My house decor ideas?!!

I love decorating my home ,and I did my living room in the Old Holywood design..Look up window/wall decor clings on ebay and get any pattern!!!…They do come from china if your on a budget,it just takes a few weeks..just make sure you find a seller that has at least a 90%seller rating or you risk getting ripped off…Ive been a buyer and seller ,redneckstylz is my store on ebay,..for 10 years…!!!Ive bought and sold in everything..Be careful your seller has a great seller score ok..!!..Thnx 4 watching..Love n blessings!!!!


if you feel led to donate to me and my new channel you can go here if you want..: Yt is now taking 45%of folks superchats so most people are going directly with there paypal links ….thnx in advance just for being here!!!God blesses those who bless others!!!!!!

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