Living Room 

Moving My Room Into The Living Room (Prank)

okay I know bitch don't give a fuckabout no hell yeah I'm a Brady bitch putthis for 5 min y'all throw don't knowwhy these bitches high-end don't know Iwant to be moving my bed I'm probably x2me what kind of prank is thatoh no I just wanted to be a shit becausewe're never be it's like the kind youbroke I don't wanna live you because Ihave a bum bane I don't love to be inSephora or whatever so I'm about to putmyand he was she won here I'll be likedon't be just be laid out in my systemso you know without further ado[Music]yes we are Charlotte Ronald my mamaloses to the right there were door openso he did not feel as we started and Isaid too much[Music]but every time I walkedBauer was getting worried about her doorabout scarce or that so that's basicallywhat I was all about Eastern air andbouncing mr. Sonya[Music][Music]thank younobody came up everything- comforters and pillows and everythinglike very close okay yeah so so so farI'm doing excellent is very hot so hereand i mattr put my confidence toeverything oh I exited my diehard fansbut when I knocked it down all the waybecause I don't want her back and heknew with the compliment everything butwe bought the case started with thisjourney open my bit scared and this is Irealize I love my main pitler thebiggest run is over but I got no[Music]dasu my babies officially done now Ijust gotta stick the camera and wait forher to come to hear something - herreaction[Music][Applause][Music][Music][Applause][Music]it's been selected to take part in astudy on meatballs killer true painmom come back each time you gotta get toa live show bow okayI'm nominees wait are you okay[Music]you have me yeah mom you can't even seecome onI'm Titus it was on TV right nowJoshua back her up and I got to come upon a switch position[Music][Music]why did I never let me prank you youcan't never let me prank youyou wasn't being mad or something thatmy bedroom here I mean that my Bettyhere comes from Quinn Quinn Spring Flingmom you got a wrong way yeah I also Iguess I was her reactionI guess that's archenemy dr. stay herebecause this screaming but I guess shewas having me up this to hear back soyeah hope you like thisI don't know Oh know what it is itwasn't that bright if y'all like theydon't forget to give it a thumbs upsubscribe I post notifications commentdown with you down for a shout-out in mynext video and see you guys next time

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