Living Room 

Multatuli’s Living Room – Mike Burgess

Multatuli's living room. One two threein a corner there's a bookcase under a tree with a hole in the back where thewire for the radio used to be that brought them the newsall through triumphs and emergencies but didn't make it to Multatuli's livingroom. There's a carpet stretched outwhich must have seen service in some big ole strangely shaped space before hasn'tseen the sunlight in what seems like an eternity but it's the perfect shade ofblue for Multatuli's living roomthe lamp inside the broken the rocking chair don't seem to carethe she's had a chance to shine in a previous time and she will standbeside her rocking-chair no matter where they find themselves in timeand no one seems to know what a happen toooooo Multatuli's livingroom

KB Violet’s endearing song about about something he found one night in the Streets of a famous European City. Multatuli’s Living Room vanished shortly afterwards.

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