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Miracle Minute #57 – 5 Outdoor Home Staging Tips

When selling your home, staging is a crucial element to ensure you receive top dollar!We usually focus on the inside of the house,but what about the outside?Here are five tips on outdoor staging in this week's Miracle Minute!One, clean your exterior windows and screens.If your windows are caked with dust or muck,buyers are going to wonder what's going on in the areas they can't see.Two, refresh your gardens and walkways.Weeds and overgrown bushes tell visitors you can't be bothered by the "small stuff."Spend a day removing plants and trimming flowers OR hire a professional landscaper to spruce things up!Three, refresh your home siding.A quick powerwash could be all it takes to remove years of dust and grime.You may attempt this task yourselfBut it is much better to hire a professional so you don't cause any damage to your siding.Four, update door fixtures and house address signage.Something as simple as a new doorknob or address numbers can give your home a refreshed look.Head to your local hardware store and in minutes you'll be happy with the new look.Five, clean patio furniture.Whether you have chairs on your front veranda or a dining set on your back decktired patio furniture can cost you big dollars when it comes time to negotiate with a potential buyer.By spending just a few days improving the look of the outside of your homeYou can increase the amount buyers are willing to offer and make your home the cleanest real estate listing on the block!That does it for this week's Miracle Minute!Contact me for more money saving staging tips!And of course don't forget to Like, Comment, and Share!I'll see you guys next week!

When selling your home, staging is a crucial element to ensure you receive top dollar. This week we look at five tips to help you with your outdoor home staging.

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