[Music]lukkage in Lindon having a good goodtime what's up guys welcome back to mychannel so this year Annie and I we'regonna attempt to do vlogmas he's gonnado it on his own channel and I'm gonnado it on my own channel so we're gonnatake a day by day I don't want topressure myself because I've never doneconsistent videos every single daybefore I think that most I've done wasone week straight and that was that wasa lot so I'm gonna take a day by day I'mgonna try and we're actually going toHawaii tomorrow for the whole week sothat should be exciting and that wouldbe easy to film every single day andupload yeah I'm also testing out a newKim right now the canon eos are superexcited I'm super excited by everythingI keep saying that but I'm reallyexcited to test it out in Hawaii it's alittle bit heavy right now blogging withit my arms getting kind of tired sotoday's episode is gonna be all aboutbuilding all of our friend shirt well atleast the ones that we've got alreadythey're kind of broken down into daysthey're kind of scattered and all overthe place but I'm gonna try to make itmake sense but for the most part it's alot of bedroom furniture we have somefor the living room and yeah all rightif you guys aren't already pleasesubscribe and hit the like button otherthan that let's get started[Music]what's up guys um I'm kind of all overthe place right now but I'm trying tohave this video to be my bedroom revealbut then I'm gonna show you kind of likethe behind-the-scenes of us settingeverything I got two of my nightstandsto obviously both of my nightstands inthe mail just now so I wanted to unboxit and set it up on camera to show ussome behind the scenes I got both ofthese on Amazon they just got in righthere and I love them because they arealmost the exact soup as the ones that Iwanted from West Elm but half off thewhen I West Elm was three hundred eachand this one was about a hundred twentyeach so it was a good deal and it looksalmost identical also wearing Andy'sboxers and equinox shirt but let's gookay also don't have lights in this roomyet because I was waiting to get thenightstand first before I got lamps Iwanted to get table lamps for eitherside of our bed but I'm gonna set it upto see what it looks like and what kindof lamps I want to get like what styleI'm going for but okay back[Music]okay I just took it out of the box itwas pretty heavy but it's so cute lookat this so it has two drawers exceptit's technically only one drawer likeyou pull it out I can'toh it's technically only one drawerwhich is fine it's cute and from what itlooks like all you have to do is attachthe legs and looks pretty simple so it'sofficially in the morning after you kindof see the wallpaper it doesn't fit allthe way either it's kind of weird but ifyou see it at an angle it just kind oflooks like the wall cuts in right theredepending how you look at it but this ishow the nightstands looks don't have toget two lamps but you can kind of tellthat there are two different shades ofwood the bed frame is a lot darker thanthis but as I was saying yesterday weusually drape our blankets over anywayso you can't really tell that much whichis fine I guess I would prefer it to beas dark as the bed frame because thisone is a little bit too light for myliking but it's fine here I might put achair that I just ordered from Target itshould be coming and next week and thenI might have a wooden bench right herebut not sure anymore because my luckwith wood I don't know it just mightcome gray and then right here maybe thiscould be like my haul video backgroundsand I'll fill it up with clothes but Iwant to have a dresser there's this onethat I saw in West Elm I really want itbut it's like a thousand books don'tknow if I want to spend that much on adresser okay so I ordered this chairfrom Target and it's the chair that'salways sold out it's a mid-centuryarmchair that's super cute and then Iknow I had the ant notified me as soonas I went and saw and I missed it somany times so when I finally got theopportunity I just clicked as manybuttons as I could just get it in mycart and I checked out paid for it anddidn't realize that I sent one to thestore and shipped one to my house sothis one got shipped to my house andthen I have to pick up the other onewhen it gets the target in New York[Music]okay so I just put together the bench itwas pretty easy everything was prettymuch preassembled all I had to do wasput on the legs I wanted to have thebench right here with a large roundmirror so we're gonna see how that goesit's picking up really ugly on camerabut it's a nice tone shade what do youcall it I don't know but not bad this isactually from Target by the way I know Isaid Wayfarer earlier but this is fromTarget I got it on sale for Black Fridayfor I think 90 bucks all right time toput together this chair I'm excitedbecause it's super soft and I haveanother one coming and I said earlierwhat I wanted to do with the living roomis now I want to switch the couchtowards the windows so we can leanagainst the window then and have the twochairs right here so that it's kind oflike an l-shaped and then has a TVconsole right here let me know what youguys think[Music]my friend all right got one chair done[Music]we're making a little bit of progressthe second trend is gonna go right nextto it the thing I don't like right nowis that the carpet is way too small Ifeel like it should fill up the entirearea what do you guys think it's alsokind of hard to tell because we don'thave the TV console or the TV yet a justonline we moved everything back wedecided to push the couch up against thewall this time to make space becauselast time there wasn't that much walkingspace and everyone kind of just had tocrowd around this area we decided to putone of the chair right there in themeantime until we get the second onewhen the second one comes we'll put theother one next to it and we'll kind offace it this way so that is it fortoday's vlog I hope you guys liked itbut tomorrow's gonna be all aboutpacking and then giving you guys so muchtravel tips packing tips so stay tunedfor that yeah thank you guys so much forwatching and I'll see you tomorrow

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