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Modern Home Design 2018 | Architecture & Interior Design | by Ar. Tanmai Hatekar

hi this is Ben my Hapuku I havegraduated from Saudi college ofarchitecture in the year 2015from there on after doing my internshipI have I am starting to establish myindividual practice since the year 2017till later I have completed a couple ofhigh-end residential projects as well asa couple of hospitality projects andtoday we will be talking about my ownhouse which I have designed in a Pulaalthough I am designing this house formyself the end-users are 7,000 squarefeet on the north west side of the blockwe haveplayground so there is a lot of windcoming from the northwest direction[Music]talking about the design of the bug nowe have used a lot of modern elementshowever we've also added the attach ofcontemporary design my father who has anestablished practice of build a ship inoculus of the last 25 to 26 yearshealthy with all the structural videosand I went ahead with the planning[Music]the concept for the facade is depictedextensively by the use of metal screensthese metal screens add a lot ofcharacter the house if you see thefacade we've used very subtle and Odintoneshowever those stark white metal screenadd a lot of character to the house theconcept behind the metal screen is thatof what I would like to say as beauty ofimperfections if you observe the designof the metal screen you will notice thatthere are no symmetrical lines orspecific shapes that we have created itis basically half as a lines and acomposition of triangles which adds acertain beauty to the whole house[Music]the packing is mostly made with granitestones as well we have seven quartersour home office and drivers dormitory inthe parking area the office will bemostly uses a Builders office ratherthan an architect's officethere are many contractors and vendorscoming for pavements on a daily basis sowe don't have a lot of book stations butyou will see a lot of waiting area forcontractors who keep coming and liberalsalso who keep coming on account of thiswe've given a separate entrance to theoffice which has the same functionmany schools againwe've used a lot of Italian mumbling inthe office as well asand stark white lights which[Music]surrounding the office as well as therest of the house we have a kitchengarden and we planted medicine andplants along the breadth of the house wealso have a smalltwo entrances one is situated in the that is why a Lilith lorrythe other one is situated on thenorthern facade of the housewhich is an open status new openstaircase is enclosed with the metalsand metal screen adds a lot of light andventilation to the status[Music]the concept of the steak is whileentering the house is such that you geta direct view of the Monday when youentering the housethis also cleanses the negativity andnegative emotion that a person mightcarry twice entering house it gives avery calming and soothing and a piouseffect when a new person is entering thehouse for the first time as soon as youenter the house of the stateĆ­s we findyourselves time standing at thethe Brahmas tan has a skylight which isa double-headed skylight which gives acentral lighting feature to the entirehouse there is our former city areaadjacent to the entrance and the otherside which is connected to the moneyto the dining and the kitchen we have anopen plan on the first floor as I hadmentioned before so it gives a very goodvolume and openness to the whole housewhich is was the basic demand by myparents as wellthe formal seating area has acontemporary feel attached with hints ofclassical design such as a lot of marblemoldings a subtle beige marble which wewhich is popularly known as Dynahas been used a lot of veneer and agolden wallpaper with a jute fabric hasbeen used when you enter the formal areayou have to enter through a partitionwhich also has a very classical designto it stark white colors contrastingwith gold and dark brown shades havebeen used in the interior the furniturethat you see in the area is importedfrom Italy[Music]the living room overlooks the dining andthe temple area the temple is located inthe northeast corner of the house facingthe eastern direction we have used onyxand a subtle partition with Dooku with ametallic finish and chamfer glasseswhich acts as a screen between thetemple and the dining area the diningtable is also made on-site with remnantsof the marble that we've used for theflooring[Music]make an open-plan for the house theceiling also follows a common theme ithas a continuous LED flowing from theliving until the dining and the kitchenarea[Music]designing your own house has anexhilarating experience in itself itmakes you pay attention to my newdetails but you otherwise overlooked inyour day-to-day lifeit also gives you a lot of boosts anddedication to work with similarideologies and similar dedication whenyou do other projects and it opensdifferent avenues of thought

Title: Modern Home Design 2018 | Architecture & Interior Design | by Ar. Tanmai Hatekar

About Project:
Project Name: Modern Residential Bungalow (Torna)
Location: Akola, Maharastra(MH30), India
Principal Designer: Architect Tanmai Hatekar
Plot Area: 7000 sq.ft
Built-up Area: 7500 sq.ft
Architect Contact: | 7770066246

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