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Minneapolis Real Estate Agents: Staging Your Home For Sale

hello and welcome back to teamWeingarten's video blog I am EricWeingarten with Keller Williams thankyou so much for joining us todayand checking back in hey first to startoff if you're looking to purchase a newhome check out that home search tabbelow if you're interested in homevalues in the neighborhood or looking tosell your house and want to get a littleinsight check on that that home valuetab belowall right today's topic staging yourhome for sale all right so I put theother six points here that we're gonnago over all right number one your firstimpression is your only impression okayso what I mean by that is we're gonnaclean up the exterior house number oneand we're gonna clean up the entryway ofthe houseokay these are the first two things thatbuyers see when they walk up to thehouse all right you don't know how manyhomes or how many showings I getfeedbacks from the agents and they sayto me you know what we actually I had toconvince them to go on the home becausethey didn't like what they saw when theydrove up so this is little things I meanwe're talking you know just yard cleanupwe're talking you know maybe plantingsome smaller flowers some shrubbery youknow stuff like that I mean this issimple guys okayand then declutter that entryway okaywhen buyers walk in you got to rememberthat they're walking in with you know inbetween two to five six people at a timeso if there's a bunch of stuff in thatentryway it makes it tough for them toget a feel for the house right when theywalk in okay so decluttering theentryway is extremely important right sothat's point number onelet's get the house cleaned up on theexterior we're not talking massiverenovations here we're just talkinglittle things all right get it cleanedup number two inside of that first pointis declutter the entryway all right soour second point is let's always be showready all right we never know when thosehomebuyers are gonna be driving by okayand give us a call and say hey I want tosee this house I love this neighborhoodI've been interested in thisneighborhood we call set up the showingand we can't get in because the houseisn't ready to show all right so pointnumber two let's always be ready to sellthe house I know this is tough but it'sjust part of the process it only happensfor a small amount of time okay in pointnumber three kitchens and bathrooms aregonna sell your homes okayand again these are little things we'renot asking you to do total renovationssmall things like maybe changing out theknobs on the counter on the cabinetsputting some color you know towels andlittle knickknacks on the counter togive the kitchen some pop you know samewith the bathroom you're talking aboutshower curtains and rugs stuff like thatokaynumber number four all right this one'sthis one's an important topic and it's atough topic as well okay taking down thepersonal photosokay people always ask me this questionwhy do I have to do this is my housewell number one you're moving so let'sget that prepared to move number twowhen a buyer walks into your home whatthey're trying to do is envisionthemselves living in the house okay andwhen they see your family okay or youand your pictures up in that house itbecomes tough for them to put themselvesinside of that house so they canactually make the connection betweenthat house and them raising their familythere or living there themselves okay soget rid of those personal pictures okaywe don't need to take down everythingbut remember that we're moving so at theend of the day let's make it look likewe're moving okay ahnumber six are number five I'm sorry forthose of you who are pet owners we needto make sure that we're how do we putthis getting those making those petowners are those pets and they're litterboxes or whatever you have put away okaynot everybody likes cats not everybodylikes dogs not everybody likes birdswhatever pet you have so we're trying tomarket here to the masses to make youguys the most amount of money in theshortest amount of time so if everybodyliked them I wouldn't be talking aboutit but unfortunately it's not the caseso let's hide those on those pet boxeslet's hide the dog toys let's hide allthe stuff that make throw objections outthere that would cause somebody not towant to purchase your home all right innumber six hire an informed agent whounderstands the marketplace that canprice your properly well property wellokay you guys are doing a lot of work tomake sure that you guys get the moneythat you guys deserve and the time thatyou deserve okay hire somebody whounderstands the marketplace and how tohelp you achieve your goals all right ifthere's any questions give me a callokay we can do a walkthrough on yourhouse help you get into that place whereyou can make the most amount of moneypossible in the shortest amount of timeokay my phone numbersix one two six nine five five nine ninezero again six one two six nine fivefive nine nine zero and you can alwaysreach out to us on team Weingarten calmthanks a lotlook forward to talking you soon

Today I want to share the six essential points you need to remember when staging your home for sale. First, you must remember that a buyer’s first impression is their only impression. This means the exterior of your home needs to be cleaned and the entryway needs to be decluttered. Second, your home always needs to be show-ready. To learn all six essential points of home staging, watch my latest video.


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