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hi everybody welcome it's Saturday nightNovember blank I don't even know to behonest with you what day it is umwelcome you guys let's paint I meanlet's just let's just get right into itand no small talk like cut to the chaselady right so I have um YouTube going onright here guysI have Facebook going on right here andI thought let's just do both of theseright now so thanks for being here youguys I have um coming on kind of latetonight because I've been in Dallasactually we had a family event in Dallasso we've drove Dallas hang out with thefamily eight open gifts because we didan early Christmas and then we are backhome so I'm live here tonight thanks forbeing here with me thank you for thelikes and the hearts that I've alreadyseeing and there are seventeen of you onYouTube with a thumbs up Wendy Miller hiso glad that you are here so Fridaynight on Friday night live that I was Iwas here with quita Allen of all shovedout and we were on Facebook for YouTubeguys thank you for the thumbs up thankyou that makes me feel good and Iappreciate it so we were here Fridaynight live which actually we're hereevery Friday night at 8:30 p.m. CentralTime Central Time ok youtubers if youwant to see that live you have toactually go over to Facebook or you canwait I usually upload my video for youyoutubers as well so we were paintingwhat we did this time if she took apiece of artwork that she you know hadset on for a while she had a new visionfor it so I had a new vision for thispiece actually this is the base coat ofmy new finish this is the top coat of myold finish so I've lightly sanded thewhole piece I came down to about hereand stopped you can kind of see thiskind of green creamy color it's all theold okay and so guys it set on it I saton it I sat on it and I thought you knowwhat I'm really not in love with itthere are some bird stamps up there Ijust I didn't I don't know it didn'tmesh it hasn't sold so we're painting itagain and that's to prove my pointguys don't stress out about it if you'relearning a new technique you're tryingsomething new and you just you just wantto play in the paint then just do itokayjust do it because it can be paintedover so this was a new color combinationthat I had never tried I'm using all DIYpaint it's all I ever use hi hi Jay Poeit's all I ever use it's perfect for mystyle of blending and light now grantedthis okay is the base coat okay so Ialways tell people guys if you're goingto really create something that is apiece of art which is what I use all ofmy pieces for I create every alright Iam I envision every single piece offurniture as a piece of canvas or anartwork right so this is the backdropthis is just kind of the stage okay soafter I get all of this doneand I can completely get the top the wayI want it I'm gonna come back oh thankyou so much thank you um it's really inits ugly awkward stage though I'm notgonna lieit's really in an ugly awkward stage soI'm gonna come back in once we finishthis we'll do this tonight we're gonnado the very bottom I have my paint pixieI have my french tips I have mysynthetics tonight I'm actually workingwith a synthetic tonight and then I'mgoing to grab my dusty which is a pinkpixie brush as well and then I'm gonnagrab my handy dandy putty knife which isthe one thing that got me started withlayering and and really putting othercolors on top Sippy top of each othersand really giving your furniture a kindof a work of art almost an artisticfinish that can't really be duplicatedwith a brush so the main thing is onceyou start using this guy leave the brushalone don't go don't come back to thebrush that's the main thing that I wantyou to take away from this so what we'regonna do like I said we started this theother night er I started this nobody washere it was just me um I started thisthe other night and what you can see onscreen is bohemian blue which is ourdark deep teal it's my number onefavorite color then over here I havelittle bit of our summer crush was justan orange there's mark he I can see alittle bit of old 57 which is our coolturquoise I see a little bit of that old57 here I see a little more of thesummer crush right here and it just kindof goes down so what I'm gonna do now isI'm gonna pull the Bohemian blue down alittle bit further and then I'm gonnalayer our black velvet over it so thebottom is gonna be black velvet okay thewhole bottom but you can see it's likeit's like this right because if youpicture an old door or a shutter orsomething that's been outside weatheringin the in the rain and the moisture overtime it's gonna wear and that's when itgets good in my opinion like that's whenthe good stuff starts setting in whenit's perfect that's good that's for atime and place but when I love to useall these colors I like to use all thesetools and really create a one-of-a-kindfinish so arm off like this wardrobeslike this have been sitting in thriftstores antique stores for years andnobody wanted them right so Matt and Iare taking them I'm giving them a newfinish and he's installing shelves inthem sometimes we're taking out thehardware but this one's got two newshelves on each side of it so you canstill hang your long pieces down thecenter but Matt installed two to side soyou can either put boots or shoes orsweaters or you could use it as a linencloset and and anyway the Shelf kind ofopens up more possibilities for what thepiece can be used for us so the firstthing I'm going to do is grab mybohemian blue and I'm gonna reactivatethis with just a little bit of water andthen I'm gonna pull my black velvet upthank you for the hearts you guys I soappreciate you and it is this is the armwall that I started working on on FridayNight Live for the 37 of you that arewatching me on YouTube and giving me thethumbs upI appreciate you I'm still fairly new toYouTube oh but I thought we could justgo ahead and go live with our streamwhile we're here too okay so I'm gonnastart back with thee with the Bohemianblue and I'm gonna grab the syntheticbrush from paint pixie these are allbrushes and paintthat I retail as well okayit's as you can see it's delicious in itsteal and come on like who doesn't lovethat Parra with this orange it's gonnabe good but again this is the base coatthis is just like hey the colors here soonce we get this done I'll be able tocome back tomorrow and really startadding in the dimension and giving it alot of more a lot more character okay soI'm gonna reactivate it with my waterbottle a little I'm not using too muchyou guys I am not really seeing yourcomments what is the time length youhave had that piece I sit on pieces sosometimes I will sit on them for sixmonths guys I just sold a piece twoweeks ago that I sold that I painted inFebruary so if you're in this businessand that happens to you do not feel likeyou're alone you seriously just have tofind the right buyer I did not repaintit because I loved the piece I knew itlooked good it was this color I knewthat it would find the right buyer atsome point this piece I just decided Iwasn't in love with I know I could siton it a little bit longer but typicallyI'll wait about six months before Istart re-examining at about four monthsI will probably take new picturesrestage and take new pictures maybemaybe you know maybe I just didn't hitthe nail on the head when I was tryingto stage it something like this guysright now this looks kind of choppy Iknow that I promise I do know that itlooks kind of choppy right now but it'sgonna come back in with the black velvetI'm gonna go ahead and go over here - Idon't want anything to be like perfect -line forget about it there's no reasonto have a piece that's so perfect whenyou're going for this design style thatI am now right now I know it looks likea camo hot mess Iget it it's alright it's not gonna staylike this this is just the base coatwe're gonna put another layer of coloron top of it and these colors will justbe pulling through underneath okayI'll probably be back tomorrow for thatpart of it I doubt we get all of thatdone tonightbut I'm gonna do this while this is wetI'm gonna come back in with my blackvelvet so I have like this dark blackteal color and I know it looks reallyit's gonna dry lighterit almost looks black probably to youguys but it is gonna dry a lot lighterthen what happens is I come back with mywax I'll probably end up hitting a clearor a white wax over it and it will endup softening and I'm taking on a wholedifferent look when you add the wax howis everybodyI see that cue came on hi cute oh shesaid hi to me I didn't see her hi hiJosie look I'm using the synthetic andthe French tip tonight lady I'm prettypumped about using him I haven't yeah Idon't use the synthetic as much putDonuts inside brilliantJosie brilliant put the donut you knowwhat glue the donuts to the outside ofhim that is so anything I am if you guysaren't sure what she's talking abouti restaged a piece i had this idea tomake it a coffee bar and i went andbought all the donuts they had leftwhich was only like 11 and the onesprinkles left and then i got all thedonuts like three dozen doughnut holesso that baby sold that baby really fastlike within two days so now we're sayingit was the donuts so I'm just lightlypulling the black over into the Bohemianblue I know looking like a hot mess guysbut I didn't like the way this looked arichI actually I liked the way it looked Ijustit wasn't my usual colors and althoughit's fun to push yourself into colorsthat you don't use very often I justfelt like this one needed a differentlookso we're redoing it we're gonna we'regonna do it again I'm not gonna makethis black real heavy I kind of likeright now the way that this sandy blondeis coming through the sandy blonde isanother DIY color and I really kind oflike in the way that it looks kind ofcoming through because it's more fadedand you know at the bottom of a piece offurniture there's gonna be more naturalwhere I just gonna be net more naturalwhere okayblend it in with that bohemian blue andif I get paint on my Jean nice jeans andkimono we mad ladies and gentlemenhas anybody tried the DIY paint betteryet has anybody not tried DIY paint andpaint pixie brushes raise your handraise it up right now so I can call youout I meant like in a minute in a niceway so right now as I'm looking on thescreen I'm looking like this going thankyou to leesia so it looks a lot betteron YouTube what they're sayingdelecia says it looks a lot better onYouTube than it does on Facebook soright now it looks like watch don'tworry I'm not worried it's gonna lookbetter promise but that's good to noteAlicia I didn't know that is reallyinteresting it is it a base coat andmaybe that maybe the lighting is betteris that what you mean Tilly sure it isthat actually the piece actually justlooks better so this is black velvetthis is bohemian blue again I'm stillputting on the new base coat and givingthis piece that did not sell a new lookI'm gonna grab my putty knife here injust a moment we're gonna reapply we'regonna apply color using thislittle black down here underneath on thebottom the one great thing about DIYpaint is it's a clay base that's justone of the great things but also has itsvery highly pigmented so when I'mwatering it and applying differentlayers and colors like you really with alot of different paints you have to havemultiple layers but with DIY thecoverage is so good the pigment is sointense that often just one coat is allthat you need now I'm dry brushing I'mgonna bring the black up over into theseother colors a little bit just I'm gonnakeep adding more layers but I'm alsosuspecting that this piece is gonna havesome flowers on ithand-painted by me it's going to havesome golden ticket added to it because Ican and it should have some right okayso right now I'm gonna just kind of setmy brush down and hopefully I won't sithere long enough that my rear end goesnumb right that doesn't sound very funfor your rear end to give them didn'thave any but anybody else15 thumbs up I so appreciate you youguys on YouTube you guys are so I'm newthere I'm new there I'm not new here butthanks for being here and I'm not seeingnew comments only because I have to movethe cursor which is odd if you've askedme a question then I missed it I soapologize I don't have these brushes yetI hope Santa gets a Hannah Katherine Ihope Santa gets a hint - I hope SandySanta gets a hint thanks for sharingwith me that's alright share and I'm soglad you're heresharing in my group who created afabulous paint finishI gave everybody a challenge of usingfour colors on one piece that was theminimum a lot of people used many morethan that um but Tony with dare to beyou or dared to you dare to be you knowTony Weston anyway I shared it Ifeatured it because she won but yeah weend up every few weeks we do a challengeand Tony ended up winning but Sharonalso participated in but a beautifulpiece of furniture I drove to Dallas theback so I had a lot of time to lookthrough those alright so we're gonnagrab mint chip which is gonna look likewhite but on here it's not white Ipromiseso I'm gonna apply just a little bitwith my pedi knife I'm gonna go down theedges right here and again I know thatyou're gonna look at this and go you'vegot to be kidding me you're ruining thisarm well guys it's gonna be good Ipromise I promise so I know this lookslike white it's gonna be very faint andsettleokay now I'm gonna spray it a little bitit would be much more subtle than itlooks right hereokay why don't you start using the puttyknives leave your brush alone where youstart to metal all your colors togetherand just look nasty so once this driesit'll get a soft coating with a sandblock and then I'll come in with my nextlayer what you're doing is you're givinga piece a very worn antiqued lookwhereas it may have been painted five orsix times but the good stuff is what'sleft she paints all different ways ThankYou talisha appreciate you I do paint alot of different ways I also use the penknife to de-stress naturally also so itgives just this is just kind of it lookslike a hot wet just think of it likeyou're creating peace artwork he goesthrough stages okay it goes throughstages where it has bad phases it's likethose rocky teenage years where you knowshe's wearing braces like it's justRocky okay but she's gonna come out thebelle of the ballI'm gonna do a little bit moreokaythis color is actually not white guys Iknow it kind of looks that way but it'sactually mint chip and that is theprettiest shade of mint you've ever seenanother layer paint over it and sandedor scraped with my putty knife and sothere's three different colors righthere actually there's four differentcolors right here in this area that youcan't see from the camera but I amloving itoh thank you paint pixie Josie thank youfor putting my affiliate link I soappreciate you she is still having hercelldirty bu vintage Sharon thank yousweetheartmy painting needs help okyou i can'twait to see it I did not Lainey whathappened is this paint this piece wasactually painted and done and it's beenon my website for a few months and ithasn't sold and so I'm like swallowingmy pride because I thought it was kindof really pretty and then like you knowwhat I'm gonna redo it I've got anothervision for it so I'm redoing it this isjust giving you a little bit of a layerprobably what I'll do is I'll just comeback every day and we can work a littlebit more on it so and I don't have atime set for tomorrow you guys but Iwill be back tomorrow and we got to letthis dry before we mess with it anymoreand I actually have to get off of myrear before it goes down so I willprobably need to shift it down this waytomorrow or at least a little bit laternothing like the truth right nothinglike the truth or that my back startshurting weena can't sit on the floorlike we used to but again the colors I'musing right now are bohemian blue blackvelvet in that with mint chip it lookslike a one-eyed one crazy purple peopleeater monster right now so don't it'sokay I get it I really do it's not gonnafinish looking that way it's gonna befabulousI promise you um if you have anyquestions feel free to post them hereand this is a work in progressso I guess that's it you guys and have awonderful night and please join me backtomorrow right here at the turquoiseiris I'm gonna end this video and Idon't remember how to do YouTube so hangtight thanks guys I appreciate you beinghere and you guys go be awesomeyeah I don't remember what to push thereI don't see your comments anymore eitherI'll have to go back and lookThank You whiskey willow

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