[Music]hello to my YouTube peoples welcome tothe weirdos welcome to anyone who'scoming to my channel so today I amstarting out a new series on thisawesomecool app called MC furniture which Idownloaded from the App Store and I'mgoing to test it out I'm starting offwith these bathroom items so I'm gonnatry it out the bathroom sink which isthis like one here it's at the top asyou can kind of see hey maybe if I clickon it it'll be better there we go Ithink you can see better nowso this these are like the materialsthat we need to make this cool sink e-maBob so let's go to minecraft so we arenow in minecraft that was a really coollike thing over there that distract meso much it's really cool homeland cuffsjust that like circle thing I'd alsodidn't notice up before now soanything's everyday is this a ravinewell it certainly looks a deep enough tobe a ravine I think it's a ravine atleast I'm still minecraft oh it's darkbut nope dark out of here there'sthere's cold air I think this is aravine I'm like I said I have aMinecraft noob so owwow I'm an idiot okay and there's avillage mr. sheep I didn't know therewas a village there is a village herethis would have been the perfect placeto do like a Survival Series cuz they'resort of Union you can get things fromright thereand there's a village that you can getcrops now all you need is to chop downthose trees that are just right thereand you can have like a perfect littleplace here I'm very jealous because thisisa creative world I can't believe this II'm just gonna rage quit just we'regonna sit here in silence and say didyou enjoy that like little one second ofsilence I got my things that are in thatdid you notice so we're back herebecause I wanted to find the directionson how to build since I have my stuffand I was just looking and there is nodirections it's just here's a picturefollow it do it so I guess I'm justgonna have to wing it let's go let's dothis we are back in the world of minicraft and let's just get started withthe building shall we the building asink so I was thinking of maybe tryingto do a double sink I don't know I kindof want to just follow the directionsjust to kind of be like yeah this iswhat happened but I also think that itlooks so easy and simple that it mightbe best if I like try and do something Idon't know I'm just kind of taking andclear in my head let's just fill in thespots no one no one asked you know Shhit's our little secretmy weirdos on the youtubes should I justcall like my subscribers my weirdosthat's all that seems very appropriate Iam a weirdo anyone who subscribes andlikes me is probably also a weirdo so Ithink that's what your name is going tobe like how people call they're likefandoms like names your guys are goingto be my weirdos so let's start withthis thing we have the cauldrons here Ithink they're supposed to have water inthem but in water will not go in it andI just got an empty bucket what is goingon I don't see any water in there I'mvery confused if I think if I'm toppingit with likejust it's like fishing the normal bucketlike look weird and if I tap it with thenormal bucket I get like another bucketof water so I thought I don't know but Ithought you were supposed to like beable to like put water and cauldrons butI guess notso I guess this is the Finnish sink thiswas a lot easier than I thought it wasgonna be WowI feel really dumb right now thinkingthat was gonna be like really hard thattook me like ten secondsso I hope you liked this video I guessthis is the end I mean there's stuff onthe sides there's like extra room butwhatever we'll just leave that but Ihope you guys like this video if you didplease give it a thumbs up and tell mein the comments if you like the sink Ithink it's a beautiful sink it's verylovelyeveryone loves sink including me sinksare just my favorite so please subscribeif you want to see more content likethis I am trying to upload as much aspossible hoping to make two or morevideos a week just starting now so yeahplease support me in my beginnings of ayoutube journey and that's pretty muchit for this video thanks for watchingsee y'all later[Music]

In this first episode of this new series, I am building a bathroom sink!! If you want to check out this app please go to your game store and download MC Furniture! Hope you enjoy the video!!

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