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My Living room Spring tour 2019

hey everyone my name is Lisa and welcometo crepe myrtle row we're gonna do atour of my living room for spring todayand as we walk around the room I wantyou to notice that the wall color I haveis kind of a peachy beige colorand I'm thinking about changing that Ithink I want to do a great home and oneof the cars I thought about is a newgrade by Sharon Williamsas you can see I have a brick wallbehind me there and I'm also hoping todo a plank wall or a plank ceiling youknow with the thin wood and whitewash itand put that up there and it just belike kind of the beadboard look or youknow shiplap look kind of thing so keepthat in mind as we walk around it that'sgoing to be a whitewashed got the brickand then the wall color my walls are apaneling that has been painted and so Iwon't be changing out the panel and andjust wanting to change the paint colorand give me your thoughts below leave mea comment let me know what you thinkwould look best you know is the gradethe direction I should go should I gowith more of a a green tone or a a bluetone you know and and it doesn't have tobe showing liam's paint I'm not you know100% sold on just that color or thatbrand so let me a comment below let meknow and let's get started on a tourokay we're gonna start right here as youwalk out of my kitchen into the livingroom and this actually was a carportoriginally when the house was built in1972 it's a brick style wrench and myin-laws lived here and they had builtinto a living room and then when myhusband and I married we bought thehouse and they bought another one solet's get started across here I havelike a gallery wall love being able todo the gallery walls because as you cansee I'm not a minimalist no wall shallbe left behind it's my motto so I lovebeing able to just add everything onthere you know that allI can kind of goes together and most ofmy items come from thrift stores forinstance this all painting right herecame from a thrift store that of coursecame from Hobby Lobby up there thisoverpayment here also came from a thriftstore I really loved it because itreminds me of one of my favorite placesto go up in the mountains and a littledirt road with a little creek runningbeside it and the mountain view is justI love it up there it gives me such apeaceful feeling and you got a basketthere with some cotton in it oh heyy'all because of course I'm here in thesouth so that's something you're gonnahear a lot around here and these candlesare battery operated with a remote and Iactually took that glitter is duct tapethis cane glittered like that and I justwrapped it around the bottom just togive it a little extra something then wehave this little piece and the pineappleboth of those came from Hobby Lobby Ijust added a little bit more paint tothat in the blesser home son those twoitems from thrift stores and then I havea collection of birdhouses I seem tocollect a lot of things I mean you'llnotice that for instance pineapplesdidn't really realize I was collectingpineapples until I got them all out andput together and then I was like wow Ihave a lot of bad apples but I like themhere in South Carolina it representshospitality so you know I like that ideaof it you can see out there in the yardand can't wait for spring to get all theflowers go in and I love my fountain outthere and I have a wind chime rightoutside the window and all nice days Inormally have the windows open so I canhear all that this pinging right here Iactually painted myself I went to an oldpainting class that's the first time I'dever donelove painting with oils and hope to getback to another one sometime soon I needto find a friend who wants to do it togo with me I've did acrylic painting foryears but the oils just somethingdifferent I really enjoy that we have alittle sign the Austin's 1987 that'swhen my husband and I got married wehave this South Carolina side love theshake of our steak makes me think of apiece of pie and I love the crescentmoon and the Palmetto tree and then thispiece here is a was once a door and sodlights like my front door over here andwe repurposed it into a fireplacesurround so you can see the leaded glassand I left the hinges on and then wetook the actual door and cut it down andput on top that piece up there on thetop is I believe the top of a headboardor a dresser of some sort I picked it upin a in a vintage warehouse top placethe cars and said our trucks up therewhere my father-in-law's he passed awayabout three years ago if he collectedthose so I got some from his collectionto bring home and remember him by andthen here's the front of the fireplacethese candles here are the menorah BrianI love those things because they looklike real candles at night andespecially if you've got somewhere thatyou can't put a real candle and thesehave a timer or a remote to make themwork and I really enjoy having those onand then we come around and this is realcotton not the the man-made stuff and ajar this got some of the fairy lights init that plug in and right there is oneof those stompers that like you use it aChristmas tree but I use it thereand it turns on those lights and thislimb that jar has a hole in the back ofit that's how I'm able to put stuff init I picked it up at a thrift store alsoloved them a lamp because it looks likehobnail and I got it at Dollar Generalthe cow back there I actually took apicture of her one day on my way to workI saw her here out in the field andthought she was so cute so I had to takea picture found the frame for like $0.99it goodwill that table came from athrift store the more jar down there mychair here was my father-in-law's a fewyears before he passed away he was Iguess gonna restore it he had sanded itdown getting ready to paint it and Iabsolutely love the color it was in thevery distressed look so when I done byfireplace I asked him could I have thechair and he gave it to me so I've beenvery happy with that there's another heyoh well sign with the barn and cottonthen we have another thrift store findit's supposed to be like a deer headmade out of driftwood some cotton notall tree with both my husband's and hisgrandfather's hats on it and somewalking sticksand then I have this that I painted heremy doorway all this on there now back upand let you see the entertainment centerin a hole a flower arrangement that Imade from flowers for Walmart last yearit's a milk glass lantern and actually Itook the cord out and putbattery-operated lights down on the sideof those that's on the timer and thenyou have up here I have some of the realfairy lights that plug in and they'reonly remote so I can turn those off andon but that's pretty much it I hope youenjoyed it if you liked it um pleasegive me a thumbs up and if you haven'talready please subscribe hit thatnotification bell and you'll getnotified each time I do a video and Ihope you all have a blessed daythank you bye

Thanks for stoping by I hope you enjoy the tour of my living room decorated for spring! #springdecor #vintage #farmhouse
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