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[Music]hi our new homecome on in let's take a look hey it'sjust that and welcome back to my Channeltoday I'm going to be doing a house tourhouses empty but I'm here with my goodfriend pepper with me as interior designhe actually helped decorate our previoushome he's maybe he's gonna help us dothis houses but I can't wait to hear allyour idea I can't wait to show you mineyes hi guys my name is ever and that'seasy er like ever forever whatever youdon't love this house love Jessica I'vedumped Jessica for a long time she's ourdream client of mine I can't wait to getstartedeven the smallest room can take a bigshot over here in this case it's a lookthat's very light it's very open andairy so we definitely need a shower thatwe definitely want maybe this is alittle bit more formal because they'reinteracting with people a lot on thefireplace it's a little heavy for thisroom and I think once we line this willfocus on the dining table and chairswhich you know you don't want thissolar-powered it's right to you so oncewe have a Christmas chef here you knowsoft and everything once we have windowtreatments here we'll go zoom in tofloor wall wall it'll be spectacularso Jessica I think this walking closet Ithink we should tear this down I thinkwe can maybe build them wet bar or abuilt-in goof a little shopping on topof this plate or China I think walkinginto a closet is not a good ideaanything this is just kind of a littleold pressure in your diet girl youreally don't want to go sit in the backdo you know it's like so we walk replaceit up in thereokay so now we have our kitchen kitchenI love your chicken to me I look at thesize of the timewho doesn't want a kitchen that mean youneed five I got I mean you can't you'repainting you can do here to do here so Ilove our kitchen you know walking intothis home this was the first thing thatI come up with I love the chandelier inthe middle of this huge counter and Ilove just the colors of the kitchen youknow I usually like light marble but wedon't mind this at all this is likepretty nice we're definitely gonna leaveit so I love that the you know kitchenhas all of these cabinets there's somuch room to put everything play so I soit's amazing because nothing ever has tobe out the kitchen can just always beclean there's so much storage betweenthis and our pantryit's just perfectly Asian you have thiswall you know Jessica was thinking aboutit when I walked it this wall I actuallysee a bit of it back yet here where theyknow a van came to be on the type ofresponse final three where it's built inthat bench you have a little bistrotable small though these sub table soyour son can actually do that Mysteriohere you don't need to sit on your kneefor more time you don't need to be hereto be here the rtac I teach it yeahyou're not going to see also built-inbookcases here you know didn't make thelibrary look a little library you won'tget rid of it and add to it and yourhome is gonna feel like home you're justimproving and it's a different vibe areyou still bringing something back okayokay perfectall right ever so we also have a hugelaundry poem there's a lot of space I'mwondering if it looks like more we coulddo and then we have all these cabinetsso yeswork yeah we get to keep all of theappliances like brand-new washer dryersthat's nice maybe got a little like umthis is my table storage everybody yeahwe definitely barks to get along becausegot here empty and yeah this would justbe wasted space in the parkit was definitely designed for Arsenalso you know this keep its functionaldecor decor care product equipment yetyou get it out of the way you keep itclean its influence you don't want toover design but you definitely want todefine yeah so we'll keep it simple andyou don't need to do a lot of tricks Ithink that the particles and a littlebit there okay what do you think aboutthis hereI think this wall I think we found thepictures here I think we do the wholewall keep them all flat and Finance andFrank that would be the perfect placeyou don't want your family pictures tobe all over if you want to be a blankspace I take time employees and blackpoints at times it's this will be theperfect place for youth andI second ideas so I love the biggestfear and I love how the second fightokay I love that you want to do sir it'sexpired insurance so finally I thinkwill pain - max is you don't want tocomment on fear quiet places you enjoyit all spring because you know what painup like eating wait I drink I'm Englishis being closed to keep your light underme and you don't want it to be to get meyour furniture is like so this keep thatcoming up your style is like casualelegance SP alcohol its elegant but itstill catch up with ya you know you wantto sit and enjoy the living are yougonna have a teeny here it's just verydifferent with the lady your focal pointis the fireplace we don't necessarilyhave to face because it's there it's myultimate champion see yeah we canactually put the self up here and we doan L shape or what I would like to do isI like to do facing legs easier theyleft Lincoln and you're facing eachother so we'll just face himself uphelping people and then that would beyour to give incentive to do you thinkthe TV shows going on the wall or itwould be nice to do a built-inentertainment center it's not a littlework happen so one of the great featuresabout this house is it has a doublemaster I don't know how we got so let meto find this house since exactly that weneed it so I'm gonna have a masterbedroom obviously the smaller one andthen my parents are going to have thelarge master bedso let me go ahead and show you guys sojust so you know you know it's facingour living so we're gonna have to figureout a way to get them and I first welove and shortsthe only issue on the weavers it stagefurniture bed there so do you think thebed should absolutely I think thatshould be here it's a great timedrugs are here TV busted on the friendyes and it would be a nice littlesinging area and gives you have a middleKonstantinos mulberry pop it's a goodbet let's see comical chest or anythingto be ever left proud to the monstersound a little bit coming on it upwallpaper enough texture on the wall youwant bravery and you want especially thevector we want to keep our house becausewhen you're up in and your home and yourstate you'll be you wanted to putyourself into the dark and want to lifeyeah you know slightly different anglesso now we're going to take a look at myparentsmaster bathroom they're really excitedright now her current homethey don't really have like a mastermaster bedroomlike exciting I'm really happy you lovethey have like double sees a spa showerI'm so sick of it okay so this is themaster bathroomI love it because it has the marble oflight countries um my mom and I lovedark wood so perfect for them you knowit's still kind of like bright what doyou think colors nicewe call this very nice I love a marbletop and you know one tip if you'rewondering a fix for a marble it's calledit's remark so this is obviously realmarble behind the new homes have ahigher contrast older homes are usuallylower this is great client this is usingabout 37 pipe very nice feature hereknowing older homes bandoleros 14th nowyou're making them higher yeah you knowmr. and mrs. sink is great the doubleshowerheads fabulous we can accessorizeall this okay I was thinking my mom wasconsidering changing colors being thebrick you know I love the hardware youcan tell you can top of the artworkdefinitely in the highestyeah so this house I guess the previousowner she got offered a position inanother state so this was actually liketheir home that they were planning onleaving so it wasn't a fixer-upperit was meet with a lot of love andhigh-quality you look all the workpeople making sure he can't otherattention to detail you can are theyworth a lot to designed it so they alsohave a small little walk-in closet thatalready has everything like built-in soit's perfect for them they don't havetoo much clothes so getting up sizethis is per spectrum this room is facingshape this will be my brother's room heis a small room but it's good in a sidestreet and he's always can have thehouse on see he's just gonna have hisbed here too close I really oweeverybody decorated himselfso this is the guest rest room whichwill also be the rest of my brother usesand it's pretty much same concept as myparents has the light marble dark wood alot of cabinets the large mirrorswe're either gonna change the color orleave it but I don't know if they wereusing like shower curtains but I thinkit definitely it definitely isn't soconnecting the customer because I'mlearning about all this house stuff youguys and having a house is so expensiveand I am helping my parents with thishouse in Dixon said I'm so glad I don'tknow sharing a house with them goodI don't know ever to line up my ownhouse and pay for everything that comesso I have a company right now that it'smaking a custom a bed and it's just alight wood frame and then I was thinkingof getting a wallpaper like you tell meoh it's gonna do like like a woodwallpaper because I was thinking ofdoing like a Western coloring over itso Ashley grandparents and his fatherfrom Louisiana's sohis company you know you can also ask meum I know kids like to draw so I see thecloset doors and we to the chalkboardpaint and black and[Applause]it will pretty much do some thinking[Music]yeah so you don't decide this or the waythat you know will be designed with mealmost like a built-in dresser herethat's fun and then this here you justdon't have your clothes hanging but itcould beso in case you guys are wondering why Ikeep calling in the video okay andlastly this is the second master bedroomwhich is my roomI'm getting all you everything so I canstart from scratch you're not reallysinging okay now the first thing iteither room all there's gonna be a bityou know where do you place the bed youtasted in the Swan you cut the rope inhalf then you're writing this roomyou're dividing basically the top if youput the bed on that wall let me get allthe space we need convenient come allthe trees it's my aunt so we're pushingthe heavy pieces okayso the best locations pretty bad wouldbe in that wall and hang on you have allthis empty space here okay oh I wasthinking like absolutely we call AirportI see an upholstered hip or somethingjust a little bit more sophisticatedsomething up Wall Street my upholsterydoesn't mess about to be a heavy hitwork in fact stopI sneaked out of it I silver do I lacksome braised just something very softand romantic yeah and that's what Idon't know when I see ya I think they'rejust a little more glamorousnot overdone just a little touch ofglamour here and just a very soft palatea little hint of colorokay so been there I see the bet thereand obviously you want to come up youwant a nice tanyour bet you want a TV in your bedroomyes so the TV will be on this wall nospeaking can be a mere dresser there sowhat do you think on your horses herebecause this is not sacrifice right nowwith my closet I need look big bigdifference on the current closetsmaller than my current closet I knowbut I also as you guys saw in myprevious video I got rid of half of myclothing so I'm at a point in my liferight don't even go out that muchso let's be real I don't even need asuppose I had I'm gonna keep myfavorites keep it at a minimum in welldid you get rid of your shoes I didn'tfigure it out I think that I need amirrored dresser earlier personally Iwant to put my crystal and my yeah yeahthat's me I see sorryyeah we can do the dresser Lemire andthen because this is your focal pointcoming into the room you know thewallpaper you would be great it placesthe wallpaper you have a great sizedwindow nice straight crease into flooragain always like to use them to playgreat because it just things are nohigher gives a little bit more time youwant blackout tourists visiting bedroomyeah I mean when you have recessedlightingI suggest you Jewish and Bulgaria it wasnot that hard if not that expensive toput at a box a beautician put achandelier here you have the space andthat's why I'm not really into thatchandelier when you don't have highceilings you want a shower here to bejust you know almost flush of light youcan go widerin this case you can do something werequest crystals and not really hang butlittle lighter okay so your TV would goon this longyou obviously want Kathlyn it under theTV you never want to put a TV just kindof floating and want to countyou know your TV and squired andeverything like a Walking Pup alwayswant to count it up therethey just feels like they're justfloating within a little ball doesn'tmake any senseyou never want to accommodate cut oreven if we keep just within one we'regonna have to be a really deep one onthen what are you having right here umthis is where I really need to do thisso I obviously need an area to sit anddo me yes for some you know you're justgonna end up a rock here you knowfull-size cute like between the Queen'sI'm sorry okay so what we can do in aminute the Catholic here why don't we doa custom health space now shaped andthey're combining all this together okayyes so you have this working station youhave your vanity you have drawersyou still have your TV on top but Ithink if we combine this and do anl-shape one instead of cabinet Japanesecompany it starts to get too busy intopivot and you're like okay what designit will look greatwe can't okay so this is my tiny butit's okay I'm in a nicer area has greatschool districts you know that's a greatarea for Ashton to great grow upso as a huge sacrifice but I don't it'sall goodwe'll have a nice man - we'll get ourdream house one day positive like not asit is my love it's a good picture it'slike on Pinterestand I got some like closet again so if Ihave to come in there's a lot of waysthey can even do like drawers here youknow I'll show you guys a picture whereyou're moving here just over to thatdoor you know I'll probably like you'redressing there I'm Shane yeah mom checkthat I'm geared towards something else Ido need an area to take my boys[Music]and then that same company is gonnaprovide me with um so I was thinking wejust have to choose and you're all Peterlet's do something that has a littlemovement a little pattern pattern now Ilove it over scale patterns and smallroom to the make some bigger for yourskin type patterns make everything looksreally tight-knit crapthank over scale think something withmovement not too busy just somethingabout a little I mean make another steelpack okay well you will look at all thedoesn't look at some for sure okay sothis start needs to the unsweet bathroomjust like my mom's room I have like amaster bathroomso I hope you guys enjoyed my new housetour video but we love our house I hopeyou guys loved it as much and thank youso much for your time today every Googleand for you know giving me all of thesecommunity thank you for having me youknow the Great Hall you have to thishouse it's screaming for its fullpotential it's it's there it needs yourtouchit's there this off it's a great housecan't wait to get my hands on it youknow so I'm so excited to incorporateall of his ideas and work with him againyou know we're gonna make the house lookpicture-perfect my mom and my dad theykind of just let me take over in the endthey're just they let go stick with inthe end they're happy with the result ifyou guys are new to my channel pleasemake sure you subscribe and you guysthat are already subscribed thank youguys so much for your support I hope youguys enjoy watching my new house journeywith ever[Music]

Hi everyone! Hope you enjoy this tour of our new home! My parents bought a new home and Ashton & I are continuing to live with them. We decide to live together and all help each other out 🙂 Until I get married I love living with my family and saving. We bought a nicer bigger home for us all to live comfortably. And yayyy Ashton finally has his own room! In this video I discuss with my interior designer Ever with ideas for our new home.
Stay tuned for the fully decorated and renovated home tour! =)

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