Montgomery’s Furniture | Saved By The Sell | Episode 18

hello everyone welcome to anothertimeout session with Zack winters savedby the cell keller williams realty havea very special guest this week AaronSinclair family owner of Mount Gummerease furnitures so tell me Erik a littlebit about the history of this placebecause you guys have a cool story and Iwant to hear itit's an amazing story imagine a businessthat started before South Dakota was astate so before this state was evencreated Montgomery's was here we werebuilding furniture and caskets back in1888 building everything by handourselves fast forward a hundred andthirty-one years and five generations offamily business and here we are todayone of the leaders of home furnishingsin eastern South Dakota with stores inWatertown Madison and Sioux Falls andit's absolutely crazy a hundred andthirty one years fifth-generation yeahcool stuff my man so with all the otherfurniture stores in Sioux Falls whatkind of sets you guys apart from therest well there's a couple of thingsthat really set us apart first is thewhole home experience and what I mean bythat is we literally do the whole homewe have flooring departments we havewindow treatment apartments mattressesfurniture lighting as you see behind usso we can come in with all of ourdesigners and put together the wholepackage that's one thing that reallysets us apart the next thing is is ifyou come into our showrooms and you'regoing into our competitors you willautomatically feel the difference we areall about fashion the upstream Leefashion forward and we have the talenton staff and the designers that can comeinto your home and make it feel like ourshowrooms so you are on trend beautifulbeautiful homes beautiful environmentsthat's what we create so my lastquestion to you what is your big whywhat what what gave you the spark toignite this dream and make it a realitywell we talk a lot about beautiful homesand happy people right and it's reallymy passion is home furnishings and soour why is coming to Montgomery's you'regoing to get an experience that youwon't have anywhere else in easternSouth Dakota when it comessurrounding yourself with beautifulthings in your home right so you comehere and you find the pieces that you'renot going to see anywhere elseand you're going to have the designersthat complimentary will come into yourhome and help you put that puzzletogether it's really something thatnobody else offers especially on thescale that we do so we're really excitedand proud of not only our heritage herein South Dakota but also what we offerthe consumer fantastic fantasticlastly we all are going to be hosting anevent here I've partnered up with a fewdifferent vendors in Sioux Falls so itincludes myself a lender a landscapertwo contractors and then their designersso you can come here on march 7th from 5o'clock to 8 o'clock and kind of meetyour dream renovation team if you willit'll be it's open to the public comecheck us out get some exposure as welland thank you so much for allowing me tohave this opportunity to talk with youEric it's been it's been a great timeand also lastly please don't forget todrop a name and the comment box belowI'd love to sit down with you and hearyour story until next week Zach winterssaved by the cell tenon

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