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hi welcome to my channel I'm here justto discuss my YouTube my home decorsituation we're gonna talk aboutdesigning on a dime that room doors areclosed I'm just I like clean lines Ilove simple things things that are justsimple I love I love simple decorbecause I'm not trying to be cleaning upall the time I'm just not whoops I'mdripping dripping dripping I'm nottrying to clean up all the time so I'mgonna show you my living room everythingin it and maybe we'll just scuff littlethings about itthose are folding shelves that I justmessed up let me fix itthink that's fixed nowno is it fixedyeah it's fixed now show you around mylittle small living space it's nothingspecial just something cozy it's my TVthat in the corner my son verse art letit go around let you see let's talkabout this area this is a tree that I diwide many moons ago this picture is notdoing it any justice pretty ways yearsago I purchased a tree from an vetswhich is a threaded store and the treehat leaves on it but I took I rescued itI'm gonna call this a rescue deep DIYcuz it was a rescue it was dying but Iseen potential when I came upon itand I just seen it as a piece of art andwhat I did was I brought it home I cutoff all the remaining leaves that wereleft on it and I just made it a piece ofart and I get people that want me tomake it for them and whatever let'sdiscuss it so what I did was take I tookoff all the leaves that were on thebranches then I went to Lowe's and Ibrought a pot a ceramic pot then Ibrought some green Italian moss fromWalmart and I repotted it and voilathere it is and I've had it for yearsand I get so many compliments on it somany I have one person asked me can Ineed six of them anyways but anyways Ineed to change these curtains they'redated I'm I am gonna upgrade it okay butI've tried to give a taste of Italy butanyways let's talk about this littleseating area okaythis seating areaI created with the things that I had inmy garage and some things that Ipurchased the chairs were in my garage Iwas going to put them in a garage salebecause and you know this picture is notdoing he justice so I'm gonna back upand we're in my garage and I was gonnaput them in a garage sale and I you knowI live in a little duplex two-bedroomtwo-bath duplex so I was thinking tomyself you know and I didn't like thechair because they look rather cheap andI was it up in the middle Rob's out andso I wanted to make a conversation or aseating area here and I said to myself Icouldn't find any chairs everything wasbig you know all the sofas or the loveseats were too big so I said I havethese chairs in my garage and I'verecently brought them for my kitchen toobut they just looked too they just wereno match for my kitchen table because mykitchen table is a pricey piece so theselittle cheap chairs didn't do justice soI took them and put them in my garage soI brought them back out I had anepiphany so what I did was took thechairs and I spray paint it as you cansee I spray-painted the legs of thechair goat okay I spray painted themgold lets you look at the other chairspray painted them gold and I just addedan accent table that I purchased fromDedes cost me about $30 and then thecandlestick that you see I alsopurchased it from Dedes and I think ithas um I think it was less than 20dollars and as you can see it hascrystals on it beautiful and then downbeneath there is a lamp a little lavalantern that I purchasedand it came from Walmart and down hereand there is a thrift at piece that Ibrought them and that's in this littlevase but those chairs in this picture Imean this corner really came out greatI was just like amazed my sister cameover and she was like oh you got newchairs no remember those those cheapchairs that you didn't like you know sothis really anchored the room eventuallythese are paintings that I made that IDIY years ago I'm gonna make I'm gonnatake that down and put Maris I wantmirrors there to reflect the light intothe room because I have rather dark youknow pieces but anyways know that isthere's my corner that I just read itover here is just a lamp and here isjust some you know now I'm gonna let youlook on the other side of the room andI'm gonna get another picture over therebecause a mirror I'm just not happy withthat mirror I just don't like itit's a stone there's a floating shelvesthat I purchased years ago and these areI don't know what you call those but Ipurchased those I don't know buy thestainless look good up there and thoughthese candles here I have to show youI'm gonna blow them out they're notdoing any justicebooth that's what I was afraid of that'swhat I hate anyways oh I don't know whyI did thatanyways these are candle sticks that Ipurchased or candle holders that IpurchasedI don't want let go anyway they camefrom Walmart and they're just reallynice they're gold some goals i'ma showyou want see that their goals and sofurs and whatever like I said it does nojustice actually I'm gonna change thiswhole wall so this is just IB 4 B 4 okand here is the front my TV my coffeetable or there and this here is a a puffI don't know a proper carry jar canpronounce it but it's supposed to havepotpourri and I purchased that fromkirklandsunless you let you look at it that camefrom Kirkland's and down here I have apair that I love love love I brought itfor Christmas I got it from home goodsand I thought I can use that all yearroundanyways that's my table I like it cleanI don't like too many whatnot I don'tlike that because it's a lot of cleaningthat I got indoor and this is a lampthat I purchased many moons ago fromWalmart coasters that I think cost somemoney they came from China I've driftedthose table came from Roth many yearsago but anyways rank you up on it againI really love that and I need to replaceit with potpourri but I think I'll put aflameless candle in it I think there itis back up now over here is the otherside of my living room and I have apiece of art that I paid money for yearsago anything's going nowhere ok I paymoney for that so it's African art andit's three women and they have I guess ason or a daughter with them and Ipurchased this many many years back in aday remember highlight high high likeMcGuire's high like my Myers is arestore anyways my furniture I purchasedyears ago I just revamped it here's awarm fuzzy throw that I purchased fromWalmart beautiful and over here is whereI house my TV now this I don't like theTV stands so I purchased a dresser froma furniture store and I put my TV on topof itand I painted the TV stand gold as youcan see I got that from propertybrotherswhoa shout out the property brothers anddown here this is a tassel that Ipurchased many years ago from the DollarTree still standing strong and over hereis a candle holder this is somethingthat I di wide ok this candle holderstand I had for yearspulled it out of garage and I broughtthis candle holder from Walmart and Ijust placed it on top of the candlestick and that's what I came up with andwhen my sister comes over she's all likeI keep looking at that I keep looking atthat that is something that's mycreation I DIY that isn't it beautifullook at it let's bring it up and I justthat whole candle or the candle ishoused in the candle holder that topthat whole top came from Walmartand I already had this candle stand herethat I brought years ago and I think itcame from either marshals or Dee Dee'sone of those it came from I can't recallbut I pulled it out of the garagethat's another DIY up here are at theseAfrican ladies that I purchased yearsago which they are really different I'llnever get rid of them she's missing anearring there she isalso she matches the theme of gold andsilverup here is a clock that I purchased manymany years ago from Walmart it goes witha decoy and it also as you see goes withthe gold textures tones and whateverokay over here I purchased these I guessthey call them sunburstI don't know starburst or whateveranyway I've been pricing these formonths and I went to andthey wanted I think 60 or 89 no lie $89a piece for those and I don't know waycuz I'm um I'm a bargain II stuff I'mnot gonna do it I'm not so I went to DeeDee's my discount store and I foundthese sunburst oh they're beautifuloh now this plant I've had for about tenyears I purchased it from BurlingtonCoat Factory years ago it was $99 and Ithink it's a some type of poem I can'trecall but it has weathered and itstarted pilling I pulled it out of mybedroom and at the bottom I have a goldthumb I sprayed it gold at the basebecause it was crackling and not onlythat but it's beautiful it has reallylost me for years I pulled that out ofher room down here I had the mother anddaughter course they're from Africa andI put that there because I burnt thebut trying to get up candle wax here isa lamp that was gifted to me from afriend I had been watching it in Walmartand I think it's a I can't remember thename of it I can't remember the name ofthis lamp for whatever it's worth but itwas for that was a Christmas gift anywaythis is my living room this is my livingroom I'm gonna change those curtainsthis is my living room and I just wantyou to all the pillows came for WalmartWalmart in the house came from Walmartand that added like a little rustic blambecause I am a little rustic but anywaysI don't like too many whatnots becausethat's a lot of dusting you got to doand I'm just I have OCD III can't haveall that I can't have all that oh andover here I'm gonna change this wholewall you guys are going to see iteventually it's going to be changed Idon't know what I haven't seen anythingto catch my eye yet and over here whichis emptyI seen a table and home goods but I wasnot willing to pay $300 for an end tableI'm sorry I'm not gonna do it okay I'mnot gonna do it but anyways that'scoming next coming soon and I also havea tour of I got two more rooms that I'mgonna tour eventually which will be mykitchen and my outside deck I have abeautiful yard and it's a deck and Ihave beautiful it's beautiful out thereI've also redone it revamped it for thesummer and I will be doing separatevideos on that and coming soon will bethe bedroom and the garage a claim withme video for garageI'm gonna show you give you another viewlike I said I'm very clean I'm verysimple I don't need much because like Isaid I have old CD I don't like clutterI don't like the clutter look I like itjust clean and simple my sister comesover and she's all like oh thank you forletting me stay in your hotel she tellsme but anyways I'm just going to justshow you everything everything come onover here so you might take sure thatI'll never get rid of and over heremoving right on yeah so thank you forwatching and I am a newbie but there'smore to come soon so please stay tunedthanks for watching

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