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this[Music]Marney where we only I'm at maybe a popPapa's in their plane in their littlecloset look up cute this little closetis the finish having a blast and we'rereally excited that they have a littlestaircase pausing like this for toys andstuff and what's really really cool iswe brought out a couple of their toysthat used to be in our playroom andthey're actually like the toys that theylove but we were cycling through themand they got actually put up into theattic and so I just never got a chanceto like cycle through them so theyhaven't seen these toys and probablyalmost a year and they're so excitedthey're like you Mia Papa have the besttoys there's actually a lot of toysthere that I'm even attached to becauseI'm their toy that they've had for likea little little little so Brian isworking on some stuff so I thought I'dcome over here and help some do someunpacking I'm really excited to get theboys room all set up if you didn't knowby the way my parents moved this housenow has a bedroom for the boys and weare super excited about it so I thinkI'm gonna help get that room set upbecause she's been doing a lot ofunpacking the past few days and I havebarely had time to help out withanything so the boys are gonna play inthe playroom well I get your room allset up okayhey Olli what kind of theme do you wantfor your bedroom at Mimi and Papa's okaya button would you want a bunk bed herethat would be pretty neat how aboutdinosaurs yeah maybe yeah dinosaur Jacklike dinosaur theme that would be socool so this is the boys room and theyhave right now a full or maybe it mightbe a queen bed in herehe'll eventually switch it out I thinkof like a bunk bed but for now thatmight actually work Finn doesn't reallylike sleeping in cribs anymore so theycan either share on this bed or when weget the bunk bed they'll they'll sharein here like you're gonna pull all yourdinosaur toys in hereyeah all right you like that big bedOlly that's pretty cool huh okay jumpover him watch him do this all byhimself ha ha hagood job bud all right this is the boysroom right now you set up the bedhe's already got his poison here and Ithink me remember actually gonna run tothe store and get a few more furniturepieces and some decor stuff - goodmorning you guys from sunny SouthernCalifornia the dogs are already gettingahead in their swimming look at that itis a beautiful sunny day and the dogsare enjoying it they love swimming andthey haven't actually done it in a whilebut I was like it's hot today they'regonna love itso for playing in the pool with thepuppies oh okay and then when you don'thave anything to throw for them they getangry oh here we go I got some goodstuff you want you want this it's aplush dog toy made to look like a stickwhen I could probably just go get astick huhget a karma get it get it boy get get itget it you got ityeah oh my gosh they just jumped on eachother look at they're fighting for itinto the wateroh come on[Music]all right me my mom has made it totarget and we were doing a little bit ofsome fun shopping we were getting stuffto the boys room and I'm so excitedwe've got these cute little lamps somebudding mom saves the day a little likebookshelves I'm really excited to set itall up but I am right now looking Frankphone I had it in the car I thought itwas in my mom's purse it's not there butI do have this handy-dandy little watchso if it's somewhere close by oh my godare you okay we're just down this aisleoh yeah there it is oh my god right andit's gonna watch doesn't be like a llamasee difficult oh my god it worked fancysuch a dark anyways okay we got thephone back now we've got to finish up afew more items and then we're gonna goset it all up oh my goodness you guyslook we have two petals open you guysthought yesterday's vlog I'll have alink in the iCard you saw that we onlyhad one and now we have two out andthey're getting bigger these threepetals are going to be breaking offshortly that is so cool we're gonna havea brand new little flower there I thinkthe coolest thing about plants and likesucculents and flowers and stuff likethat it's just so cool to get to seethem changeremember these string of pearls you guysI'm pretty sure these have grown like agood inch or two since the last time Igot them and it's just so cool to knowthat like I am the reason that it'sgrowing still like I'm taking care of itand watering it and stuff and I don'tknow I think it's just such a simpleconcept that a lot of people don'treally appreciate or know about becausethey just filled our house with fakeplants and all power to I'm like that'swhat we used to do but now that we havelike aplants I just feel like there's so muchmore energy in our house like you canbreathe easier I don't know I might be alittle it might be a little guy might bebeing a little crazy but yeah I lovegetting getting to see all my plants andeverything like change and grow andstuff it's really really cool I'll besure to give you guys an update on thislittle guy before I end the vlog todayand we'll see ya if those other threeopen up all right so we are back homeand we are going to start gettingeverything together now we got all kindsof goodies Papa's gonna start puttingthat together and if you can't tell wehave a special little scene we've gotgoing on actually I have a lot of extraleftover dinosaur stuff from like aprevious thing that we had going on soyeah I figured that's a good theme thatlike they're not really gonna grow outof that super soon it's not like aspecific theme and it's super cute sowe're gonna get this all ready[Music]we have made quite a mess oh okay wejust threw this room together I'm notgonna show you that but it is sostinking cute especially compared towhat the before was when I got hereearlier we did go shopping but alltogether me and my dad put this togetherin less than an hour and it was so cuteI'm excited to show the boys so let's godo the big reveal hey Ally do you wantto see your roomare you excited all right come in waitwhat do you think okay you like it doyou want to show them it oh my goodnessyeah like I said we're doing a fulldinosaur theme a lot of this stuff isstuff that we used in his other room andit's just so stinking cutewe got a Brachiosaurus on this side whatwhich dinosaur is that ollie on thisside oh yeah but what's this one up hereI'm Nick a solace no that's aStegosaurus yeah and then we have thissuper cute just like plaid bedding whichis cute it's not like dinosaur butthat's kind of easy then we kind ofthrew in some green blanket we've gotlots of different decor around the roomwe have a little bookshelf we don't haveany other book so we just grab some ofankle and Papa's booksthis one's Papa's and then they have amonitor in here because I want to beable to hear them they got diapers andwipes for the boys or for Finn I guessextra Dino eggs if they want to do somehiding a little magic trick with adinosaur and then this wall is supercute just got like a little dinosaurcollection over here with eggsand some extra decor we might end upgetting a few more things from likeHobby Lobby but this is just kind oflike the things I had lying around thehouse and then some extra things big popoh yeah and I don't want to forget wehave the sound machine and it's got alittle projector huhjust for you so yeah for now the boysare gonna be sharing this bed eventuallyyou might get like a bunk bed in herebut I think this is perfect and it's socute and you can still use it but I loveit yesshe's like um this is kind of like theroom I ever oh I've always dreamed up weare home now and I've been isn'tmunching on some leftover pancake he sawit it was like I have to have that rightnow even though they already had dinnereven I was like all right I guess youcan have a little pancake so we had thismorning huh but as you can tell it waslate when you get ready for bed I'mgoing down nice kay but we have a superfun day planned tomorrow Ryan has madeus a delicious meal and there's fourplates here like any mom and dad what'sfor dinner this looks absolutelydelicious[Music]and I'm so excited I did however justwatch healthy and Corben's vlogs it's sobad you guys it was a prankand yet Corbin not only is so mean thathe actually pulled it off but it was sohard to watch like I feel so bad forKelsey like you knowit's like being nicest guy and I'm likeI'm still shocked they actually did thatso anyways if you guys are gonna checkit out it'll be picked up in that areathat's good night guysfamily family then a night kids areasleep the boys are so tired fromplaying at Mimi and Papa's they're likegood night I'm going to bed Bryangoodness a delicious dinner and now it'stime to eatyeah so all the kids are asleep andKelsie in Corbin are here because we'regonna watch some TV tonight but I wantedto give you guys an update on my littlecat I wanna see actually like it'sopened anymore oh look it's so close Ifeel like it's like really close togetting really those other three dangbut we got to that's Sony is really coolwe'll probably get like a one a daymaybe but anyway that's all for today'svideo hope you guys enjoyed it if youdid be sure to give this video a thumbsup subscribe if you're new and leave ahappy friendly comment below and we willsee you in Yamaha Oh Paris hey Parislooking at Paris chillin and hanging outwith us what up dude you wanna help meon the blog can you say bar can you saybye[Music]

Missy put the finishing touches on the boys’ new room and you have to see their reactions in today’s vlog! Watch more Daily Bumps!
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