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New Glam Living Room Tour! | New House Decor 2018

[Music]hi everyone welcome back and if you'renew here welcome don't forget to hit thesubscribe button and turn on thenotification bell to be notified everytime I upload a video I'm super excitedto share with you guys my living room inour new home this is the first roomthat's completed just needed thefinishing touch I go into details abouta lot of the things in this living roomfrom a previous video tour so I willleave a link below in the descriptionbox if you want to check that out andknow where most things are from if youhave a question about anything in hereand just let me know in the comments[Music]this town this living room is modernglam I love all sparkles and neutralcolors and if I just wanted to add a popof color I could add accessories likefloral arrangements candles throwblankets pillows I can even change thelampshade on here or the curtains sohaving a neutral palette definitelyworks[Music]this sectional was positioned adifferent way than how we had it in ourold apartment we change the stylebecause of the layout here and so happyit all worked out because we have threepower recliner chairs in here and weweren't sure if they would work if wedid change the position of the sectionalbut they all ended up working so it'sgreat and we just love the new feel ofit than what we are used to I'm excitedto share with you guys that today'svideo is sponsored by lamps plus lampsplus sells lighting for the home andoutdoors they have a massive selectionof stunning lighting home decor andfurniture browsing through theirselections and chandelier department wasreally hard for me because they were allso beautiful my entryway lighting alsoreceived an upgrade and I will show youhere in this video I will be showing youall the light fixture transformationsthat couldn't have turned out any betterthan what lamps plus was able to do formy home it doesn't matter what styleyour home has lamps plus has it all theyoffer all types of light pictures lampsfrom luxury chandeliers pendant lightslight sconces and much more theirinventory has more than enough to choosefrom and offers so many options the bestpart of lamps plus is a quality andcraftsmanship they offer and theirproducts along with the excellentcustomer service if you ever want tobring elegance to your home and rememberquality speaks for itselfcheck out their website I'll leave thelink below in my description box alongwith their YouTube channel for how-tovideos and tips for your light fixturesthey also have an Instagram account andI'll leave everything listed below inthe description box so definitely followthem for beautiful inspirationthis is the before look of how theliving room and kitchen light was thesecame standard with the house but I knewfrom the start lamps plus would be theperfect place to find the light fixturesI'm so happy with these chandeliers forthe living room in kitchen they aresuper glam in such great quality eachcrystal had to be hooked in thechandelier because they are wrapped fora secure arrival so the quality wasdefinitely great and it just made moretime to spend with my husband settingthis up[Music]here's what it looks like from thekitchen to the living roomthe next lights that I wanted to updatewe're in the entryway and I'll leave allthe lights link below if you'reinterested for your home lights can makesuch a beautiful difference and a bigimpact to change the feel of it as soonas I saw these ceiling lights I knewthey were the ones and matched perfectlywith the other chandeliers[Music]this concludes today's video a specialthank you to lamps plus for sponsoringthis video and thank you all so much forwatching in all the continuing love andsupport I'll talk to you on my nextvideo have a blessed week[Music]

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