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(Nickolodians kids choice award event) Escape Room

so something you should know I was gonnado a video on this game but then I justdecided I can't as you know as youshould know actually my computer is nota gaming computer and the only thing Ican really handle is roblox so wellactually no it can't handle other gamesI was playing we become what we beholdthe other day so I'll do a video on thatbut first things firstkapowie I've gotten all of these I justneed to do the last one just keep theroom[Music]mmm this is gonna take forever you knowI might have to actually look up awalkthrough for this I just want theitem alright let's do thishopefully they didn't make it that hardalright hello and welcome to escape roomwould you like to play a short tutorialand get used to the mechanics of thegame played tutorial cuz why the hecknot oh well I just like icy up okaygoing right into the game also I haveyet to start up that uh old robloxseries hello and welcome to escape roomthis is a very simple game you have onegoal and and one Anna and one goal onlyescape the roomalthough the rooms may change and thepuzzles to get more difficulties[Music][Music]you know I actually need to do holy crapokay so that I just got it corruptedwell not exactly but you just don't killyourself um no not develop not developplease don't open develop avatar okayokayah the nice slime shoulders holy crapthat looks super bad on my character Ireally got slimed alright so I'm back upin the game and this is the new me okayso I don't know if you guys can see yeahokay okay take a look around this keysome objects are obtained by usinganother item there's if K is too highrisk in this really obscene convictionokay what's something along I can getthough this is a enter four letter codeincorrect for later this is a code goodvision on the keypad termination you'remuch ready to come in there come onI've actually done real-life escaperooms before oh nine five two three Idon't think I was actually supposed tobe able to cheat to that but wait whatwas it again am I supposed to be doingit this way I'm really not sure ninefive two three nine five two threenine five two three yes okayand I need something long yeah okay Paulmight be able to reach something okayand then I used the wrong long pole toget this down I actually didn't know Icould do this I was just in shift blockand then all of a sudden okay so waitwhere do I use this oh and I'm supposedto use affirm this although I could justjump up okay so we finish the tutorialnow we're just doing the actual gamejust did the tutorial Oh ding that'spretty loud okay[Music]okayof course the eventthe services gender for pain right nowuse I had to hide names apparently superClaire for some players this will beupdated once where the players availablethen lady very viciousokay well I think it's only multiplayerisn't available because they don't wantlike a bunch of peopleoh I can do front flips from itoh wait how do i do up single-playerwait a second I'm just wonderingit said multiplayer was down correct ohmaybe notit did say for some people so maybe it'snot down for me then yeah it seems it'snot down for me Peter escape multiplayerokay yeah I guess create[Music]start[Music]okay let's try this if I can't do it Ican do it with Fallon later todayTigger escaped sir okay okay yeah saythat's Loudon's okay let's do this comewe're gonna suck okay um why can't Imovewhat the heck is why can't I movesomebody please tell me why oh okaycutscene[Music]holy crap this is going to take foreverso they make this event like really hardor is it just an event soyou and your friends want to go boatingblimp but you don't have ticketsviolet stop sorry she was just smashingthe computer do you what am I supposedto doI'm looking for escape coins well I'mnot going to give you any from theregisterbut if you want around feel free to grabit but if I just do some box cake can Itake the cakecan I take okay[Music]I can't get any other scrap you can'tescape her this baby[Music]you should the machine[Music][Music]okaychuckles people you are noise and chain[Music]Oh escape points fail career out of thevending machine what luck what only fourpoints to go oh come on let's escapepoints here girl you freaky hello andwelcome to the escape or theater turnshow tickets only five escape boys ohokay okay can I shake it again okay yeahno no I don't think anything else umyeah no it's not okay there's somethingwait what there's something odd aboutthe blue box logo what roblox logo whatroblox we'll all go wait whatroblox Ohokay well you got my attention what isit what am I supposed to do with this oh[Music]okay I see a line right there and a lionlike Girishbut I don't see what's so hard about itthis reminds we have already player oneof that and like so many in ah here wegookay okay okay okay okay I'm doing kindof good maybe kind of I don't know youalso waiting for the show to startI heard they're having some sort ofissue with the tag yeah what do you wanttickets are really cheap I'm so glad Icameokay I think it's are really cheap but Idon't have any moneyokay not you you you there okay you'rejust a person that's hey can i push youI can push everybody just die okay so Ican push people that's a thingjust sit in these chairs you thinkthere's nothing on with the littleblocks level can i push you into theroblox logo and maybe I'll do something[Music]this is really hard okay do somethingspecial please do something specialmaybe I look around and all the flowers[Music]okay I only I only used up by the lagspike that's not fair okay[Music]until you can see the phenotype theywon't let me any because I don't have oh[Music]there's an access code maybe it's8/7 II see the access code could beanythingokay it's going to be impossiblego skate homes okay all rightokay she lutzky maybe I can do somethingwith short ski why would I want to weyou know these do these common with thelimp okay well I want to let ski justleave violet[Music]oh I'm an idiot because you got stuck ina weird situation no I didn't help youso I'm an idiot now okay I didn't evensee this hair part is that his coin orsomething[Music]these aren't very van well uh yet ifthere's one right here okay one last oneI never really wore very very goodvery visual maybe this one on the tableor in a seat or something they're veryvery visual therefore is he pleased[Music]where the Frick is the last scape goingif you know extremely[Music]okay I wonder why they have a scape roomit's because nobody likes this place Idon't know okay I need to put on mycovers okay okay I've only used up a bitof time we still have a lot of time andI'm like I don't find the last coin okaywhere could the last coin be dohwait a second what's this door needs ashow ticket before it will open okay Ithink I can look up the code on mycomputer maybe what's that purple thingI guess I'll figure out when I get itopenthat'll matter and then second stageswait what's this there's an odd patchhere in the counter it maybe it comes upoh yeah okay okay okay okay okay now Ijust have to ask for show ticketthere to get three please can you pleasenot be no all right you almostOhare you serious what is it what could itbeokay no I don't know I'm gonna be bad atthis[Music]ah 8/7 c8 1780 I feel like it's fatehaven't seen oh there's a living guestcode somewhere in this lobby up killyourselffirst day of spring today[Music]crap okay maybe it has an upper hasty[Music]okay right let me just eight seven city[Music]8/7 see ok killers um okayshe said there's a hidden access codesomewhere in this lobby okay thanks forthat at least I know that it's hidden inthere's a lobby therefore it can't beover there because that's out of loveokay[Music]ah 1 2 7 I kind of thought that wouldwork 1 2 7okay I'm so happy I figured that out Ifeel accomplished 1 to 7 ok 1 to 7 ok Ithought this would admit one there arethose like boogers on itok now I'm supposed to I really don'twant to feel if I fail this I will crywait so do I just hey guys I'm afraid Ican't let you in pass into the theatrewhat's this solve puzzle dragon 5friends want to attend the award show solet's give master Luke Builder manslingshot junkie and hippo but theyaren't sure where they're supposed tosit they asked to chew Becca whoresponds as I remember sure let's key isnot next to build them in stick masterLuke is not next to slingshot jokeyand slingshot junk that should sit onhit both the dunes and left at one ofthe okay okay Coco Cocosure let's key is not sitting next tobuilder man okay okay yes he's notsitting next to builder mensnake master Luke is not next toslingshot is not next to slingshotjunkie or builder man waitso let's key is not next to builder manstick Master Luke is not next toslingshot junkie but he can be next tobuild around right since you're abuilder man neither builder man norstick master Luke are next to come onone shot thank you okay still Navy I'mgonna put this guy's here and then I canpull it good boyfriend Luke and sowhat's in here okay and slingshot drunkhe should sit that's half of the gym isthe left[Music]wildermann is next to history shot thankyou can this be oh okay okay okay maybeI'll try this again I'll try this againI'll try this hit oh well I still have aticketwhat's all this I have a plateuntil we solve the CGoh okay okay builder man stigmas builderman next to buildingso let's key is next to sure let's keyis not next to builder man stick MasterLuke is next to slingshot junkie forbuilder man stick Master Luke is notnext to slingshot junkie or builder man[Music]okay but what about hippo of the doomhippie of the hippie of the doom andslingshots it sits on dooms junkieshould sit on hip over the dooms leftyeah okay there we go and then builderman builder man neither builder man orsome more stick master loop or okaybuilder man stick my should we pullnotch that's it so building hang solet's speak and sit together right nowait I I don't want thisI won't build a right to be here nope solet's key holder and you're gonna beright yeah so let's see it's gonna beright here what the Frickokay wait wait let me just try thisagain[Music]okay okay okay they asked through thatcoupons as I remember okay folder manBoulder man and stick mr. Luke is notnext to slingshot junkie belly man andstick master Luke is not next toslingshot junkie okay that's correctbuilder man and stick master Lukebuilder man stick master Luke is ournumber Schlotzsky's not next to bowlerman oh wait okay so if I put if I madesure let's see here and put stick masterLuke here[Music]okay brother we neither build them inokay builder Matt okay wait filter inand the stick master is not net oak awaythis one says remember Schlotzsky's notnext to build a man sick master Luke isnext to slingshot drunky I'm sorry uncleand thenthe boys loop is not next to slingshotjunkie okay is not next to slingshotor builder man wait stick master wecannot let's just enjoy a cookie or willthey win okay okay okay okaysure let's key is not next to boilerroom[Music][Applause]and then what Schlotzsky's can be overhere come on[Music]why okay wait I can't let you guys inuntil we solve this feeding problem thatmean ideas oh my godI'm the hippo of the hippy of the dudeof Jim the Builder man I rememberSchlotzsky's not next to him he's notnext to another man neither builder mannor stick master Luke are next to hit beable to wait stick master Luke is not isnot next to slingshot junkie or builderman oh wait but he's right next toslingshot junkie and Shelby's guy can benext to slingshot junkie and stickMaster Luke let's make sure is not nextto food oh man stick master Luke is notnext to some Tokyo Builder man okay ohokay neither a builder man nor stickmaster Luke's are next to hippie of thedunesOh[Music]slingshot very ticklish the earth is notnext to slingshot don't they Orvilaround but you can do with Philippineshe loves me[Music][Music]okay you know what I'm just gonna starttrying it random okay I'm gonna try thisrandom I can't do this anymore oh my godthis is impossible you know what screwthis crap I'm gonna be if I get to tenI'm just gonna look this up okay I'mgonna try it one more time[Music]okay um junkie should sits on HIPAA withtwo over the gyms left slingshot drunkhe has to sit on hippo of the dunes leftokayI pulled a man over here spring-trapdrunkies left alright you know whatscrew thisalright I got it I got it I got it okaystick master Luke sits here sure that'skey sits here if he of the dough setshere slingshot drunky sits here andbuild around slips here she didleft where[Music]where'd she goOh[Music]oh you have got to be kidding meoh my god more puzzles ready I'm donegran see if you want your phone it'sright therewe got to find your way into battle ifwe don't get in thereshut the doors equipment it closedthere's the lock find a way to equipmentokayI don't know if I'm gonna make it wait asecond can I just jump up here and cheatuh why I didn't think that would workokay so maybe maybe I can uh two ticketsokay okay two tickets group sounds funwhat is this how am I supposed to figurethis outwhat wait am I is this supposed to beanother thing that I get from like thisthing just slow down againokay maybe maybe soon no it doesn't looklike itokay[Music]okay how do I do thisOh God[Music]what can I dookay wait I have to do something withthis triangle[Music]gonna call triangle triple triangle okayno this isn't supposed to have anythingin it circle circle triangle nothing sirpoint no square I mean circle triangle[Music]triangle circleokay triangle look at weight trianglecircle triangle shape seem to be in theright order the door should open now I'mable to unlock it I'm just collectingeverything I see because I shouldwhat you need to get the equipment closecousin will the key is in the lockboxwhen the balcony if you need the codehold on I can give it to you cook butthe box will need you to do me a favorwait what's the favor I think he needsplace[Music]so MIT I don't careseven[Music][Music][Applause]nine six[Music]okay um how much five tickets threepaper plates and a slice of cake which Iknow exactly where it is[Music]okay okay I have the cake I just needone more ticket come on please pleasegive me the ticket ticket maybe I cantake the ticket that I put in here outor something[Music]all rightwait okay we're supposed to go like overhere[Music]there's the ticketoh my god I don't know what to do[Music]okay where's the last ticket this is allI need the last ticket I keep looking doI keep looking oh this is so intense therace against time please I'm not gonnamake it and I like do something withthis compare no I don't think I can canI talk to youokay you look crazy um I've already havethisI need a ticket is this a ticketplease God I need to check it[Applause]holy crap I'm gonna fail and wait ofcourse the tickets not gonna be in thisarea the tickets gonna be like oh I'm sostupid the tickets from way in here[Music][Music]maybe maybe it's in here please pleasebe in here wait a second perfect effortwhat's up with this is this like VIPscene or something okay I just need thelast ticket mmm where could it bewhere the heck could the last ticket beI need the last ticket where is that nonookay I'm trying that again[Music]so I'm gonna do this singlebecause just why the freaking off[Music]okay let's do this[Music]wait where's the other one can you onlydo it on wait maybe you're only allowedto do this on multiplayer or so forthokaywhat the Frick[Music]what the Frick why is this on my screenI'll just go to multi Blair where is itwhere is that alright people saw I'mback this time it's way later recordingthis last part but it won't take as longanyway this time I have time on my sideas you can see right there okay let'sget this and then okay let's rememberthese codes that were right here let'ssee hereseven okay now what was over hereokay what's over here what's thisnine six I don't know what that's gonnabe used for okay 796 796 796 796 796 796796796 796 I'm running ok 7 9 6 7 9 6 7 9 67 9 6 7 9 he just let me steal his cake7 9 6 7 9 6 7 9 6 7 96oh and by the way 796 if 796 you youwanted to find the other ticket it wasright here796 I need to remember 796 in case it'simportantok 7 9 6 7 9 6 7 9 6 7 9 6 7 9 6 7 9 6 7ok I gotta lose have 7 losses 7 9 6 7 96 suddenly nine five one two eight fournine five one two eight four nine fiveone two eight fourwhat's this a key okay7 9 6 7 9 6 7 6okay I guess I'm supposed to go downhere[Music]okay do I open this yeah great we shouldbe able to restore the show oh you havegot to be kidding meOh Noyes okay Rosa drizzle it work the powerto the trip room is booked the Tecla isback up let's start the showokay so I can watch the show then Iguess get the freaking award thingfinally where do I sit though go to thetech room and help the show get startedwait where's the quote-unquote tech roomis it did I like miss it or something isit back in here where's the tech roomwait oh wait no okay the tech room is uhup there does that mean this door isopen yepokay going all have all the Nickelodeonevent things okay so I guess this isgonna be the last of the Nickelodeon'sKids Choice Award event series anyway Iguess I have time on my side this timewas this guy reading or an how to scriptvolume three okay[Music]thanks for your help with equipment wewouldn't have a show without youwhenever you're ready hit that redbutton over there and we'll get ready tostart the show okay hello folks thankyou all for oppai excellent let's get itwell we've got a setup feel free toenjoy a venue tonight grab some snackseat much enjoy thank you very much enjoythe show okay where's that door no soyou can get what you came here forlocate the nickel ooh ooh Nickelodeonblimp well you've got to be kidding ohit's good so it's over here then I haveto locate the Nickelodeon but limp andthen take it I'm literally dressed forthis and I'm certain for these eventsthe Dora's hello truck oh are youseriousoh wait but there's an upstairs ofcourse there's a slimed hat it's up hereit's not hosted by like whateverreasoning oh wait I swear I sawsomethingokay maybe I oh yes he is just some kindof thing maybe notcould this be but I know it's to climbup it was this guy one oh you have gotto be kidding meoh wait let's behind here can I takethese slime head foes oh wait I can takethis hat though I didn't know I couldtake thisoh I can set these down on like littlepedestals pineapple oh okayoh the slime tie didn't even know thatwas a thing all right okay I didn't evensee the slime tie there I just saw Icould click oh yay wait I thought therewas gonna be a codethere's the shows about to start no Iforgot what the code was if there has tobe a code I will cry oh thank god cuzthere was the code that I saw[Music]I'm scared to talk to anybody how do Ijust leave I'm scared to talk to anybodybecause I don't want them to ask me acode oh please don't have a code allright so I use up like ten minutes forthe Nickelodeon's show now I just haveto escape mine[Music]whatare they really locked all right maybe Ihave an idea wait a second the kids waitgive me a minute there's lights rightthere can I do something with these bluered yellow pink wait a second give me aminute to decipher this blue red yellowpinknothing blue prep group shuttle is B weregistered sign[Music]wait a second this doesn't have this isthe wrong blue isn't it ah there we gothat's it the colors have revealed onefive seven two three five what is thisfor[Music]I'm gonna go to the tech room I guess[Music]okay check one time I have to escape Idon't know why the time it still have alimited amount of time to crap pleasedon'tI think I forgot the code okay oh oh Ididn't actually know you could do thatalright one five seven two two threefive it all it's someone in there I lookjust about to hit but if there's someonein there I'll be happy to give you arideyeah yeah there's somebody there'ssomebody here above the theater monitorsbehind us will answer eight digit blimpcode wait a second what's the eightdigit blimp code I don't think it hasanything that I'm so confuseddo I do I'm scared okay[Music]okay let me just decipher this for aminute let me decipher thisokay uh-ohfive two threefive[Music]three zerofive six okay I admit I looked that upall know if you won't sharply warm up toescapeokaywait where is the blend I must escapeokay is it outsideI'm working with one come on onewell I'm let's get into the blimp crapokay yeah this is a cool event about twobadges congratulationsyeah okay so what's happening nowwait so does that mean did it and did itthis game was almost an hour long butthat's because it's an escape room butafter so long did it end didn't anythingthat I don't know if this was even worthit did better than that though that Idon't I don't I got that done okay Ican't wait to put this on yeah yeah yeahwait where is it I don't see it on mybodywait oh oh oh there we go it's a gear sothis is a fully Nickelodeon thing now Ijust have the UH I just have to do theso guys and then McDonald's isautomatically finished because there'snothing to do so ba ba ba papa okay allof a sudden I'm done with that and nowwe just have the ready player one so[Music]spoon spoon spoon spoon spoon spoonspoon spoon spoon spoon spoon spoonspoon spoon spoon spoon spoon spoon

i made this vid yesterday so…yeah this is a long video

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