Living Room 

My living room!

all right everybody I said I'd show myliving room so here it is it'll be aquick video it's not very big room sojust kind of show you some of myfavorite my obviously my Hoffner bassand my Gretch little beetle nesting eggsone of my Sansui speakers weigh a tonbut they're beautiful I ended up gettingnew lampsthere's me my Batman shirt friend mademe this picked out a favorite whiskeybottlehappens to be a Jim Beam one I think orJack Daniels that's a whiskey bottleeither way and put the Beatles on itwith my favorite songs friend got methese pickscups laserdiscthe lobby cards from the re-release of ahard day's night which is pretty awesomeI also finally frame the poster if youcan see thatit's framed from the movie magazinesfrom vintage to newa couple more with a clock over here ismorejazz albums hereI've always wanted to do this with thethe Beatles one pictures and the WhiteAlbum pictures to have them side by sidethere's my other Sansui speaker withDeadpool in a lava lamp my messyentertainment stand and laserdisc playerVHS multi-region DVD player and this islike mainly Miles Davis Sinatra DeanMartin Tony Bennett collection righthere Duke Ellingtonthere is my sins Oh a reciever Kenwoodcassette sounds really niceI like I said I'd end up getting aturntable for up here just AudioTechnicajust their standard turntablebelt-drivenstill sounds nice25 disc CD player pioneer ended upfixing this is my parents they gave thisone to me when I get the speakers andthe receiver downstairs so this is coolI've got this filled up and a pioneer8-track player which still works whichis awesome and there's the cassette tapeadapter for it pretty much but thefurniture in here is new I had to getnew lamps and the TV the TVs she didn'ttake the TV or the furniture I paid forall of it but I ended up getting a newrug lamps found this to kind of matchwith everything the cube organizer thesame with the one over here with thebench onthere should be I'll back up a littlebit and see if you just kind of sothere's a living

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