NEWS COVERAGE: Fox 6 Steinhafels Donates New Furniture/Interior Design Services to Marcus Center

the Marcus Center is huge but there'sone space that most of us will never seebut it still gets a lot of foot trafficFox 6 is Casey Crona share is why it wastime for an upgrade and how it couldtranslate into better performances onstage from the back of a truck so I'vegot to say to the green room of theMarcus center new furniture is givingone ordinary space an upgrade that somesay was long overdue putting some colorin here bringing some fun in heredonated by Steinhafels the decor comesin an effort to make performers feelmore at home they're on the road they'reaway from their family they're away fromtheir homes they want a walk offstageand be relaxed and have a space toreally just be to be people the updatecomes in time for this weekend'sperformance by black viola[Music]young men who grew up loving hip-hop gotintroduced to classical music when theywere in middle school in high school andlearned and figured out a way to combinetheir two loves that love of hip-hop inthe love of classical music they'll bethe first artists to use the space it'sa huge differenceJohn has egg with the Marcus Center saysthe difference will help guests relaxand in turn give their best showspossible artists are talking more andmore about the comfort of being offstageand what they can do when they'rewaiting to perform when you're doing ashow or a performance I think that'simportant that you feel at home inMilwaukeeCasey Kronus Fox 6 News Casey thank youand for you music lovers there's stilltickets available for black violinsperformance this Saturday for all thedetails visit Fox six now calm and theFox 6 News app when you're there clickthe links tab thank you

The Marcus Performing Arts Center worked with Steinhafels to revitalize the green room before a performance of Black Violin, which is presented by the Marcus Center and Black Arts MKE. The Marcus Performing Arts Center is committed to creating a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for guests, and Steinhafels strives to create the same feeling in their customers’ homes.

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