so many different thingsyou can hear it's a great Mother's Dayproject so I'm showing you my originaldrawer of the not stand this is it andas you can see the colors are reallystarting to come together almost lookidentical to it and so now what we'regonna do is I'm gonna go back with thelast bluealthough powerless colors just blend andif you've got any imperfections it'sokay because you can always go back andtouch up just a little swipe you knowit's going to it's going to be funbecause we are going to seal it off atthe end so again this is the blue thisis the nautical blue I didn't think thatI would use that much of this one but Ijust love the color that it brings outwent on all of it gets put together alittle bit watery and if you use thistechnique on all of your drawers they'reall going to look the same bit differentall the way over to the ends all the wayover to the endsnow I just want a little bit more ofthat light blue remember this little gotsome more of ityou guys thought this was not me so hardhit me it's just a coat and another coatin another code and thenokay and I'm going to let that JA let'sget this last coat two minutes becauseit's gonna actually you will see itseparated a little bit it's just kind ofgrabbing ahold of those other colors andjust kind of sticking on this side looksa little bit runny and that's okay ifit's running um like I said earlier youcan always dab it on a paper towel youknow to get some of the run out no wrongway no rolling just like this job and Isaid I was gonna Bob Ross it i bob rossit has this gonna kill me for usingsomething paper towels okayI sneaked I'm in the garbage when he'snot looking so yeah this technique justkind of came to me one day I was like Ireally don't want just a solid color Iwant to do something different somethingnobody else doesalright and so we're gonna let this dropsee if you can see better short of itit's wet this is the last coat ofnautical blue and the little Azureafternoon this is a little bit of it inthat white mix than this and that's whatthese like spots are right here you canmake any color you want like this if youif you were doing you know if you weredoing a green dresser you coulddefinitely do a light green and evenalmost neon to make that color pop onthe backside I like the mint colors tothe tiffany blues they're pretty I maydo a tutorial on it next I don't usechalk paint much first of all it's veryexpensive second ofit just crumbles this flat paint sticksand I like it better so we're gonna letthis dry and then I'll be right back towipe it off and show you how to sanddown and do a poly coat for it okay sowe're back to white off the last coat ofthat blue this little guy nautical blueroom my dog you can hear in thebackground sorry[Music][Music]ranging what are you doing what are youdon't have a tripod so kind of hangingon bungee cords here it's finemake it work okay get a wider shot of itall right here we go let's go[Music]super happy with ityou see a kitty outside mama so we'vegot that done it looks so pretty[Music]we're gonna let this truck as you doknow I'm gonna sand the edges with thiswet you will ruin your Samba paperreally quickly okay so anyway that's howyou put the paint on if you have anyquestions just leave me a comment and Iwill definitely try to answer thosequestions if there's any other techniquethat you think I should try just let meknow and we're not done yet I'm going toshow you how to finish this off and I'llshow you what the finished product lookslike with the knob on okay I'm in thegarage now paint strawI have sanded the edges and so now I'mgonna seal it with just a faster onmulti-purpose enamel also got this atWalmart so it's a great stuff you can doanything we need to do metal chairs withit you can do anything that's going tohave a lot of wear and tear you can dothis with it and it works perfect so alot of people get really really close toit when they're spraying it I get backprobably about 10 inches give it a goodshakeand I just you're really going to saythat color pop out when you spray this Ido like to spray it when it's kind ofsitting up so that if it does have asmall tendency to run it's not going torun I just took two between somethingthere but that way if it has a tendencyto run it's not going to run very muchbecause it's kind of propped up a littlebit so I'm going to let that dry andthen I'm going to put the knobs on theylook real prettyand I'll show you what it looks likewhen I'm done okay so this is the finalproduct we've got a drawer completelydone you can see all the pretty detailsin it matches the nightstands perfectlyI'm going to bring it into the light soyou can see it a little bit better sothis is this guy yeah it's so superprettyeach piece is gonna be different andyou're gonna love each piece because itis different not a long way to go I alsohave a canopy bed with iron rails that Ihave to paint to match all this I'msuper excited it's been funmaybe I'll catch you next video not surewhen I'll shoot another one maybetomorrowthanks guys

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