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Our Living & Dining Room Tour | House To Home Series Ep. 6

namaste welcome to home hashtag life andin today's video I'm going to share withyou our living room and dining room tourlet me give you a before picture firstthe clips you are watching it's frombefore renovation and I hope that youhave seen this areaI have already shared our living roomwash basin area tour and this space isour living room sitting area this is ourmain door or main entrance there you cansee electric box and just right afterentering our house there is a big windowwhich let the space have plenty ofnatural light we decided to have our TVcabinet on this wall but as you can seethere were no electric points so we hadto do huge electrical renovation as well[Music]for the false ceiling we wanted to gofor wood paneling rather than go withrafters or a three to four inches fallselling for the entire space and I mustsay this wood panel looks so beautifuland make the space more cohesive also wedid wood panel frame for each door andin these two main area dividers whichhas really enhanced the look of thespace I really want to suggest to payattention to small details to createambience for small apartments[Music]for us two main reason to buy thisapartment is the balcony view so wedecided to break down this entirewindows and door so that we can go for asliding door system it also impactsmassively in terms of the view we reallyenjoy this beautiful nature and its viewevery dayfor TV cabinet I wanted to create aspace which can be multifunctional asyou can see that this apartment layoutdoesn't have any foyer or entryway so Idesigned this entire unit to hold ourbags shoes and all other outgoingessentials coming to the next above theTV cabinet I have added one shelf withthe help of this beautiful copperbrackets it has added so much characterrather than just to have like thissimple shelf system also for the back Iwent for same wood paneling and as Ialways told you to make a small spacelook biggerjust go higher while you are designingyour space it makes a huge differenceand create visual illusion for a biggerspacefor the TV cabinet top we placed a whitecourt above that also we covered theelectric box outlet to make it looklittle nicer I have chosen this brasscarving handles and knobs above that thedeco paint detailing matches the whitequartz table beautifully if you have anyquestion you can ask in the commentsection down below I have chosen thisbeautiful clamp and holder to hold thecurtain rod in our living room anddining room as our dining chairs neededa refabricated due to stains and we'reout conditioned I have selected thisbeautiful bird print fabric for fourchairs upper cover and did littlemix-and-match for rest of the two chairsupper cover selected a darker shade tohelp this print pop out nicely and thisprint really gives me a pleasingambience in our dining area I hope allthis information which I have sharedwill be useful for you for any queryleave them in comment section below nowlet me give you our living and diningroom tour hope you will enjoy watchingit[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]if you have enjoyed our living anddining room tour video then do notforget to like it also share yourthoughts in comment section belowshare the video to support our channelthanks for watching and I will see youin the next one till then take care byebye[Music]you

Our Living & Dining Room Tour | House To Home Series Ep. 6

Today,s video is all about Indian small living room tour, Indian dining room tour. Here you will be able to watch modern tv unit design ideas for a small Indian house tour, how to create a hall room design, drawing room interior design and dining room tour design. Our apartment is small so for a small home design it is necessary to plan out before hand with all requirement. I hope this Indian living room design tour for small spaces will be helpful to design your tv cabinet or dining hall design for your small apartment. Hope you will enjoy watching it.


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