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hey guys so this the first time I'm evergoing to do this but I want to sharewith you what I really love to do Itechnically already started designingthis room because I thought I wasrecording before I started recording sohere's my streaming I am going to designa royal mansion because I love interiordesign so I'm gonna just take that oneoff so it says I need to do a cold shelfwhich I did I'll just start over so do Iwant to pick this shelf or the shelf Ithink I'll start with the bigger onelet's see three free items what else doI have that's free that's very that'sfree I don't know if I'm gonna mix allthose free things but we will figuresomething for you I don't want to use afree couch hmm maybe I'll do be thereand then five mirrored itemshow many mirrored beds no one that Iwant to buy so let's see do that andyeah see that looks good next to thatwhat about that oneno I like that one better and let's seeI don't own any of those what do I ownthat's mirror ok the coffee tables weirdI can use mirrored coffee table now Idid another wait how many mirrored items5 ok let's see damn they're gonna makeme sorry for my language okay so I guessI will buy these ones because they'recheap and then let's see that one is 24that one's 21 how does that look nothat's too lightthat one rounds - right - oh whoops Iwent do the wrong thing uh-huh oh noit's only weapon yeah um sorry I wentout of the room guys so yeah thatdresser doesn't look goodoh that dresser kinda matches so we'regonna go with that one $3,400 dresserthank God I don't even use it reallycash for this Abbi poof anywaysokay so let's see what else we gotthat's mirrored okay I just need threefurry items so we're gonna go with thefree bitch and now I could eat the restwith what I gotlet's see do I want to do that bad ordebit oh I like that bed I don't know ifI like that furry color right there Ithink I want to go with some differentfurry things I might buy different colorlet's see maybe that one just cause it'salready lighting gold yeah that onematches better now what color do I wantthe couch to be we'll do black since thefurry item is black we'll go with adifferent and and I do wanna do freegreen oh I like the gray Jer uh I don'tknow if I like that this room is notmaking me happy hmmI like that for a bench see if I couldfind another free item maybe I can finda very chair that looks cuter let me seelet me seeooh that's furry mm-hmm interesting howmuch is that onediamonds expensive that one wasexpensive the white gold looks prettygood then I can get rid of that okay nowI can do just a normal little ooh Icould do a white couch Oh everythinglooks good now okay let's see now we getto decorate with a rugokay what colors do I went we went whiteand gold lamps ooh I like white limbs noI like the tall white and gold lamps andfor the decoration on the wall we willgo with oh that one's nicewhat do I want to do over here maybe agold and then maybe another black oneright there we will do flowers on eachend and then a little breakfast tradethere little lily right thereplant right there oh okay what color wewant to go hmmm do we want to do thebasket or do we want to do the white Ithink I'm gonna go well first of all I'mgonna change this ugly freakin thingright here I just noticed it does notmatch yeah that looks better huhactually I don't know if I'm likingthose colors hmm that one looks a littlebetter okay so this one make me get youup there and then what is over therethat'soh that's the one okay 650 or do I wantto I think I'm just gonna do that littleone I like the other oneput that back with the air do I want todo the whites hmm I don't know whatcolors I want in my room I think theplain white maybe I don't think any bluegoes with it let's see what carpets Iget I don't know sorry I keep forgettingit's recording my face oh let's seewe all just do extremely extravagantlook how its kind of cute I don't knownow I'm kind of bummed because I don'tknow what color carpet I want well let'ssee move out with a cute pop-up coma hmmlet's see[Music]I don't see any carpets that I mightlike enough oh that one actually okayI'm just gonna use all my money oh Ilike oh oh my gosh that's so cutethat carpet is amazing I don't like theblue now but that oneoh that's to die for I don't have enoughthings I'm not go spend money on thatbut that I have enough cash I could buythat one hmmthey're sad when those cheaper they'vematched a little bitter no that's justkiddinglet me see mmm ooh that one's kind ofcute I think I'm gonna go with that onewith the little shaggyscruffy cute carpet and I don't know ifI like that gold over there we're gonnago with the blue hmmmaybe maybe that one yeahI like that one no the gold goes betterwith the dresser I have to agree I don'tknow if I want to keep that bed though Iwant to do a different bed mm-hmmwhoever another one I like that mybetter so much cuter okay yep I'mthinking with that one boom done andsubmitted and there is my designed roomlook at that $34,000 room wish I couldafford to really decorate a room likethatI would totally live in that room Iprobably changed the pink flowers thoughto like a different color but yeah Ilike thatthank you for watching my livestream

Watch me have fun designing some rooms!

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