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My New Section 8 Tenant Just Requested A Room Color Change. Really???

subsection Ignatian is your boy Johncoming with another section they tellit's not really tip I'm just telling youwhat's happening see even the time I'vebeen up grinding all day but the housebut what's really going on is this um Ihad a you know I got one of my rarevacanciesso I'm putting another tenant in it andguess what the tenant asked me to do ifyou read my book you understand what I'mtrying to do about floor is um as far asso making sure everything cakesconsistence and all the other stuff youcan seem like in my house I have twodifferent colors but remember I said inmy own my houses where I where I rentproperties I keep it all one shade andguess what a tenant asked me to do sheasked me can I paint each and everybedroom or each room with differentcolors and want to tell me a colorscheme that she wanted to do you knowwhat I mean that's what happenedsometimes but guess what I saidI'm sorry man but you know all theproperties are going to be painted thesame color each room we don't allow forpeople to paint because she asked canshe painted she'll pay for it no why Idon't want people to pay for it becauseguess what happened when they move now Igot to paint over that color again Idon't want to do that so I keep it allone colorthey can't paint anything but that'swhat happens when you have a sectionthey tend to just one is just everythingis not always perfect they want to goahead and paint things themselves theywant to go ahead and have a house alltheir way the way they want it they willprefer that you put a dishwasher intheir AC hardwood floors I'm gonna letyou see the house cuz some I'm almostfinished it got some people working onit take some pictures but umyou can take a video and I'm gonna tryto get a section 8 in it on video so wecan chop it up with her and find outwhat's how their mindset works andthings like that but go ahead and getthe book section 8 is great it has allthe great tips about how that you'regonna be dealing with it becauseone of the things I talk about in thebook is to make sure that you keep thehouse to a certain color the same colorwhich is I keep the liquor off I'll be awhite color throughout every room everybathroom everything the same the samething so we won't have these problemsbecause I don't want the house to bepersonalized if something happens to thehouse I want to be able to paint thehouse all one color and get it out youknow you know get it back togetherget it back to market um I think I hadthis house for about ten years now so Ihad this is gonna be my third render sothey absolute about five years I'llhopefully be longer there's always a youknow it's always a struggle to geteverything back together and think I'mputting in about fifteen hundred dollarsto get everything back together like Isay and everybody go out there tosection 8 nation go ahead and call thisJohnyou need something have any questionsmake sure you click on the link talk toJohn and it's around July 10th I'm aboutto take out take off on vacation inabout a couple of weeks you know becausesometimes after you've worked hard youhave to play hard so we're gonna be onone of my islands I think more than likeit's going to be a Hawaii this timewe're gonna step it up we're gonna usesome of this section eight money to goahead and have a good timefor a couple of weeks then we're gonnacome back I'll keep you postedtalk to you later make sure you clickthe links below go ahead and talk toJohn go ahead and get the book swwSection eight is great comm support usbecause we're just trying to get my newinformation about section eight and whatwe're doing talk to you later

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