Kid's Room 


go to my room okay this is my PlayhouseI mean I really like it it's a Barbiehouse here's the kitchen the washermanmy living room and here's the bettermentum um uh that's my closet and I spreadin my bed it's nice and I paint in myroom Purple's pizzas those are myfavorite console of our world and theyswitched it up my room a little bit andI have a comfy chairI have this to mr. drinkin what do youwant show everybody what you have onyour countertop here is a keyboard andguess what's amazing part is about it itcan attest and it can attach the backare kool a laptop rightbut my dad has one to those black Mike'sthink it is okay and a half a lot ofpictures of Sam he saw I dooh okay cool and what's over here I havemy my chapter broke my auntie Tosha gaveme and I got this camerathis little piggy bank Hello Kitty piggybankand do you want to tell everybody aboutthis special curtains of yours it glowsup in the dark if it's like really darkthese stars they see these stars they goup the darks when you have a certificateup there from churchcool and your nice cozy bed[Music]okay that's your height that's right andthen your days of the week and months ofthe year okay cool and okay Oh yourcloset is so coolall your pretty clothes and your dresses[Music]my new clothes and stuff pretty awesomehere okay cool[Music]just think you show them quickly subduedor I'll show everybody quickly yep thinkabout our own washroomhere is the part where cookies to thetoilet I mean in my trailer to it yeahand your flower stuff you flower matsand you got some more stuff over therecool stickers I really like this amazingit's awesome and like it really liked itokay I hope everybody helped yousubscribe my youtube channel bye

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