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Mose Report 8 Staging Tips

At Mose Home Inspection Services we understand that traditional home staging is a well-established industry that focusses on making decorative changes to your home such as;
• Removing clutter
• Intense clean up
• Esthetic changes like; new bathroom fixtures and curtains and throw rugs

As experienced home inspection professionals we at Mose Home Inspection Services see home staging from a different perspective. From our point of view, fixing a few things, prior to placing your house on the market, is a good idea because it will make your house look well maintained, and that’s exactly what buyers want to see.

In a hot real estate market, like the one we are currently in, we strongly recommend that you get your home inspected before you place it on the market (see our article on Pre-Listing Inspections). Once you have had your pre-listing inspection done you will have a list of things around your home that could use a little fixing.

Here are some example of the small things we might suggest after the inspection;

• Caulking – There is hardly a house out there that doesn’t need a bit of caulking. Caulking keeps the rain out so it’s important to keep it in good condition.
• Downspouts – The simple task of adding a downspout extension can cure a leak in your basement now or sometime in the future.
• Gutters – Clean your gutters, nothing says you don’t care more then a plants growing in the gutters!
• Plumbing – Slow drains, dripping taps, can make buyers suspicious of bigger problems. It’s an inexpensive fix to replace some washers and old taps.
• Electrical – GFCI’s in the kitchen and bathrooms. Even if you have an old fuse panel, you do not have to change it. Just make sure it functions properly and above all it has the correctly sized fuses in it.
• Widows and Doors – A simple tip here is to remove and clean the screens and clean the tracks so they work smoothly. Also a little bit of good quality spray lubricant will go a long way to making doors and windows open and close smoothly and quietly giving them a well maintained look and feel.
• Heating – Wash the air exchanger filters and core, as well as vacuum the inside. Change the furnace filter. Another good trick is to vacuum any baseboard heaters so they don’t smell when they are turned on.

Another important piece of advice is to declare everything else from your inspection report on the vendor declaration. Any major issues, like the roof or heat pump for instance, get estimates but fixing them is not mandatory.

Doing a traditional home staging to help make your home more appealing to today’s home buyer is still a good idea in many cases. However at Mose Home Inspection Services we believe that anyone selling their home will be doing themselves a big favor by following these simple steps the home staging, MOSE style!

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