My house decor ideas?!!

hi gang its Valerie um I'm going to showyou some decorations that I have used onmy house and decorate in my house and ifyou like them you can buy them off eBayand like over here that's also yummystuff and you get those chefs like I didmy kitchen and a chef thingmy cat has completely tore thosecurtains up but I wanted to show youthese new I know you guys are probablyseen that in a video um it's it lookslike you're going down into like anotherroom you know like the walls break inwhich is super groovy umand then I bought these Hollywood ductdecorations they did the Hollywood themeon my wall um these old Hollywood thingstheater like an o clock you knowsmirrors family is forever and so that ismy wall of Hollywood stars and I thoughtit was super groovy you can buy thoseHollywood day cooler wall cleans is whatthey're called go to ebay you can getany kind of wall claim that she'll amand blessed his house oh this one I hada shopping arena underneath this one itwasit's a Paris like a window to Paris andthen I had like a shelf hereunderneath of it to put I think I hadflowers on it but I love it because it'slike you're looking out to Paris yeahand uh thought that was cool and myfurnace in the floor jack bed um see howhe's bathroom and then Sam's bedroomhe's got the yeah hardly putting posterand uh two E's everywhere seeing youthat's hurt my BAE will dough but yeahand then my cross and welcome when youcome in Lord is my strength and then sothose are that clean that's thedecorations that I like and maybe you'lllike the idea to for your house and yeahbut in them back there's my room and mymaster bathroom and then the laundryroom and out to the back area butanyways so there is an idea fordecorating yes if you like the Hollywoodthing just go to ebay and look up windowclings all right I love you guys bye

I love decorating my home ,and I did my living room in the Old Holywood design..Look up window/wall decor clings on ebay and get any pattern!!!…They do come from china if your on a budget,it just takes a few weeks..just make sure you find a seller that has at least a 90%seller rating or you risk getting ripped off…Ive been a buyer and seller ,redneckstylz is my store on ebay,..for 10 years…!!!Ive bought and sold in everything..Be careful your seller has a great seller score ok..!!..Thnx 4 watching..Love n blessings!!!!


if you feel led to donate to me and my new channel you can go here if you want..: Yt is now taking 45%of folks superchats so most people are going directly with there paypal links ….thnx in advance just for being here!!!God blesses those who bless others!!!!!!

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