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Painted Dining Table Makeover Project Part 3 – Final Update! Furniture Project Complete!

hey everyone a little somethingdifferenttoday I ended up getting myself quittrying to come in here and peek on me Ihear the door opening why I'm trying torecord I'm trying to do some work inhere alright I want to put you in myvideo I'm gonna put you in my videos in[Applause]alright everybody uh today I'm doingsomething a little differentI've got myself a wireless microphone alapel microphone and try to do a littlebit of talkin or maybe even just recordmore of the sounds of the shop like someof y'all requested I know y'all don'tlike a lot of people that just talk forno reason or and some of my older videoshad some pretty stupid music in it butI'm gonna try and do more of talking andeverything and and some of my futurevideos and we'll see how it goes so hereis the table from the other two videosyou can see that everything matches nowit's nice and glossysome of y'all asked what did I do aroundthe the edges here as far as applyingdid I apply stain to it and yeah that'swhat I did I put the stain on on top ofhere and I'd already had the the basepainted and then I applied the stain tothe paint and thecame back and wiped it off so you cansee where it's in the in the edges thereand if we go under here you can see howit how it came out down here so this isa lot of stuff that I did when I wasworking on the fixing the top out of myfrustration I just kind of said forgetforget the recording for now let me letme get this right another mistake I madewas that the customer had originallyasked for stained seats and I thoughtshe wanted them glazed like the base andso I've tested out one here getting itstripped down now not only do I have tostrip down the top that I was dealingwith on this but I've got a strip thepolyurethane that I've done on thisalong with the paint so that one took mequite a few layers I'm gonna see and Ireally did that one off camera just toget my get my experience in on it itstill needs to be sanded and everythingbut other than that it's it's ready togoso I'm gonna kind of do these three onesall at the same time I don't want to runinto the same situation that I that Ihad with the table here what I've doneis I have these stools that I've had fora while picked up a a dresser from a guyone day and he had these sitting aroundand said I could have him so I justgotta use them to set my my tools on butI took some screws and screw them infrom underneath so I can just set thison here and have a nice stable area towork on it and still be able to getaround the edges and everything it's alittle bit different than what Inormally do I've never I've neverstained the the seats of a dining chairsbefore but I know it'll it'll look goodlong with this and later on in the videoyou'll get to see everything puttogether so now I'm gonna go ahead andstart on putting the stripper on thisand we'll see how it goes maybe I canget it done at only a few coats I'mgonna go ahead and put the stripper onhere you saw it in the other videos butI'll kind of explain it a little bitthis is a quick it's clean strip whichis what I've used before and some of myother videos butthe the can is different and the I don'tknow what they changed in it I know itsays there's a there's some chemicalsthat aren't in it that used to be in itbut it definitely smells different thanwhat it used toit smells way worse that's definitelyimportant though if you're using some ofthese chemical strippers that areespecially in the metal cans they workfast but you have to have a greatventilation and good good protection soI'm just going to squirt this on thereand like a ton of it you can't use toomuch and you'll you know if you'relooking for a different strippers it's agood idea to get the kind that's like apaste formula or a gel formula ratherthan liquid so it kind of sits on itbetter reason I like to apply a veryliberal amount is because like I said itneeds a lot of a lot of ventilationbecause of the fumes and that createsair flow which dries out the stripperreally quickly so this has to get downeat through the the polyurethane topcoatthe the paint that's on it and theoriginal finish that was that was on itbecause whenever I paint stuff I don'tlet's not stripped all the way down ofcourse so I want it to be able to sit onhere for a good 15 or 20 minutes withoutdrying out so using a crapload of it isthe best way to go and you'll see nowit's already starting to bubble up andthat means that means that the stripperis working the paint where this formulais really really quick to start gettingstripped and that's why it's importantto get that the 15-minute formula overthe 30 minute formula the 30 minuteformula is meant for mainly meant forstripping paint but I don't know why youwouldn't just get the strongest onebecause if this wereyou just only stripping the paint Icould go ahead and strip it now so I'lllet this sit for about probably aboutten or fifteen minutes and come back toit and strip it see if I can get awaywith doing it one time or two even twowould be great it's better than three orfour that I had to do on that one allright it's been about 15 minutes or soand everything is looking pretty good Idon't expect it to come off all in oneone pass not with this much stuff on itso I'll go ahead and take a shot at itand see how it goes so I'll have a lotof people ask me what I used to stripthe tool is one of these plasticscrapers and I get these from like fromWalmart for like a dollar would be twodollars for a pack of three with onethis size one that's wider and onethat's about half this size these aregreat you don't want to use metalbecause it you risk scratching the woodso let's take a look at this and see seehow easy this comes off not too badyeah it's definitely gonna take twopatches maybe threeso I have a lot of people that tell methat it looks so easy when I'm when I'mstripping I think what it is is I'vejust found a balance of when it's timeto strip if you do it if you wait toolate like I said earlier when when Isaid I like to apply a lot so thatdoesn't dry up the main purpose of thatis so that it doesn't get real flaky soif you've ever stripped and you're goinglike this and it's going then thestripper is dried out if you do it whenit's when it's not really done yetyou'll get it when it's a lot moreliquidy than this but if you get itright at the right time it'll be likethis and it's it's so much easier I meanthat's not difficult at all that'ssomething that I feel that just comeswith practice and it depends on yourconditions if it's hot if it's coldso here's gonna be the secondapplication I think this is all it'sgoing to take I definitely got a goodamount of the paint off and I did seethat the original protective finish wasremoved okay so that's the second coatagain it's on there thick we'll give itanother another 15 minutes and thatshould be it after that I'll clean itwith mineral spirits and we'll have tolet it dry for a few hours before it canbe stained so they've got another 15minutes or so it fast so stuff like thisthat isn't killing off a whole bunch isit's gonna come off whenever I do thesecond part of this step which is themineral spirits and well I'll applymineral spirits to it and scrub it withsome still wools of course steel woolandwhat that does is takes off all of thisit takes off the stripper residue that'sleft behind from the some of the scraperbecause they can't get it off so you seehow liquidy this is like when I wastalking about before it's a little bitharder to work with but that's becauseyeah there's nothing there's nothingreally else for it to be stripping so itdidn't really like coagulate with thewith the paint like it did before so atthis point everything is pretty muchremoved except for what's a little wetspots you can see this will havestripper on there and I'm going to usemineral spirits to remove that andthat'll also get the leftover you see alittle a little bit of white herethere's some paint here and paint alonghere I'll scrub it with some steel woolmostly in the in the direction of thegrain you want to do that just so youdon't get any scratches that are gonnago perpendicular to the to the grain andmake it look a little weird so you canpretty much put one on there and I knowI said that I only go with the grain butI got to spread it out I'm not rubbingreally hard when I do this I'm just kindof spraying out and then even when I'mscrubbing this stuff off I'm not reallyreally hardso I'm the container that says saferyour low odor mineral spirits it has alot less fumes in traditional mineralspirits actually get in like a metalcans and this is why it's important tohave gloves because this is you know Ican at least support myself I can atleast support the furniture here and notget anything on meafter yourself scrubbed off just a cleantowel clean over you know spirits off soat this point this chair is done as faras the stripping goes it just needs todry out depending on the temperature itcan be anywhere from like two to fourhours if you turn a fan on it of courseI would help you can do it as little asone hour if you can set it in the Sun ona nice warm day but you can see thedifference in the wet one and the dryone over there if I was to go ahead andrush this and continue the next stepwould be using sandpaper and it wouldjust really Mar up the wood so it's goodto just let it dry out I apologize thisvideo is gonna be so wonky with theaudio I keep forgetting to turn on my mywireless mic here but I'll try to I'lltry to get it down for all the otherones so anyways the the stripper isapplied you know this one's alreadycrackling it's kind of cool-lookingagain that's how you know that it'sworking this one is the second one it'sjust starting to crackle so I'm gonnalet these sit again for fifteen minutesor so and then I'll strip these onesdown and pretty much after that it'sgoing to be a waiting game you can seethat's the first one I did before Istarted doing any video here's thesecond one I did it's starting tolighten up a little bit which means it'sdrying if you take a look at themthey're so really here the rest of thiswould probably take about let's sayabout 45 minutes to get those two doneand then I'll have about two hours ofdry time I'll actually take my fan andturn it around inside my paint booth sothat I get some airflow in here and thisstuff will dry out a lot faster sothat's that's one thing you can do tohelp things dry out if you have a coolevening the cool thing about strippingis it's notlike paint where you have to worry aboutit being above you know 50 55 orsomething like that you can pretty muchstrip in in any weather and get the sameeffect so I'm gonna let this sit foranother 15 minutes and I'll come backand we'll take this off so I actuallyleft this on for about 30 minutes thistime again I mentioned earlier that it'syou know it's gotten cooler I mean I'vegot a jacket on and everything I feel alittle kind of confident that theshipper can kind of lay there a littlebit longer so we'll we'll see whathappensmost of the time when you're strippingpaint you're gonna have to do it atleast two times to make sure that youget through the the paint layer and thefinal finish to be honest on the top Ithink because I left it so long I I feellike it's already gone through thefinish but the sides you can see theystill need a little bit more work so I'mgonna go ahead and strip it a secondtime again I said before that doingeverything the same way is the best wayto guarantee that you get everythingdone correctly and get it on a match atthis point I'm going to go ahead andapply more stripper before I strip thisand that just lets me get a little bitahead on this one if you're doing thisfor money or if you're just trying tosave time this is a good way to do itso I think this is a good position fromour perspective as furniture painters toshow that even though we're paintingover wood that you might think it's asin to paint over that it can still beremoved so I'm kind of running out on onmy stripper so I'm gonna transfer someof this extra over here I'm gonna takesome of the stripper that's on this oneI'm gonna transfer it over to this onemy biggest concern is making sure that Iget all the stuff around the edgesthat's usually the hardest part to getbecause it likes to it likes to fall offthat's why it's really important to getthe a paste or a gel type of stripperand make sure you don't get the liquidkind that way it'll kind of cling on alittle bit better you don't have toworry about it tripping off so here wego with the second round of stripping onthese piecesnow that these have been stripped we'regoing to move to the mineral spiritsI've got a new steel wool pad for theseones again I'm just gonna spread it outand then we come back and wipe off allthe mineral spirits againnow we're just back to the waiting gamethese ones are fully stripped we're justwaiting for them to dry after themineral spirits then I'll be able tocome back with some sandpaper and geteverything finished it's been a aboutthree hours everything is same colornice and dry what I'm going to do isI've got a little sander here this isactually my backup the other one thatI've had for two years finally crappedout on me but I've lost the bag to thisone so it does create a lot of dust soI've got my mask on and got the garageopen but I've got 120 grit sandpaper onhere and I'm gonna hit all of these andthen I'll come back with 220 grit[Music]for the finishing work I'm going to beusing this sanding sponge and this isactually a dual sanding sponge so wehave 220 grit and 320 grit and the 220grit is on the upper side the 320 gritis on the lower side so now that we'vescented this with a 120 grit I'm readyto do some 220 and I'm going to do itwith with the grain I don't recommendholding sandpaper in your hand andsanding because you really only get thepressure of your fingers so why you feellike you're you know in this area thatyou'd be doing a flat area you're reallyonly pressing down here here and here soyou get an uneven sanding surface thesetwo just need some 320 now what theyfeel it it's nice just take a littlebrush and dust it off now thateverything is stripped and sanded andready for stain it's time to go aheadand put the stain on Minwax dark walnutwhich is what we used on the top of thetable so we're gonna use that on thistoo so I'm just gonna again a liberalamount[Music]all right I've moved a table out of hereI'm really happy with the way that theseats have turned out they match reallywell with the table once they get thepolyurethane on them they'll look a lotbetter so I'm going to go ahead andspray that[Applause]there's no hopethere's the first coat of polyurethaneall right sir let us set alight the maskon three more coats like thismy mistake again I made a made themistake of not hooking up my audiocorrectly but here I am I just sprayedmy second tone and everything is lookinggreat[Applause]this is the final wet coat thepolyurethane when it's in a can it has awhite milky look to it so that's why itlooks like that but when it dries it'llbe nice and clear we'll let this dry forabout three hours and then you guys willget to see the chairs this project isdone now I got the chairs stainedthey're glazed and everything match thetable the glazing underneath here so ittook a little bit of extra work but gotit done we be happy with everything thisproject is complete I appreciateeverybody watching the next thing Ishould be working on will be thishopefully I can knock out full video onitso I appreciate again everyone watchingbe sure to subscribe if you haven'talready if you are subscribed down thereby the subscribe button there's a littlebell that will notify you when I poststuff so make sure you hit that to letme know what you think in the commentsthanks again for watching and I'll catchyou later

My dining table makeover project is now complete. In my latest furniture painting video I go over stripping and staining wood when refinishing dining room table chair seats and unveil this furniture project final results.

If you need help learning how to paint furniture be sure to check out this video and some of my other furniture makeover videos for painted furniture ideas!

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