Master Bathroom Decorating Ideas & Tour on a Budget|Home Decorating Series

[Music][Music]hello everyone its Michelle today I'mgoing to show you my master bathroomI've done a lot of changes in here solet's go ahead and jump right on in okayguys so I'm going to pan around thisarea right here first the side of thebathroom and then I'll get into where Igot everything from and what I did soover here I installed these two lightfixtures which I installed a while agoand I did those myselfI've also replaced the build degrademirror with these two glam mirrorsbecause the look I was going for in thisbathroom was really a glam spot lookokay so the Mayoress came from Lowe'sand I was lucky because I got them athalf off the tile black backsplash thatyou see I installed that myself it wasvery easy to do I love the colors that Ichose I got that from Lowe's and thecolors in here and basically I'm goingwith Gray's whites and teal the color ofthe wall is repose gray by SharonWilliams and also my vanity it used tobe a honey oak colorI took my general finish's stain gelstain in the color Java and I made thisover completelyI changed the knobs I have these it'sthey're sort of like rhinestone knobsnow I ordered those from Amazon I lovethem here I just have this tray that Igot from home goods and I made thatfloral arrangement right there I've gotthe flowers from Walmart theball holder is from home goods and thelarge apothecary jar is from BurlingtonCoat Factory and the potpourri that'sinside that soap dispenser over there isfrom home goods as well and I've hadthat for a while I changed all of mylight outlet covers to this foam colorand right now I have this bath andBodyworks Wallflowersmells really really good and then thehand towel over there I got the set fromAmazon and I'll have the link below forthe a set of teal toaster they reallyare a true teal and then over here abovethe toilet area I have this teal rugthat I got from Burlington Coat FactoryI have two shelves that I made myself Iwent to loans I've got the wood cut andI bought the brackets and Ispray-painted the brackets a champagnecolor and I painted the shelves whitethese are 12 inches deep and 27 incheswide so they're really big andsubstantial loans does cut the wood forfree and this was a really cheap way toget to solid wood shelves above mybathroom and I have just abouteverything I got on the shelves I gotfrom either HomeGoods Ross or TJ mixedso I just took my spray paint and Ispray painted them white came out reallyreally good these two candles I also gotfrom home goods and they were veryinexpensive the little plant I got thatfrom Marshalls up here this apothecaryjar I put Epsom salt and I heard thatforever that picture is from kirklands Ithink that was only like twelve dollarsand that I just fold it fold it over towhite towels put there and then overhere on the other side of my shower Ihave all of these candles here and I'llshow you that again in a minute this bigpicture I got that from Kirkland andthat was a super sweet deal becausethat's a huge picture and I got a 50%off and I did my went spin2win app and Ithink I only paid $25 for that pictureover here I have another rug and a handtowel and then I have this ottoman herethat's also in a teal with a nail headtrim I got that from Burlington CoatFactory and that was super superaffordable the walls I painted a graythat is actually repose gray by SherwinWilliams and I got that from Lowe's itwas the first thing I did was to paintit these curtains I got these curtainsfrom Burlington to and I think I want tofeel like 11 dollars for this set it wasso cheap I was like but first I wasgonna make my own curtains and I waslike oh $11 Knopf take that over here onthe other side of the curtain when youfirst walk in the door I put I boughtthis this cabinet here this whitecabinet from overstock and because thisbathroom does not have a linen closet Ikeep all my towels and everything inthere mainly towels washcloths andthings like that so that was a greatdeal because this provides a lot ofstorageover here the curtains are hung them allthe way to the ceiling and I did installthe I did install the curtain rod myselfand I have them where they hang rightabove where the tub begins so from theceiling to right above with a bit wherethe tongue begins this right here thisis a centerpiece I made from basicallyeverything from the Dollar Tree I justused some washi tape there's a smallthere's a small vase when I put theepson salt in there and then I just putthe roses in and the vase on the righthas some sponges and then the base onthe left has soaps and that top actuallycame from another apothecary jar I hadthat broke and I kept the top and itfits on top of this Dollar Tree vaseperfectly so I just use some silverwashi tape to kinda you know jazz it upa little bit and then I put it on acharger that I had gotten from theDollar Tree and then I just put some onsome of those acrylic gems in there so Ilike the way that looks and it's goodstorage and it looks good so right abovethis I hung these towels and I did likea double towel and I put the teal towelon top and then I put a white I rolledup a white towel and put it on theinside[Music]the only thing I'm using to hold this upon my towel bar is just a rubber bandI took a wide rubber band and I gatheredthem up and just tied the rubber bandaround it now I am looking for sometassels to put on this so it hangs downright in front but I haven't found whatI really wanted yet so guys I want tothank you all for watching I'm gonnatake you around the room one more timeif you haven't subscribed already pleasego ahead and hit the subscribe buttonbecause I have a lot of home decorvideos coming up and they're gonna becoming up quick I'm gonna be doing myguest bathroom next because that one isdone it's ready so I'm gonna show youwhat I did I'm gonna talk more about howI installed it the decorative tilebacksplash and any questions you haveabout the bathroom leave it below andI'll do my best to answer them not tomention that the teal tea light candleholders are from the Dollar Tree I justadded a strip of silver washi tape atthe top and three candles that arecentered around it are from home goodsand I think there were only like $2.99each and then the huge apothecary jarover there is also from Burlington CoatFactory guys thanks for hanging out withme today and checking out my bathroom Ihope you took some ideas I hope youenjoyed the tour and I will see you inmy next video bye bye[Music][Music]

Master Bathroom Decorating Ideas & Tour on a Budget|Home Decorating Series

Sharing the updates I’ve done to my master bathroom.
I hope you enjoy! I have a series of home decor videos I will be releasing in the coming weeks. My guest bathroom is next, the series will include every room in the house. I will also include my kitchen renovations.

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