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please subscribe and tap the Bell not tomiss exciting videos from home hashtaglife namaste and welcome to the veryfirst episode of our house Oh home cityand we are starting off with the masterbathroom renovation process and a hugemakeover we did in our master[Music]now the question is why I am startingthe series with a bathroom renovationvideo I have noticed that I didn't sharea single vacuum deleted video on ourchannel like back to the organizationcleaning record so I thought I wouldstart with this bathroom renovation andmakeover video when we first saw thisbathroom we decided immediately it hasto go I mean look at the flooring at theties all stained broken the wall hasruined completely because of the seepagetoilet machines everything was in a verybad conditionwe started with breaking up the wallsand removing all bathroom fixtures ifyou are planning to start our innovationprocess in your home before startinghave vocal as well as a writtencommunication with your contractor trustme on this you will be having lessheadache and the thing I would like toshare if you are renovating yourbathroom make sure to change all theseexisting old wall pipe lines as well asfluid bike lanes or sewage pipe lines onthe bathroom tool but tipping up yourbathroom floor can be really scary seethis Kweli Kappa heart yes we remove thewhole filling and put brick at thebottom of the floor this is the nextthing we took was to decide the layoutof the bathroom this wall I will use itas a storage unit and mirrors will bethere and be seen will be there visionmeans you need to keep in mind allexisting pipelines like engage outletpipe lines for PC in some or bath areaI will definitely suggest do not go formany chipping off the pipeline just seehow smoothly you can change the existinglayout we decided to have separate dryand wet area and change the position ofthe wash basin from that one to this onealso do not forget to ask yourelectrician to change the existingelectrical connections according to yourlayout or according to your designbefore starting the time work for thewall now when it came to time selectionafter a long search after visiting somany shops finally we have chosen thisone right after seeing this combinationI just fell for it and started toposition them for our master bathroomspace I wanted to have a high littlewall for our master bathroom where Iwill keep storage unit with wash basinand counter top our separate highlightsection for reading area so as with mydesign I asked our civil wat person tofix this tiles on different differentpositions and I must say he did a verygood job[Music]before starting the viewing do notforget to discuss for waterproofing withyour CV guy if you waterproof yourbathroom floor then you can avoidoptimum seepage problems from yourdumpster neighbours in the next video Iwill share the interior design tipstricks and a complete bathroom tour donot forget to give that big thumbs up ifyou like the big over and I would loveto hear from you how you like thisrenovation if you have any questionsregarding thisour office or the materials we use letyou know in the comment section below oreven you can meet me separately do notforget to subscribe to home hashtag lifeI will see you in the next Metallica[Music]

We renovated and remodeled our Indian master bathroom for our new house which is 6ft*8ft in size. I will not say it’s tiny but it’s not big either. In this video you can see a glimpse of a before and after tour of our master bathroom. We are starting up a new series on our channel which is “House To Home Series”. This is the first video of the series – The Master Bathroom Renovation & Remodeled Idea. We are really excited how the bathroom turned out. So check out all the renovation process we went through and I hope that it will be helpful if you are planning to renovate our own home.

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