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Moving Vlog #1: Packing Decor, Living Room, and Offer Up

hey guys so in today's moving vlog it'sreally gonna be more of a packing blogbecause we have one more weekend left inthis house before we move all of ourstuff to storage for two weeks and thenfrom storage to the new house so it'sgonna be kind of a weird monthespecially right before the holidays butthat's fine we're just grateful to havean awesome place to live and we'llfigure it out so the stuff that I kindof want to pack away right nowis all of this decorative stuff overhere I have some more decorative plantsand all of that in the kitchen that I'vegathered from around the house and I amgonna quickly go and do a quick spinthroughout the house and find likecandles and random little tchotchkes andthings like that that are obviously notnecessary for the next couple weeks forus to lift the upstairs stuff is kind ofbeing gathered in my office and thedownstairs stuff I haven't reallydecided where the best place is yet butwe'll figure it out so let's just get itstarted Marvin are you ready to work Ineed your helphe's like no absolutely not I'm notdoing anything[Music]I'll cover it up with the dirt from apart too insecure by myself when I met[Music][Music]brokenthey don't[Music][Applause]Oh[Music]you are like these are suremy dog's disappearing and last fallwithout saying[Applause][Music]I just don't know what to do[Music]the broken[Music]pigeons are[Music][Applause][Music]I know it is logical that's somethingthat you do Denise chemical I know Iknow no it is logic are something thatyou do to me[Music][Music]there's something about the way you makeme feel inside when Carolyn down a daystill with my wayadding to the Sun only humananother day[Music]so I'm gonna post a couple things onoffer up one is this recliner here thatwe got for free from my in-laws it'ssuper comfy and it was like mymother-in-law's chair you know everyonehas their special chair it's reallygreat but we can't take you with us tothe new house it just doesn't fitthere's no place that it will fit rightin there which it's okay we enjoyed itwhile we had it and got good use out ofitand then also our table and chairs it'skind of small for this space there's noarea to put like a small breakfast nooktable there's just a dining room andthis table and chairs would be superawkward in there so we are gonna see ifwe can sell it for maybe like 40 bucksor something we bought the whole set for80 just like I don't know a couple yearsago so if I get anything for it I'll behappy with that and I love selling thesepeople and offer up because I myself buythings from offer up so I know that it'sjust a good way to you know share thelove with your community so we'll see ifanybody message to me today about it andI am gonna go ahead and take pictures ofthese and post them now leading to the Cthink we're getting close we should takea pic babytry to phone[Music]okay so now I'm gonna move this tableand chairs over by the recliner just sothat they're closer to the door in casesomeone does want to come and pick themup today and then all the packed upboxes for the downstairs are gonna gointo breakfast smokin like I said packthe boxes when the upstairs are going inmeiosis do[Music][Music]awesome we already got a hit on thetable and chairs it's maybe been 15 20minutes since I posted itI've got some stuff getting started overhere in the corner and I feel likepacking is the worst because everythinglooks way worse before it gets betterso I'm packing up this bathroom and Iput our trash can in here and theninside the trash can I have items thatcould potentially spill or leak like wehave this rubbing alcohol and soap andall that sort of stuff so that if any ofthat does happen during the move then Ican just clean out this plastic bininstead of having comment and soak andall sorts of things spilling in a papercardboard box and then I have a fewthings here this is our Josh is gonna begetting ready in the morning so I'mleaving his stuff here so that we cantry and organize upstairs I think I'mpretty much cleared out and here thoughI just need to clean off this vinylstuff that's in here linoleum is outit's goneand I think I will also pack this up atthis time I'm gonna leave the toiletbowl cleaner and the plunger and all ofthat out until the day we move all rightwe're getting there okay plot twist theperson that wants to buy this table at 3o'clockit's 1:50 p.m. they want to know if Ihave the tools to take the legs offwhich that looks like that's how thelegs are on and I'm sure we attachedthem or something right only about thereso I'm gonna look around in the garageand see if I can find anything thatwould help take those off ok update Ihave this for the screws and I have thisfor those bolts so we're gonna see ifthis is long enough I don't know if itwill be but you know what we live lifeon the edge hereI think I'm gonna try the screws firstand see if maybe just the screws willrelease everything but I kind of doubtthat that's the case I have a metric set[Applause]no it's not quite long enough it's liketoo short that sucksoh oh it is like just long enough to getit started we got ghetto Tim Taylor overhere alright I just sold the table andchairs that was crazy they came withinlike an hour and 20 minutes of meposting it that's what I love aboutopera if you price it right you can getit out of your house so fast so so farno news about the recliner but we'll seewhat happens with that and I think withthat I'm gonna go ahead and end thisfirst smoothing vlog I have some of myboxes behind me and I feelI made a bigger mess than what I cleanedup but that's okay it's a work inprogress we'll see you next time bye[Music]

In my first moving vlog I’m packing up some of the living room, kitchen, and decor items and even selling some of our furniture on offer up!




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