[Music]this is letting me meet kneeling withand it's pretty bad actually like thisall needs to get organized and usuallythe makeup sitting on top of the vanitybut I thought ready at my desk today sothat's usually there somewhere andGeorge does not look ok and at thebottom of the sink area is superunorganizedeverything's just jammed in there andthere's just a picture of things there'sa whole bunch of stuff I don't think Iuse anymore so when I go througheverything and try to see how I couldfind a better system of storage downhere cuz it just looks too cluttered andmessy and I'm sure I can get rid of aton of stuff so I'm gonna start off bygoing through everything and seeing whatI can get rid of and then I'm gonnastart organizing everything in theshelves so I want to see how I get thisall organized then just keep on watchingI started off by taking everything outof the vanity and what I did behind mewas I organized everything into pileslike I put anything that I was keepingin a certain pile and then I wasstarting to like put everything that Iwas either gonna throw out or give awayin a different pile or things that justdidn't belong here I also made anotherpile for that so that's just how I kindof organized everything behind me solike a keep pile a giveaway pile andstuff that didn't belong in a separatepile as well[Music][Music][Applause][Applause]once I take everything out I went inwith a Lysol wipe and just gaveeverything a good like wipe down withthis just to sanitize everything as welland then I found this little vinyl likeI guess it's like a little matte thatyou can put in I thought it was gonna bewider but it wasn't as well as thisbathroom organizer that was only fourdollars from the dollar store I foundboth items at the dollar store so thisone just hangs on to the door of yourvanity and it's for all your hot toolsand stuff I also found these littlebaskets from the dollar store I thinkthere were like three dollars and what Idid in the larger basket I just put allthe hair products that I use at the veryfront and all of like our backupsupplies like toothpaste and bath soapI just put at the back of the box likewhere we when it reaches often then andjust like items that we use in like themiddle I then took out all the makeupbrushes that I don't really reach forvery often and just organized them inthis brush book either way I have towash all these brushes but for now Ijust kept them in this brush book that Ihave and then in the smaller basket Istored all of my extra like foundationslike that I use once in a while and likeall of my extra makeup product that Idon't reach for as often but I stillsometimes use so I just put all likethose extra products in there and I alsowent through this huge container of nailpolishes that I have and I just wentthrough it and took out anything that Ido want to use and still want to keepand then everything else I just gaveaway[Music]I then just wipe down the acryliccontainer with a Lysol wipe because Iwanted to use this container to storelike my extra pallets that I don't reachfor as often as well as this otherreally Corgan eyes here that I had Ijust stored all like the makeup that Idon't reach for as often as well oncethey got into my drawer this is what Iwas dreading was going through thisdrawer but it was so badly needed therewas a ton of stuff actually from thisdrawer that I ended up throwing out thatwould just was either garbage or youknow it was done and I wasn't using itanymore so once they took everything outI just gave it a good wipe down with aLysol wipe I found these at littlecontainers at the akia I think therewere only like a dollar and they fitperfectly in the drawer and I ended upjust organizing leads with all the itemsthat I reach for every single day Ifound like one trick with like productslike my bobby pins I always kept them onthe packaging but it takes up less spacejust to take everything off thepackaging and I ended up putting mybobby pins and my ponytails in the frontof this little container along with mycotton rounds and then other items thatI reach for in the bigger part of thecontainer[Music][Music]so moving back to the bottom of thevanity I put all the hot tools that Idon't reach for as often like at theback rather than having them all piledinto little hair tool organizer that'son the door like I just put the stuffthat I I reach for like more often inthere and then like the hot tools likemy curling iron I just put that in theback and then I had to rearrangeeverything cuz the door wouldn't closewith all the baskets so I kind of wasjust moving everything around just tomake sure that the door can close I thenhad this apothecary container sitting ona top of her vanity the head all of mySephora samples in there so what I didwas I just stored all the samples intothe acrylic organizer that I had thereand then I ended up wiping down theapothecary container and then storing myI have a bath bomb that my brother gaveme that smells like roses it's so goodand then this little donut soap thatI've had for a while that it likethey're just they're so cute to useeventually I'm gonna use them but I justthought they'd look cuter in thiscontainerand then put this container by ourbathtub I just thought it would lookcuter there and then moving on to thetop of the vanity I just wipedeverything down like I just wanted tosanitize everything and just get a goodclean down and then this flowerarrangement I ended up moving it to adifferent area because I bought a one ofthose faux plants and containers fromIkea just to switch it up a bit and hereI'm just swiping down all the mirrors inthe bathroom as well with some Windexand a microfiber towel[Music][Music]so this is what I did to my husband'ssure I just put all the q-tips in thesame little container that I had formyself and then he has this vitamin ecream and some toothpaste and just allhis little things and his charger Fergusshaver with all the parts in here andthen he likes to have a little err andthen I put his hair gel and in his Dorder that he uses in there so hedoesn't have too many thingsthis is how my Gorge turned out I so Ijust put like kind of the things I reachfor the most at the front like I usethese every single day because my hairtires bobby pins my lotions deodorant mycombsso all those and then all my face masksI ended up putting in that little yellowbag and then under here you saw I put myhairbrush and my Kurt strainer and myhair dryer in there and then I showedyou how I organized all of those andthen here I have some backup makeup thatI don't want to keep at my desk and thenmy husband's backup hair gels and mylittle um empties for lush and then mycleaning products and I just put theListerine here so look at what itdoesn't sit up on the counter so itdoesn't create more clutter and then myHubbs husband's travel case over thereplus these cotton balls and then my backface little cotton swabs things sothat's what I did there and then I putthe little glass container I think it'sa positive area container with my bathbomb and little donut soap over thereand then I ended up moving the littleflower balls that I hadon my vanity - just on top of the toiletand I found these towels that IKEA atethe large one was four dollars and thenthe small one was like one or twodollars so I kind of thought it matchedwith like the grape in here and then Ialso found that white garbage can andIKEA as well for like one or two dollarsso I switched out the one that we hadbecause I didn't like that one anymoreso I put that one thereand then the little bath mat is fromTarget and then this bath mat that Ihadn't presented vanity is from Ikea andI think it's like three or four dollarsso I love how I turned and I hope youguys enjoyed watching this video if youwant to see more organization videos onmy channel then give this video a thumbsup and thank you so much for watchingbye[Music]


Hey guys!

I thought I would share how I decluttered and organized my master bathroom! I pretty much used the Konmari method of organizing and I absolutely LOVED how it turned out! This is far more functional now and we’ve been so happy with how it turned out! Hope you enjoy + thanks for watching! 🙂



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