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(upbeat music)- Hey guys, sup, it's Raven, welcome backto another episode of Raven's Dream Homethe series where I take you through the processof buying, slash building, slash decorating my new house,and if you have not seen all the other episodesin this series, I highly suggestyou check it out and get caught up.I will have everything linked down below.For this episode I am first going to give you guysa house update, a construction updateand show you guys where they are atin the construction process and thenI'm also going to take you furniture shopping with me.My first time like really really furniture shoppingand starting to get an idea ofyou know, some of the major piecesthat I'm gonna need to buy for the new house.And then if you stay until the end of this videoyou are actually going to get a bonus construction updatebecause they added a few more things at the last minutethat I also wanted to show you guys inside the new house.So stay tuned to the end of the video to see that.What'd you just tell mem Boo Boo?- Um, the new house.- [Raven] You said this is gonna be our new house?Yeah, did you know that right when we pulled up here?You're so smart.- And the people are building it.- [Raven] Yes, the people are building it.- And the shower has a bathtub.And you better have the shower.- [Raven] It does?So first thing I notice is thatthere's a big pile of rubble out here.It looks like they're kind of cleaning up the lotand cleaning up everything out frontto maybe get ready to actually do the driveway and stuff.They kind of cleared everything offso I think that it might be coming up soon.So now I can actually walk up to the front doorbecause before there was so much, like stuff in the way.This is my first time walking throughthe little entrance way, through the front door.Wow, made a lot of progress on the staircase.You can see my iron railing now, black iron railing.And this light-colored wood is goingto be stained a really, really dark color.So it's not gonna be this light color.Same thing goes for the actual stair steps.These are gonna be stained a really, really dark color.Although the light color is actually kind of cute.And Ziya gets to check it out too.This is like your first time reallyseeing it in a while I think, or at all.I can't remember the last timewe were able to bring you over herebecause obviously it's not very kid-friendlybut now that they made a lot of progressit's safe for you to walk through with me.So yeah, you can see all the progress that they madeon the staircase and then the balcony up there.- [Woman] Hello.- [Raven] Hello.- What do you think?- [Raven] Looks good.- Your coat, Boo Boo.- [Raven] Yeah, it's cold in here.- Oh my gosh. - There's Grammy and Pa Pa.When we pulled up before I even said anythingshe was like, this is gonna be our new house.So here's a view of what the kitchenis looking like right now.You can see the white cabinetry is starting to go in.They made a lot of progress sincethe last time I was here in person.- See, we didn't get this.We didn't really know what thiswas going to look like becausewe hadn't seen it but it's really coolbecause your refrigerator will kind of look like a built in.- [Raven] And this is where themicrowave is going to go and the oven,I decided not to do double ovens.Oven, microwave, refrigerator, extra cabinets,two levels of extra cabinets.- Look at all this storage, all thisstorage over here, all this storage over here.Your trash can will need a thing.- [Raven] Yeah you can see some of thespecial cabinet options that I have herelike this extra pull out thing for pots and pans I guess,and then the trash can, oh they actually put the actual,I guess it just came with the cabinet set.This is the trash can, recycling set up.- And this is perfect for like coffee.- [Raven] Okay so to give you alittle overview from the kitchengoing over into the living room.This is the fireplace.This is where it's gonna be all like tiled wall,and the TV is going to be mounted right here,and it goes really high, really high ceilings in here.So I just really love likethe flow of this, like how open this is.Everything is all open, you havethe big sliding door right here.The windows above it, and it's all open to the kitchen.Windows over here, it's so bright in here.Love all the natural light.Not sure if they've changed anythingin the bedrooms since the last time I showed you guys.Oh we have cabinets in the master bathroom, that's new.So you can see the light gray color that I chose,for my cabinetry in here, which isgoing to play off of the marble tile.The bath tub and the floor and the showeris all gonna have like this marble looking tile that-It's gonna be light tile, but it has likesome light gray detailing in the tileso I wanted light gray cabinets to kind of match with that.So you can see the color there.Oh yeah the,little extra office home work station,I have these darker gray cabinets in here,just to do something different.So you can see here how it's like a work area.You would put a chair right here,and it's got the one window.And then the laundry room.The laundry room has the samelight gray cabinets as the master bedroom.Again just to do something different,rather than plain white everywhere,I thought this light gray wasfresh and clean for a laundry room.So this is where a sink is gonna go.This is just storage, storage, storage.The drink refrigerator that I'vebeen talking about is gonna go right there,and then the washer and drier goes right there.Now the office and the glam room,nothing's really changed in there,but now I can finally take you guys upstairs,because I don't think I've even likeshowed the upstairs at all in any of the videos,because it like kind of wasn'tsafe to come up here when they were working.- [Pa Pa] You going upstairs?- [Raven] You coming up here?Now that the stairs are structurally sound,you can come up here.And we got the balconies out.Wow!This is gonna be your play room in here.You come up the stairs, it's all nice and open.You got your big windows.- I see a house!- [Raven] You see a house?So this is obviously plenty of spacefor Ziya's play room, all her toys and whatever else.There's gonna be a TV mount right here.Going this way into the guest room.This is the guest room.Just a standard bed room.Here's the guest room bathroom.It's gonna have a shower, toilet, and a sink, of course.And there's gonna be a wall right herebecause I did decide to divide this bathroominto two bathrooms so Ziya can have her own bathroom.Going into Ziya's room, Ziya's room isa little bit bigger than the guest room.She's got a nice walk in closet over here.This is your room!This is going to be your new room.Wow, so big.But yeah, you go back out, throughthis way through her bathroom,It's gonna have the sink, the toilet,and a shower tub thing, because she stillneeds an actual bathtub to take baths.So here's a view from the upstairsbalcony overlooking the living room.Alright you guys so for the second halfof this video I wanted to starttaking you guys furniture shoppingwith me because it is about that time.You guys just saw all the progressthat they made on the house and we'regetting closer and closer to it being finished.So, we just pulled up to Z Gallerie as our first stop.And I'm here with my mom.Oh, this is the old Raven Elyse.- [Mom] Yeah.- [Raven] This is Raven Elyse 2016.Turquoise, mint green stuff, oh sparkly, wow.So now they wanna have my perfect color scheme,but I'm actually not going to be going forthis color scheme, really at all in my house.Like maybe in the laundry room I'llincorporate some mint green, but definitely notin the living room or kitchen or anything.That's crazy, first thing I seein here is mint green, gold and white,and back when I wanted all thatstuff it was hard to find it.- [Mom] You were ahead of the curve.- [Raven] For the kitchen dining areaI really want a long rectangular table,because it's just the way thatthe shape of the room is, really,and then I really like the wooden top.And I like this kind of color whereit's almost like a grayish color.- 1,499.What are your fixtures in the kitchen?- [Raven] Fixtures, like the sink?- And what are your drawer pulls going to be?- For the cabinet knobs, that waswhere I was considering putting brass.Either brass or black.- [Mom] Well you know that's gonnaall have to pull together, soyou have to think about all that.- [Raven] So this is like similarto the current sofa that I have in the living room.Small, rectangular, gray, and I'mgoing to be moving that sofa up into the play roommost likely, and I need to definitely upgrade.- [Mom] This is a cute coffee table.- [Raven] Yeah, it's cute, a golden block.But yeah I need to definitely upgradethe type of sofa that I'm gonna putin the living room because it's a much bigger space,and I want like a sectional type thing.This is like a queen sized bed.This is like, if you just sit normally, but then it's like-- [Mom] Well what would be a good idea to dois to get the floor plan mapped outand then get some cutouts of the furniture dimensionsand kind of move them around and really seehow much space you're going to have left,because this is, I mean although,you have room, this is a great big sofa.But look at this one over here.I feel like this one is too traditional.- And I do want a light colored sofa for the living room.Like I can't see myself doing like adark brown leather, tan leather or dark gray.I want something like this kind of light, neutral color.- [Mom] What do you think about this chair?- I don't like that.I don't really want to do any of this acrylic stuff,and I don't really like the fact that it's silver.Like this whole, this is too- too modern, almost like,too modern.So she was saying this one is like two or three weeks,but if you pick a different fabricit's a custom order and it takesnine to 11 weeks, so that's good to know.- [Mom] Yeah.- I'm moving into a new house beginning of May.- [Mom] May 15th probably target day.- [Saleswoman] Alright.- How many weeks is that?- I don't know - Like 8 or something.- Yeah, that's why I need to get going on that.- [Saleswoman] People will come inand they'll be like hey I want thiscustom item but I need it like next Friday it's like oh.- [Raven] Yeah.Okay thank you!Is your name Raven? - Yeah- My name is Raven. - What?- That's why when she said I'llthrow it out for you Raven I was likethanks, wait, how'd you know my name?- Oh she's Raven too. - You rarely meet other Ravens- Is it R-A-V-E-N?- Yeah, is yours too? - Mhm- [Mom] So what color, do you like this color?This is like tan-ish.- This is a little, maybe a little warm.I mean I like it, I like it.It also has a little bit of a texture to it.Ziya is the one who'll use the sofa downstairs,because she's just laying on it and jumping on it,so I kind of want to think about thatin terms of getting something that's a little bit durable,but at the same time what I wantfor the design is not very kid friendly.This is 3,000, two piece extra deep sofa.- Like this color? - Like this one.This is different because this is like,see how this is like scratchy?- [Mom] It feels textured.- [Raven] And this is like flat.Because they have different ones if you go back.This is more of a flat suede.- That's pretty. - I like that.Yeah basically all these like beige suede looking ones.I already know what bed I want,and it's from Restoration Hardware.It's like a black iron frame.Is that called a canopy I guess?But, it's expensive.- [Mom] Well you can have like an itemthat you splurge on and then some mid-range items.- But that's a simple style, I haven'tchecked other places to see what they have.Also, I'll tell you guys right now,I am not doing mirrored furniture in my bedroom.That's a very popular glam YouTuberthing to do, but I'm not doing that.I think some people think thatI'm gonna be like really frufruand glittery and pink and teal in my house,but I mean if you watch my previous house videosyou know I'm not gonna do that,but just to be, just to clarify I'm notgonna do that so I'm looking fora lot more like simple neutral stuff.- [Mom] Oh there's a lot of options for artwork too.Because you've got a lot of wall space to fill.- My office is probably going to bethe one pink sparkly room, I meanbeside like Ziya's room I guess, but for meand the typical Raven Elyse stuff that I like,like stuff like this, I'll put itin my office but not in my bedroomor the living room or anything like that.In my glam room I'm not really going to need-- [Mom] Art.- Because I want the wall to beblank for filming purposes for the most part.- [Mom] But like you said if you did that built inwith that space in between you might wantto put a piece of art there, something like that.- Yeah.- [Mom] That would just look good in the background.- And like for the glam room I wanta lot of my makeup on display andlittle stuff like this on the shelves in betweenjust to kind of break it up andthen it'll be like a cool background.Stuff like this, a little more girly stuffis what I would get for my office,for the glam room backdrop setup.They've got a lot of sparkly stuff.I do want to have some chairs anddecorative throw pillows in my office,so that's probably where I'll bringin the pink stuff like this.Alright so that was Z Gallerie.Just wanted to browse around in there,obviously like not buying anything todaybut there's also Pottery Barn right here.I have not been in this store in years and years and years.I used to love the Pottery Barn Teenand the Pottery Barn Kids.Remember when I used to get the Pottery Barn Teenmagazines and like beg you forstuff out of there for my room?See they have a framed bed, it's not the same thing but-- Yeah It's kind of rustic.- [Raven] Pottery Barn looks like it'sa lot more rustic, country living farm house,which I do want to incorporatea little bit of that into my house, but not too much.- 40 bucks, per.- [Raven] That one stick is 40 bucks?- One, two, three, four, five.200 dollars.- [Raven] I mean this is very well done,It's very realistic.The realistic fake plants are always super expensive.Yeah, I think I definitely want a tablethat has the rustic wooden top, but modern legs.- The floor sample's on sale for a thousand dollars.They have a lot more lamps and stuff in here.- [Raven] Yeah, this is, I was gonna saythis is another couch that like,would work and would look finebut it's just more simple, traditional, kind of boring.Yeah nothing in here is reallycatching my eye in terms of any pazazz.So this will probably be a placethat I get a few accessories just tobring in more of that rustic farmhouse flare.Actually I like this whole little section right here.These are some vibes I can incorporate into my kitchen.You know it's farmhouse but it's not too, too much.This is cute, I like the way they've got these plants.I like this plant.I like these really simple wooden things to incorporate,but also paired up with like, you know what I mean?Do you get the vibe?Yeah, I just like this whole color scheme,how it's like a white, the cabinets thatit's sitting on is white, with a white background,but it brings in the natural colorof the wood, it brings in black and itbrings in the green from the plants.That's kind of what I want my kitchen to look like.Also with a little bit of brass.Like a little, a little bit.They have brass silverware.This is fancy.Next up we are at Sugarboo and Co.I've never been here before.- [Mom] It's really different stuff.- [Raven] More eclectic artwork and stuff.This is more like for that handmade feel.It's like cute little stuff to addto your kitchen or whatever, to kind of just stand out.Again, obviously bringing in that rustic feel.You know I've gotta have a Texas something somewhere.- A large tarp.- [Raven] I like these things, these woven tapestry things.- For kids rooms something that'swhimsical like that artwork, but not-- [Raven] Disney.Commercialized, yeah I don't likethe commercialized kids stuff.I like the more hand made feelslike it was almost made by a child.This type of artwork for the playroom.These little accessories, little handmade little,like stuff like this is so cute to me.- Yeah, I see people take somethinglike that or a piece of art andbuild a whole room around the thing.- Like use it for inspiration.And they actually have these, a similarthing like this in Target, but these are betterbecause these have more of a handmade flare to it,and like, they will be more uniquethan the ones that are at Target.Like I wouldn't take it to thisextreme of like having stuff like this,but I would have more of a, I would stillhave modern furniture but I woulddecorate it with hand made stuff.They have cute dream catchers and stuff.Alright, next stop on the inspiration station is Arhaus.Again, just kind of compiling my ideas,seeing what I like and what I don't like,and I'll be able to go home and have moreof a clear view of exact itemsthat I need to start ordering and whatnot,and of course I will let you guys know what I get.You guys are gonna see the wholeprocess of me decorating each room.I wanna do it like room by room,so instead of just like showing meshopping for everything all at oncefor the whole house I really want todivide it into multiple videos, so stay tuned for that.You know be on the lookout, probably thefirst room that I'm gonna do is likethe living room or the kitchen,so be on the lookout for a video dedicatedto buying furniture and decorating each room.So this is Arhaus.Again they've got the tables.The grayish, wooden rectangular tables.So that'll be the one thing that'snot hard to find or buy, definitely.I don't like that one.I don't like the color.This is a nice sectional.- [Salesman] It's deep, but it'snot as deep as the other one.- [Raven] It just has a little bitmore structure to it than thatother one which is what I like about it.It's a little bit more square, rectangular, clean lines.It comes in different colors and materialsso I can get it in a lighter beige colorrather than this darker gray color.Supposedly regularly 7,200 dollars,on sale for 4,700 dollars.That other huge one at Z Gallerie was 2,000.See this is just too squishy.Why is it so squishy?That looks weird.It just looks sloppy.This couch is like really boxy, not squishy at all.- [Mom] What I don't like about this oneis they're all separate, and it's so easy to like-- [Raven] You like fall in between the cracks.If you sit right here you're gonna like,it's gonna make the couch move andyou're just going to fall on the floor,and it's like really annoyingto keep it in the proper placement.This table would more so play off of thedark, you know like the black knobs.If I had black details in my kitchenthis table would kind of play off of that,and then the bottom of it is more modernwith the metal kind of brass legs.So I do like the idea of this table,but I just originally thought thatI would want that light gray color.I like this cow hide.I like the way this sofa is built.I don't like the fabrics, so I wouldpick a different fabric, because this fabrichas kind of like, got that grainy texture to it.The way the the edges of the sofa reallymakes a difference like, whether it's straitlike this or whether it has like thatrounded soft look, I like the straight ones.But the price tag is-I obviously don't want to do anything like thisfor my kitchen table because mykitchen counter tops will clash really badly.Now for my bed I already said thatI think I really want the one with the iron railingwhich I'm gonna show you in a minuteat Restoration Hardware because we're going there next,but another thing that I'm consideringif I don't do that is something like this.Like a really big, oversized tufted soft headboard.You see they have a couple other options like,really big oversized tall ones.Alright final stop of the day,Restoration Hardware, my favorite.We actually came here in a previous videoshopping for inspiration for my patio furniture,because they have a really nice outdoor section as well,so check that video out if you haven't seen it.I pretty much love everything in this store.As you can see, it's very neutral,but glamorous, but simple, but modern,but not really and they have different sectionsof different styles throughout this store,but this store is pricey- pricey, pricey, pricey.I like this table.I like that it's got just the simple,bloop, bloop, for the legs.They've just got really beautiful, simple designs.Clean lines.White, brass, gray.I just love everything in here.This is what I want my house to look like.This is literally exactly like whatI'm trying to do in my master bathroom.With the gray cabinets, white and gray marble,and then I want to bring in like the brass gold detail.This is literally the vibe for my master bathroom.- [Mom] That's just too big.- [Raven] So far I like every couchand every coffee table that I've seen.Okay so I was trying to show you the bedthat I wanted in Restoration Hardware,but number one, we actually got in troublefor filming in there, and number two,they did not have the bed on displayin the store anymore like they used to, but this is the bed.It's just a simple iron canopy bed.I know if doesn't look like muchwhen you see it by itself, but it looksreally really cute in like a fully decorated room.I've seen it on Instagram a lot,so yeah, this is the bed that I was talking about.Alright guys so that was basicallymy first time furniture shopping.Obviously I didn't really buy anything,but I got a good idea of a few pieces.A few main, major, big pieces thatI kind of wanted to see in person before I order it.So I am going to be ordering a few things online,like probably the sofa, and the kitchen table.Probably the chairs, bars tools.I just want to get some of thosemajor pieces out of the way first.So now I have a good idea of kind ofwhat I want to get and where I want to get it from.But like I said earlier in the videoI will be doing separate videos about decorating each room.So for example when it comes to decoratingthe living room, I'm going to be doingone video all about the living roomshowing you guys, you know, shopping,putting things together, where Ibought all of the furniture from,showing you guys the whole processof decorating the living room.So that'll be a separate video,so definitely stay tuned for futurevideos for decorating each room.And like I said in the beginning of this video,if you stay till the end, I was gonnashow you another little extra sneak peak of the new house.Some extra footage that I got at the last minute.They actually added in the counter tops.So my kitchen counter tops, my master bathroom,most of I think all the rest of the bathrooms.I think the only room that doesn'thave counter tops now is the laundry room.These are the baseboards, and theseare all the doors that go inside the house.All stacked up, you can kind of see this one poking out.They've now added counter tops in here,so it has plastic over it but you can see like,right here this is what the counter tops are.In here with the dark gray cabinetryfor the mail room, homework station room.There's no countertops in the laundry room yet,but the most exciting place that has countertops is-the kitchen.So you can see my faux marble,I don't want to peel it off because they need that but,you can see it through the plastic.What my kitchen counters are.So this is actually a, I believe it'squartz countertops that's made to look like marble,so it's a little bit less expensive than actual marble,but still gives the same effect.And in here in the master bath, I haveplain white counters to go with the gray cabinets.This is the extra guest room which will actuallybe my glam room studio room, and the bathroom in here,I never showed you guys actually haswhite cabinets with gray countertops.And the countertops are like a little bit sparkly.You see the sparkles.I wanted to do something kind of glam for the glam room.The tile that's going to be going in the showerhas like a little bit of sparkle to it too.So pretty much the whole house is likesome combination of white and gray,but just different combos in each room.So now we are upstairs, in Ziya's room.Ziya's bathroom, the color scheme is the samelight gray that's in my bathroom,and she has a different kind of sparkly countertop.White with like this kind ofsparkly glass detailing throughout it,like little shards of glass almost.So it's a little bit more girly.A little bit more sparkly for her bathroom.You can kind of see the sparkle.With the light gray.And I'm gonna just walk through this wall,into the guest room bathroom whichwill be separate, like I said.This will eventually be anactual wall, so it'll be separated.And the guest room is the same thing.I just decided to make them match.So same countertop, same cabinets,as what's going to be over there in Ziya's bathroom.I was kind of nervous to see whatthe countertops were going to look like in person,like fully installed, and I really really like them.So I just wanted to throw that at the endof this video as like another little extra stepthat they have added, a little extra sneak peak.Getting closer to the finished product,but actually I believe now, the next likehouse update, or the next time that Ishow you the new house is actuallygoing to be the finished empty house tour.Because at this point they are pretty much almost done,and so by the time I get ready to postanother video I think they're gonna be done.So yeah, definitely stay tuned forthe next episode of Raven's Dream Home.I'm pretty sure it's going to bethe finished empty house tour.You guys are gonna get to see it finally all donein all its glory, and then from there afterthat I will start taking you guys room by room,decorating and furnishing the entire house.So I'm super super excited, I hope you guys are too.Give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it.Subscribe to you don't miss out on that empty house tour,and I'll see you guys in the next video, bye!

This is probably my last new house “update” video because next time the house will be all done! I’ll be doing the full empty house tour really soon! Also in this video I’m taking you furniture shopping with me! And I’ll be doing videos focused on decorating each room!

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