On the Topic of Minimalism: What’s in your bathroom cupboards?

this morning I woke up to a group chatfrom my favorite electric bros aboutminimalism and I started thinking alittle bit more about it when I went andtook my shower and I looked around and Isaw all of these beauty products I havein my cupboard probably you can relateI've been in lots of bathrooms wherepeople have drawers and cupboards filledwith little plastic bottles lotionscreams many kinds of toothpasteswhatever you name it and it made methink a little bit more about the topicof minimalism and specifically what itwould feel like to be content with lesswhich is a practice I started many yearsago the first time I was ever reallyfeeling poor like I had no money at alland I looked around and all the thingsthat I wanted I couldn't afford and overtime I realized that I didn't need tofeel bad about not being able to affordcertain things in order to keep my piecewhat I really had to do was becomfortable with less and so in aneffort to do that I started researchingwhat it was that I really could livewithout and as it turns out most of whatwe use on a daily basis we can livewithout and so specifically I'm talkingabout things in our bathroom things likelotions and creams that we don't need ona regular basis and in fact can usethings from our kitchen or one productentirely to cover most of our needs mostof the things in my bathroom the creamsand lotions that I have come fromfriends or family that have given megifts throughout the years I shout outto my best friend Natasha gives me tonsof beauty creams that I love but thetruth is on a bigger picture thosecreams and lotions often come in plasticbottles that just do more damage to ourenvironment than they do good andpotentially contain harmful chemicals aswell that may not even be doing good toour systems so I wanted to make thislittle short video just to talk about acouple of tricks that I use maybe youcan use as well or maybe you have someideasyou want to share with me and I wouldlove to hear so the first one is oneproduct you don't really need a lot ofsoap so you can actually make do withjust one product I have very thin hairso if I use conditioner it just getsthinner I just recently bought some dr.Bronner's so I'm on Bonaire so it'sactually harder to get good productshere but this was at the nature foodstore so I can use this for everythingmy face my body my hair and then overtime as it gets a little bit lower I canadd water to make it last longer butthere are other tricks that I use aswell like lotions you don't actuallyneed lotion that you buy at the storeyou can use something from your kitchenI call it olive oil almost everybody hasit I just lather my skin with it itmakes it feel soft and smooth you canalso use baking soda for toothpaste sosmall things like that small changesthat you can make to begin to findcontentment with less and then open yourlife up for more in that way we all worktogether to live mindfully if you haveideas or things that you do to live amore minimalistic life let me know aboutthem because I'm always open to hearingand sharing until next time love to theuniverse

Simple ideas for how to be happy with less, opening yourself up to more. Ideas for the bathroom. Live mindfully.

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