OFFICE MAKEOVER! Simple Room Decor Ideas

[Music]hey guys what's up its Savannah so intoday's video I'm basically just gonnabe showing you little clips of mecleaning the room and decorating theseand bare walls of mineI'm not going to decorate the whole roomtoday I think I'm just gonna do it inlike sections so today I'm going to showyou part one of what I have done to myoffice and right now it is clean time[Music][Music]I do have a new desk chair that I amputting up I got this butterfly chairthey call it got to add coals for prettycheap I had a bunch of coupons and Ialso worked there so I get a really gooddiscount and that is actually themajority of my decorations are from soafter I get all this annoying plasticoff this chair I'm gonna go ahead andput together and as you can see itdoesn't really fit the height of my deskso this yarn hanging watching the columnI got this at HomeGoods for like twentytwenty-five dollars this dry erasecalendar that I have I also got fromKohl's I think it ended up being like$11 or 15 I think it was like $15 orsomething like that with all my coupons[Music]and I'm just gonna dress it up decoratea little bit with some nice pictures ofmy friends that I no longer talk to andthis last piece of decor that I have iscan you guess from Kohl's I just likehow the great bucket kind of matches theouter edge of the calendar that I haveand the bright purple really adds somecolor to this plain white room and thenI'm just gonna throw down this fuzzy rugthat I got for $15 at Rossand that is the final results I knowthis video is really quick but I plan ondoing more decorating in the future andmaking more videos so if you like thisvideo please give it a thumbs up and Iwill be making more shortly thank youfor watching see you my next video[Music]

This is a quick video sharing with you how I am slowly redecorating my office/ workout room! I have a lot of blank space to work with and many DIY ideas brewing. I hope you find some bedroom-decor inspiration by watching this short video! Thank you so much for watching❤

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