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[Music]hi our new homecome on in let's take a look hey it'sJessica and welcome back to my Channeltoday I'm going to be doing a house tourhouses empty for the theorem is my goodfriend pepper Wendy s interior design heactually helped decorate our previoushome he's maybe he's gonna help us dothis houses but I can't wait to hear allyour ideaI can't wait to show you my yes hi guysmy name is ever and that's easy er likeever for whatever you know love thishouse love Jessica I don't just a lot oftimeshe's are really client of mine I can'twait to get started even the smallestroom can take a big shotin this case it's a look that's verylight it's very open and airy so wedefinitely need a traveler we definitelywanna make this a little bit more formalbecause it is inviting people the lighton the fireplace it's a little heavy forthis room and I think once we line thiswill focus on the dining table andchairs which you know you don't wantthis solar-powered it's right to you soonce we have a crystal shell here it'llsoft and everything once we have windowtreatments here we'll go ceiling tofloor wall wall it'll be spectacularso Jessica I think is walking planted Ithink we should tear this down I thinkwe can maybe build them wet bar or abuilt-in goof a little shopping on topof this later China I think walking intoa closet is not a good ideathere actually isin your diaper you really don't want toput your clothes in the bag do not sliceso we want this place to open there getrid of itokay so now we have our kitchen I loveyour chicken to me I look at the size ofthe time who doesn't want to keep themthat mean you need five I got I mean theentertaining you can do here at anythingto do here so I love our kitchen youknow walking into this home this was thefirst thing that I um up with I love thechandelier in the middle of this hugecounter I love just the colors of thekitchen you know I usually like lightmarble but we don't mind this at allthis is like your connects we'redefinitely gonna leave it so I love thatthe you know kitchen has all of thesecabinets there's so much room to puteverything play so so it's amazingbecause nothing ever has to be out thekitchen can just always be clean there'sso much storage between this and ourpantry it's just continued in this wallyou know Jessica thinking about it thiswall I actually see a bit of it back gethere sweetiewhere you're still in my pinch you havea little piece of tape a small piece oftable so your son can actually eat onethat will steer over hereyou don't need to sit on your knee fordive you don't need to be here to behere the RTMP check yeah I can actuallysee also in cases here very so you won'tget rid of it and ruin a path to it andyour home is gonna feel like home you'rejust improving and it's a different vibeI you still bringing something back okayokay perfectall right ever so we also have a hugelaundry woman there's a lot of space I'mwondering it looks like more we couldand then we have all these cabinets soyes a lot of sport yeah we get to keepall of the appliances like we definitelyhave our schools get along because gothere empty and yeah this would just bewasted space in a rushit was definitely designed for Arsenalso you know this keep its function onthe court I with the court here put upthe corporate yep yes get it out of thelink you keep it clean its influence youdon't want to over design but youdefinitely want to display yeah so keepit simple and you don't need to do a lottricks I think that the bar schools anda little bit yes they're okay here Ithink this wall I think we found thepictures here I think we do the wholewall and keep them all flat forfinancing Frank that would be theperfect place you don't want your familypictures to be all over if you want tobe a blank space I take time employeesand black points at time this this willbe the perfect place we'd be differentfor you shoot andI second ideas so I love the biggesthere and I love thank have a secondfight I love that actually you want todo sir it's expired insurance so finallyI think we'll change America sees youdon't want to comment about your clientplaces you've been building all springwhich is you know will pay not likeeating weight drink my English is beingclosed to keep your licensure and youdon't want it to be to get me yourfurniture is like so this keep thatcoming up like your style is like casualelegant stuff to be alcohol its elegantbut it still catch up with you know youwant to sit and enjoy living are yougonna have a teeny here it's just verydifferent with the lady your focal pointis the fireplace we don't necessarilyhave to face okay because it's thereit's not you can see yeah we canactually put themself up here and we doan L shape or what I would like to do isI like to keep facing legs easier theyhave to make them and you're facing eachother so we'll just facing so coffeepeople and then that would be your togive identity to do you think the TV shewas going on the wall or should be itwould be nice to do a built-inentertainment center it's not a littlebit overcast so one of the greatfeatures about this house is it has adouble master I don't know how we got solet me to find this house since exactlythat we need it so I'm gonna have amaster bedroom obviously the small oneand then my parents are going to havethe right master bed so let me go aheadand show you guys so just so you knowyou know spacing are living so we'regonna help to figure out for me to givethem privacyso when we first it stage furniturethere so do you think the bed shouldabsolutely I think that should be hereif it's a great timedress rehear TV busted on the friend yesand it would be a nice little sittingarea if you have a middleKonstantinos small very far it's yourbed not see comical chessick or anythingto be ever left Brown get a month tosound a little bit coming on it upwallpaper and off texture on the wallyou want Gregory and you want especiallythe bet that we want to keep that housebecause when you're up in and your homeand your stickyou'll be you want to put yourself intothe dark and I want the life yeah youknow slightly will condemning the papersso now we're going to take a look atand master bathroom they're reallyexcited right now on our current homethey don't really have like a mastermaster bedroom so this is like excitingI'm really happy we put up there youlove they have like double sees a spotshower I'm so sick of it okay so this isthe master bathroomI love it because it has the marble likecountries um my mom and dad love darkwood so perfect for them you know it'sstill kind of like bright colors nicewe call this Friday night I love amarble top and you know one tip you knowI don't know if it's real or it's calledit's remark so this is obviously reallife behind the new homes have a highercontrast older homes are usually lowerthis is grand client this is usuallyabout 37 pipe very nice feature here youknow in older homes just brush yourteeth now you're making them higher yeahyou know mr. and mrs. sink it's greatthe double showerheads five minutes wecan accessorize I'll keep in the fridgeno I'll follow this okay I was thinkingmy mom was considering changing colorsbeing a brick yeah I love the hardwareyou can tell he can talk about the hardwork that way in the Hyattyeah so um this house I guess theprevious owner she got offered aposition in another state so this wasactually like their home that they wereplanning on leaving so it wasn't afixer-upperit was meet with a lot of love andhigh-quality if you look all the wordsthat you speak and other attention topizza you canto determine so they also have like asmall little walk-in closet that alreadyhas some everything like built-in soit's perfect for them they don't havetoo much clothes so good enough size orspectrum this room is facing straightthis will be my brother's room he is asmall room but it's good enough icecream he's always have the house bouncyhe's just gonna have this bed hair andclothes himself so this is the guestrest room which will also be therestroom my brother uses and it's prettymuch same concept as my parents has thelight marble dark wood a lot of cabinetsthe large mirrors we're either gonnachange the color or leave it but I don'tthink they were using like showercurtains but I think it definitely itdefinitely is so correcting computeryeah I'm learning about all this housestuff you guys and having a house is soexpensive and I am helping my parentswith this house skin since it I'm soglad I'm sharing a house with them goodeyeI don't know everyone about my own houseand pay for everything that comes withhaving your own house so I have acompany right now that it's making acustom a bed and it's just a light woodframe and then I was thinking of gettinga wallpaperit's gonna do like like a wood wallpaperbecause I was thinking of doing like awestern color or his Dover so actuallyturns so and I just wanted to like be intouch with where it is you know theother piece from and Nelson's are notvery creative it feel like fun and kidslove interactive rules but I also havethis company on Etsy that's making thatstuffit's a good deal you could have told meeverythingisn't like the like great you know theydon't write a breeze throwing out so youtell me oh very funnyI was thinking of doing like an antlerwhite and could you know my desk you seethe bed here on this solid wall mightget along with the bed under the windowit's gonna hurt like that you wanna keepabout here you know hasn't rose you knowyou definitely space room to play youthink the wallpaper should go around theroom purchase an accent wall in thiscase it would be nice to begin about thel-shape coming into this room I see thisone back so if you do the walking onboth philosophically together obviouslyblack hot means of treatment I wouldlove to do something really interestingto this and most people come to uslisten I think in this room you can getreally funny craving to get somethingreally interesting we can also log ain'tgot the single men differ a lot painteror we can paint yeah I'm so excited youguys he's three years old ever had is soif I roll all out people crazy at thisbedroomI will pretty much do some thinking yeahso you don't decide this or the way thatyou know will be designed with me almostlike a built-in dresser here that'sright and then this here you just don'thave your clothes hanging but it couldbe almost like another piece offurniture a little bit built in the wallso in case you guys are wondering why Ikeep calling ever and Louisville is avideo it's okay lastly this is thesecond master bedroom which is my roomand I'm getting all of you everything soI can startI'm stretch you're not really singingokay now the first thing it either roomall there's gonna be a bit even feelwhere do you place the bed if you tasteit in the Swan you cut the rope in halfthen you're writing this room you'redividing basically the top if you putthe bed on that wall you gain all thespace we need convene you have all thisfree space my aunt so we're pushing theheavy pieces okay so the best locationspretty bad will be at that wall and wehave all this empty space here okay Iwas thinking like it was absolutelymoving call ahead for I see anupholstered hip or something justtotally home but more sophisticatedsomething up Wall Street upholsterydoesn't mess about to be a heavy hitwork but stop I stayed all day I stillheard I lack some praise not justsomething very soft and romantic yeahand that's what I know when I see alittle breeze yeahI think they're just a little moreglamorousnot overdone just a little touch ofglamour here and love just a very softpalatewell they don't end up color okay sobeen there I see the bet they'reobviously you want to come up you want Isense plant in your bed thank youyou want a TV in your bedroom yes so theTV will be on this wall like I'mspeaking can be a mere stressor there sowhat do you thinkthank you on your horse right herebecause I mean I don't sacrifice meright now with my closet I look big bigdifference on your current closetsmaller than my closet I know but I alsoas you guys saw in my previous video Igot rid of half both mix little thingsso I'm at a point in my life right don'teven go out that muchso let's me go I don't even need asuppose I had I'm gonna keep myfavorites keep it at a minimum him welldid you get rid of your shoes I didn'tfigure it out I think that I need amirrored dressersomewhere there's a miracle hereabsolutely I do it my crystal and myyeah I can'tthat's me I see something yeah we can doa dresser linear and then because thisis your focal point coming into the roomyou know the wallpaper here would begreat it places the whopping person youhave a great size window nice straightcrease into floor again always like toloosen to put break because it justthink so no higher gives a little bitmore time you want black opstourists visiting bedroom yeah I meanwhen you have resource play I suggestyou Jim Commission area it was not thathard if not that expensive to put at abox a beautician what a shiny new hereyou have the space and that's what I'mnot only to chandelier when you don'thave high ceilings you want a showerhere to be just you know almost flushtrying to go lighter in this case youcould do somerequest crystals and not really hang butlittle lighter okay so your TV would goon this swampy obviously what cabinetunder the TV you never want to put a TVjust kind of floating and want to countit Hungarian enjoy your TV and so wiredand everything like a walking pop I waswanting counted it under they just feelslike they just floating with a littleball doesn't make any senseyou never want to accommodate cut beareven if you keep just within one doesn'thave to be a really cheap one on thatwell what are you having right here umthis is where I really need to do thisso I obviously need an area to sit in dome for something you know your pants isgonna end up a rock yeah you know youknow bullseye between the queen-sizefundation queen-size right so what wecan do eliminate the cabinet here whydon't we do a custom to help space nowshape and there's not mine on thistogether okay yes so you have thisworking station you and have your vanityyou have drawersyou still have your TV on top but Ithink if we combine this and do anl-shape one unit instead of cabinetJapanese company de starts to get tobuild into pity and your isn't it wellhave you built a real fight okay whatdesign it will look okay but it's okayI'm in a nicer area has great schooldistricts you know that's a great areacrashed into great grow up so it's ahuge sacrifice but I don't reach it'sall goodpull have a nice man - we'll get ourdream house one day positive like not asthick as my glove it's a good place andI saw some picture it's like onPinterest and I got some like closet itis so if I have to come in there's a lotof ways they can even do like a draweryou know and then that same company'sgonna provide me with um so I wasthinking we just have to choose andy'all Peter let's do something that hasa little movement a little patternpattern and I left over scale patternsand small room to the messenger biggerfor your skin type patterns makeeverything looks really tight and crapthank over scale think something withmovement not too busyit's just something about a little Imean making other steel pack okay welldon't you look at me for sure okay sothis start needs to the unsweet bathroomjust like my mom's room I have like amaster bathroomso I hope you guys enjoyed my new housetour video but we love our house I hopeyou guys loved it as much and thank youso much for your time today every Googleand for you know giving me all of thesethank you for having me you have a greathaul you have to this house it'sscreaming for its full potentialit's there it needs your touch it'sthere it's not it's a great house can'twait to get my hands on it you know soI'm so excited to incorporate all hisideas and work with him again you knowwe're gonna make the house lookpicture-perfect my mom and my dad theykind of just let me take over in the endthey're just they let go stick with inthe end they're happy with the result ifyou guys are new to my channel pleasemake sure you subscribe and you guysthat are already subscribed thank youthanks so much for your support I hopeyou guys enjoy watching my new housejourney with ever[Music]

Hi everyone! Hope you enjoy this tour of our new home! My parents bought a new home and Ashton & I are continuing to live with them. We decide to live together and all help each other out 🙂 Until I get married I love living with my family and saving. We bought a nicer bigger home for us all to live comfortably. And yayyy Ashton finally has his own room! In this video I discuss with my interior designer Ever with ideas for our new home.
Stay tuned for the fully decorated and renovated home tour! =)

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