Room Colors 

Our dogs pick our room colors!! Meet our new dog!!

hi guys today we are doing our dogs pickour bedroom colors and I am supernervous cuz I already picked out a colorthat I wantyeah and I have no idea what I want bythe way I never even said we're movingsoon um we're working on buying a houseright now and I'm so excited cuz I'm inlove with the house that our mom istrying to get and even though I got thetiny room I'm still super happy yes I'min my bed I might just keep the colorthat that it already it is and there'sgonna be like 12 rounds but to start offwith me each get five rounds and pixieis going to be at the little doll nosepixie is gonna be the dog through myfirst five rounds and I'm going firstcuz Anna couldn't decide on a dogbecause she wanted to use because wehave a new dog named Mookie and she'ssuper cute and you get to see her laterin the video so yeah Anna's just gonnahold pixie back for a second while I setup the treesin this cabinet okay so we have fivecolors set up and the first one she goesto is gonna be the first one eliminateduntil she gets to the last one standingand release the houndThanks there's treats pixie look treatsno don't go to hell boot in that one yesthis one's eliminated and it looks likeshe's going over there to eat the treatsand Anna is literally everything piecelook treesthis one's eliminated that was the firstone this is the second one oh this oneis the last one standing and it is thefirst one I picked out at the sport andit's super orangey so now we're gonnasee which color she picks out of thiscard so we need two more treats heythere's the treat sound I cheat here forthis one a treat here in the middle guysshe picked this color I don't want thiscolor guys it's not pink enough for meis it's too Coralie tan now it's Anna'sturnso yeah okay so this is the last cardstanding guys Wow Mookie did that reallyquickly so she doesn't eat all of thetrees I'm Yukishe's a chewy nee and chewy wiener dogand she has one eyeand yes she's adorable okay can you holdthem back for soon you can't hold yourback for what Messer laundry hold pinkyback pleasehe's not in this round he already hasoh yes what do you want to see look I'llshow you Bruceokay there we go I scared her off areyou happy please please I didn't what isshe eating like get this Anna got thisone you dogs did pretty well honestlyand they're each going to get a treatfor being so good through the wholevideo and I did ask my mom to go aboutfinding them up above the mission takethemPCs nice oh if you mean tweet okay heyLucas pigs you want to treat the girlMookie good girl thank you guys forwatching we'll see you guys next timelike a hidden guide for multi roadsforever I wanted the color the time isright buddy but I like the yellow thatminimum already has yeah so who knows ifshe's even gonna paint have any yeah soyeah I might actually use this colorguys in any way if I can subscribe seeyou guys next time bye don't forget tostay awesome funky

“So yeah guysss” -Me every time I post anything

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