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Managing a Home Staging Project

broadcast is now starting all attendeesare in listen-only mode hello everyoneand welcome to our discussion on how tomanage your staging projects and designmanager my name is Brad and I'll behosting the demonstration today if youhave questions during the webinar feelfree to enter them into the questionspane under GoToWebinar panel if thequestion is outside of the scope oftoday's discussion please email them tosupport a design manager comm and lastlyif you miss a portion of the webinar orwant to review any of our pastdiscussions go to our youtube channel atdesign man and your ink design manager INC for a complete listing of all sortsof topics including Quick Start videosshort helpful tutorials and morecomprehensive webinars like today'spresentation included project managementcourses accounting courses and thenthere's a listing of all of our weeklywebinars as well okay let's get startedproperly managing the logistics andfinances under staging jobs is actuallyquite simpleand design manager briefly it will beKorean two projects one to manage theselection and delivery of themerchandise itself and a second for allthe finances of the project includingdeposits expenses invoicing the clientpayments etc in our experience there arereally two main types of firms thatoffer staging services wanted to havetheir own accessible inventory and onesat least a merchandise from suchcompanies and return the goods at theend of the project I'll demonstrate bothsuch situations as they're actuallyquite similar let's begin with thescenario that our company is providingthe inventory now I've already gone andcreated the two necessary projects forour brass inking client so let's go toour project window and we'll focus onour brass eatin projects and there theyare now I've used a project names ofbrass eaten staging management and brasseatin staging finances to differentiatebetween the two but you can use anyterminology that you see fit I wouldjust suggest to do so usingthe nomenclature throughout your companyfor consistency let's begin with thebrass eaton finances project first soit's already highlighted I'm just goingto hit my items button which as most ofyou know jumps us right to ourspecifications window and as you can seeI have no items created yet rememberwe're gonna be processing all of ouraccounting through this project and assuch we went want to actually create aproposal for our services and perhapseven ask for a deposit or retainerthough this step is not certainly notrequired we can make a very simplesingular item for our staging servicesand let's do so so I'm gonna go aheadand click the Add button in the bottomleft which brings us to our item windowclient description staging services forcompressing ttan residents and of courseyou could add much more detail whatrooms etc that you see fit in theirlocationlet's do throughout it's just fine thequantity and unit of measurecompletely unnecessary though you couldput something in there that you findapplicable if desired and the same goesfor the budgeting traditionally youwould it be budgeting on a per itembasis the sales category let's jump toour staging services sales category andif we take a peek at that you can seethat all of my revenue accounts are setfor my staging services except for thedesign time or billable time which wouldbe different now I could just simplyinput the price I'm going to be chargingI'm is brass content for the stagingright into my total estimated price sayit's an even 15,000 and if I did requirea deposit I could input that as well orjust let design manager calculate it forme but let's say we wanted to do an even5,000 and the costs in this case reallymeans nothing this is going to be theservices thenselves that were going to be billing tomiss Brassica and if we click okay therewe have our staging services item readyfor making our proposal if necessary andif that's part of our business model todo so let me show you how we would do itfrom here we jump over to our proposalswindow off of our documents frame put inour brass engine finances project and asyou can see we have no proposals createdwe have just one option to add or createa new one and now we're on our newproposal window and the name of coursedefaults to the name of the projectwhich is about pricing some stagingfinances I might just change that tobrassy to staging I'll be leaving thedates all set to today's date you wouldof course change that as necessary Ipreferred a modern format of ourproposal but you can choose of coursetheir residential which has a moreperhaps personal correspondence feel thecommercial has your sort of classiccolumns almost like a purchase order butI'm going to go ahead and use the modernformat pictures don't really not matterin this case is we don't have anypictures for the services themselves soall we have to do is tag or select ouritem and upon doing so notice that ourtotals recalculate in the bottom leftcorner in Pennsylvania or Philadelphiaspecifically for the brass ting tingresidence all goods and services aretaxable so that's being displayed for mecreating a total estimated amount of theproposal and there's our five thousanddollar depositbeing shown as well if we click OKdesign manager will generate a previewof the proposal for our review and thereit is and as I said here's the modernformat very simple we have our locationof throughout basically throughout theresidence there's our description theamount our sales tax and they're evenconveniently listed in bold is thedeposit that we're requesting at thispoint to approve or process the proposalI simplyclose the Print Preview button windowand click the accept button and there wego and there is our proposal now listedon our proposals and documents window[Music]obviously I went through that processquite quickly and there's a lot moresophistication to the proposal windowand the process itself for much morein-depth discussion be sure to check outour project management course oneproposals where I go into an in big andin-depth description of all of thesetopics plus a whole lot more okay now wejust told them is brass Canton that wewant to we expect a $5,000 deposit tobegin the staging services so let'simagine that we send our proposal offshe accepts our terms and go ahead andprocess the cheque for us to record thatcheque we then jump off of our projecttab move over to our accounting area andunder our accounts receivable frame wecan see our cash receipt button anyfunds coming in from the client alwaysgo through the client cash receiptwindow which is accessible by clickingthe Add button in the bottom left cornerfrom here we just put in the appropriateprojectthere's our staging finances project theamount let's say she gave us exactly ourfive thousand again I'm going to justleave the date set to today's date butof course you could change that to theday of the jack or the date thechecklist received etc payment type wasa check and put that check number andnow all we have to do is go ahead andselect our proposal which already comesup as being defaulted to requesting orexpecting a five thousand dollar paymentand when I stag it my deposit is thenlisted in the totals in the bottom leftcorner which matches my receiptperfectly and I have a difference ofzero so I can go aheadin process now let's say however thoughthat your firm doesn't make a proposalfor our staging services you may have aboilerplate contract that you actuallygive to the client and they simply remitthe funds as necessary well if you don'thave a proposal and there's some initialfunds coming in you would simply recordthose as a retainer rather than adeposit on our proposal to do that verysimilar just click your ad button againput in the project again let's say itwas five thousand ms brass anton paid bea check and now rather than selectingour proposal line for our deposit wewould highlight our retainer linethere's always one line on our depositsand retainer grid just for retainers andclick the edit button as indicated bythe pencil to input the amount youalways have to manually input a retaineras if no way design manager could assumeany value for it five thousand dollarsinitial staging deposit retainer andthere we go and that would simply goahead and post the retainer as opposedto the deposit itself so you can handlethe initial funds either way designmanager will handle it perfectly for younow I'm just going to go ahead anddelete that retainer as we'll processour funds as a deposit on the proposalgo ahead click our post button signmanager always warns you when you'regoing to process any physical activityin the program and we go ahead andactually record it and process that$5,000 check from this brass eaten infact we could even see that if we goback to our proposal window and nowhere's our staging proposal we can seeeven that we've received that depositand even conveniently the clients chequenumber and check date as well for muchmore discussion on deposit and retainersin design managerplease view our accounting courses oneclient deposit and retainers webinaragain I go into a great detail on theprocesses and functionality of both ofthose transactions at that point okayalright so those are two ways to handlepre payments from your client which willultimately be used against the finalinvoice but many design firms that offerstaging services also require a securitydeposit for the merchandise being stagedthis could be handled in one of two waysfirst you can record the securitydeposit as a retainer for the clientjust as I demonstrated doing so willappropriately categorize the funds as aliability on your balance sheet ashopefully you'll be returning the moneyto the client at the end of the projecthaving the security deposit recorded asa retainer has one major benefit and nowwe can use the extremely convenientclient returns in credits window toeasily refund or return the deposit aswe'll see in just a little bit so let'sgo ahead and imagine that we arerequesting up oh I don't know $1500security deposit as well so back to ouraccounting and cash receipts all fundscoming into design manager always gothrough the same convenient andconsistent window of our cash receiptssince it is a client based transactionwe'll go ahead and click the Add buttonto get to our client cash receipt windowand again we'll put in our financesproject $1500 again I'll just usetoday's date check different checknumber and as it is a retainer I have toinput the amount explicitly so I'llclick our edit button type in our 1500Blessington security depositokay I've got my retainer already taggedfor usit matches the receipt perfectly and Ican go ahead and post a security depositas a retainer now let's take a look atone of our reports to analyze ourdeposits of retainers under our projectreports we see our deposit analysisreportvery handy report for monitoring anydeposits retainers and the applicationthereof on your invoices so I would addthat to my favorites so I can easilyfind it and track it down as needed solet's run that for our finances projectand here we can very clearly see here'sour security deposit recorded as aretainernotice that my transaction descriptionvery important in these cases tells meexactly what those funds are for andhere is our $5,000 deposit on ourstaging proposal as well clearlyindicated very easy to read andunderstand and be able to track thesefunds as we'll see throughout theproject now the only potential drawbackin this procedure is that the securitydeposit is going to be included withyour other natural client deposits forstaging and other design servicesbasically it's all processing throughour singular client deposit liabilityaccount now if you or your accountingprofessional would rather have securitydeposit funds record it in a differentaccount that can be done as well thoughthe process is a bit different so let meexpand upon that a little bit first wewould obviously need an account tohandle those funds so if we go to ourcounting tab again move down to ourgeneral general ledger frame and clickour accounts button we can see I'vecreated a client deposit client securitydeposit liability accountnow the accounts going to be a liabilityas the monies don't technically belongto our companywe're simply holding them until thecompletion of the staging project wherehopefully they'll be returned in full tothe client provided there's been nodamage to the goods and there is ourvery simple client security depositaccount unlike our traditional clientdeposit account we can't use the clientcast receipt window to enter the fundsdirectly into the security depositaccount rather we didn't record themoney using the miscellaneous cashreceipt window though it is very similarwe go back to our accounting back tocash receipts again all funds going intothe into your company go through cashreceipt window but rather than clickingthe Add button we'll simply click theadd Mis Mis C or add miscellaneousbutton instead and again it's imaginethat it was a cheque that could usecheck50 36 transaction descriptionpricing 10 security deposit we'll usethat for the name as well the amountwasn't even 1,000 and we'll use ourclient security deposit liabilityaccount account number 24,000 and noticethere's no way on the miscellaneous cashreceipt winner to associate it with aparticular project so it is veryimportant that you use your transactiondescriptions and the receipt name tohelp you identify the funds themselvesif we go ahead and click OK now we cansee our receipt ready for posting andwe'll be actually entering it into thatclient security deposit liabilityaccount upon postinggo ahead and now if we look at ouraccount inquiry report under our generalledger reports there's our accountinquiry I'll add that to our favoritesas well let's take a look at theactivity in our 24,000 client's securitydeposit account ah and there it is andwe can see our miscellaneous cashreceipt is putting those funds directlyin to our account and we can see by ourtransaction description that it is forthe Brazelton projects you could use theproject code whatever type ofterminology or verbage that's gonna helpyou identify what that transaction isfor okay now that we've discussed someof the initial financing for our stagingproject let's move over to is selectingthe merchandise managing delivery all ofthose types of activities and to do sowe'll go back to our project tab go toour project specifications and now we'llbe focusing on the actually stagingmanagement project rather than thefinances project and as you can see I'vealready added a few items from ourinventory to do so as many of you I'msure know if we want to add some moreitems from inventory we click theinventory button on the add item frominventory window we could type in ourstock number or we could simply searchlet's get some accessories here howabout this mirror go ahead and click OKand just like that I'm adding an iteminto inventory if we take a look at it Icould put that into the master bedroomwith the other items and we can even seewe do have our cost and pricing beinglisted here now thatcould absolutely be the case I mayactually sell this merchandise toclients in the future or it's a showroomitem that a client could come in andcertainly purchase so it's absolutelyfine if the pricing is in the item andyou may desire to do so you could removeit if you wanted to but it really willmake no difference as we'll seemomentarily and I could add as manyitems as I need let's go ahead and addanother one just for our demonstrationhow about the side table and they couldput that into the bedroom hall perhapsthere we go and so on and so forthnow we can actually go and create aproposal to showcase our stagingconcepts once we've entered in all ofour specifications to do so we'll go toour proposal tab our proposal buttonparmie and now we'll select our stagingmanagement project instead just like wemade it proposal for our servicesthemselves we can go ahead and showcaseall of the items we've selected from isbrass anton just like we did beforewe'll click our Add button and we'll goahead and select all of our items thoughwe do recall we see all of our pricingin there well that's pricing for thepurchase of these of this merchandisebut we can use our brand-new modernno pricing format that's going to simplynot display any of that information goahead and change our name to perhapsBlessington merchandisewe'll leave today's date that's justfine we can go ahead and click OKand notice in this format of the modernversion we have all of the items beinglisted within their particular locationsbedroom hallway master bedroom and whichis simply displaying all the theproducts the world of the merchandisethat we're going to be used in ourstaging project without any of thatpricing and we can go ahead and click OKand accept our presentation or ourshowcasing proposal of all of the goodsthat we're going to be staging nowanother great feature in design managerprofessional cloud is the ability tomake delivery tickets to assist in thecoordination and tracking of themerchandise - and even from the siteitself to make a delivery ticket we stayon our project management tab under ourdocuments frame and now we're going toclick our project delivery ticketsbutton which gets us to our deliveryticket window again since we're handlingall of the management of the staging atthis point we'll put in a brass intonstaging management project so we cancreate a delivery ticket click our Addbutton very similar in in functionalityto the proposal window and here on ournew delivery ticket window again we seeall of our items listed for us I'll usetoday's date which is just fine ofcourse with a delivery you may want toschedule that into the future and youabsolutely could do so you could choosewhether or not to include the pictureswe might as well that helps our deliveryteam know exactly what taking with usI'm going to use the option of using theclients site address we want all of themerchandise to be taken right over tomiss brass infants residents on our newdelivery ticket window we can see thelocation the reference number thedescription of the goods the quantityand unit of measurethat's the original quantitythen we have quantities for what's beendelivered in the past what's beenshipped in the past and what we'redelivering on this ticket and I'll gointo detail on those quantities in justa moment I'll go ahead and use our tagall option to have design managerautomatically select all the items forus and let's take a look at our deliveryticket by clicking the ok button to getto our delivery ticket print previewwindow and here it iswe can see we're shipping right to Mizbrass Anton's apartment residence andwithin the body of the delivery ticketwe see the location which is veryconvenient of course the description ofthe item of picture which makes ourdelivery team happy how my how the unitthe quantity and unit of the merchandisewhat's going to be delivered at thispoint and notice the quantity shipped isleft blank that's intended for thedelivery team to actually fill in whatwas truly shipped or deposited at thesite itself in case something had tocome back for damage there is any sometypes of rejection upon those who arereceiving the goods etc that could bedenoted as well then we see all theother goods all the way through ourdelivery ticket and there's even a spaceat the bottom of the document forsomeone I'd miss bracing ttan site toactually sign that they've received thegoods themselves if that's required andwe'll go ahead and close and accept ourdelivery ticket to process it now we caneven set the shipped quantities as wellso the delivery team comes back with ourdelivery ticket and if some of themerchandise was not actually taken tothe residence that can be input as welland to do so just put the edit buttonand we can highlight each item andsimply input the shipped quantity toindicate that not only was it attemptedto be delivered it was in fact shippedto the residentsif you have a large delivery ticket itmay actually be easier to set theseshipped quantities for all of the itemsand just change the ones that did notactually get taken to the site in thatcase when you're adding the deliveryticketjust click the set shut the sent shippedquantity option and then design managerwill set this shipped quantity to thedelivered quantity and you can just editthe delivery ticket to indicate theunfortunate circumstance where a piecedid not actually make it to theresidence all of that is being trackedthroughout design manager you canactually see that under the projectspecifications on our status tab we cansee along the bottom the delivery ticketnumber the date what was actuallyattempted to be delivered and what wastruly shipped as well you can evencreate a delivery ticket when the goodis becoming returned from the site to dothat you click your ad button change theyou site address to allow you to input adesignated shipped to address in thiscase we'd be bringing it right back toour company itself and then we could goahead and processa second delivery ticket now we'retaking the goods back to our our companylocation itself another way to track orreflect upon or manage the deliveryinformation besides the item windowitself is another report under ourproject management reports ordertracking we have a report just fordelivery and shipping so if we take alook at our brass Canton managementproject I could show our various itemsin a wide variety of different scenariosI could see everything that's going tobe delivered but it's but not shippedthat's not yet delivered that has beendelivered and shipped etc and here wecan see I'm showing our three pieces inthe the bedroom and our piece in thehallway that were delivered but I hadn'tyet set the shipped quantity as well soyou can use your delivery and shippingreport to really keep abreast and andmanage the actual transport of all themerchandise as well now your company maybe handling multiple staging projectssimultaneously so your your warehouseteam can monitor what inventory itemsare currently being staged or selectedfor staging using the committed analysisreport under inventory reports let'stake a look at that report and I'llprint it just for our brass Antonproject as an example and notice on thecommitted analysis report we could runthis for all of our projects and veryeasily see what inventory items arecommitted to which projects and therethey are along with all the costs ofthose the value of those goods as wellnow I touched upon many inventoryrelated topics so for a much morein-depth presentation be sure to checkout our inventory pro cloud webinar aswellokay now let's imagine that our stagingproject has been completed themerchandise returned and now it's timeto finalize some of the accounting andsome of the housekeeping aspects of theproject management itself first let's goahead and create a final invoice formiss brass Eden that would get us backon our accounting tab and we can see ourfirst option is our client invoicebutton we're going to go ahead and clickthe add invoice button in the bottomleft I will put in our finances projectagain I'll just use today's date againthat's absolutely fine transactiondescription Blessington stagingtransaction description on the invoiceis for internal use only that won'tappear on the invoice itself I'll goahead and select or tag our stagingservices item and we can see along thebottom we have the price of the servicesthere's our tax according to PA rulesnotice our deposits automatically beingapplied for us yielding a balance due ofeleven thousand two hundred click OK andnow we can actually print and processthe invoice itself I'll stick to ourmodern format and there we go we can seeour services fee the sales tax the totalthe application of our deposit and thecurrent balance due form is brass eatenand accept and there's our invoicenow obviously there's a much moreinformation on invoicing process thanwhat I just demonstrated so again besure to check out our accounting courseto client invoices and billing reportsfor a far greater explanation on all theconcepts related to in bushing yourclient now at this point we can justsend the invoice off to miss brass Antonand Anna wait final payment which wouldeffectively conclude our dealings withthe client but there's still a few moredetails to which to attend what aboutthat security deposit well we need toreturn that to miss brockington and as Istated earlier since we recorded as theretainer we can use the client returnsin credits window to easily do so toreturn that deposit we go to ouraccounts receivable frame under ouraccounting tab and click the returns andcredits button and all we have to do onthe client returns in credits window issimply tell design manager what weretyped for attempting to do starting withwhich project well that's our brass Etonfinances the refund type let's write acheck to the client we're gonna refundfor a retainer upon clicking theretainer option notice many thingshappen the window gets recalibrated orregenerated to just show us theavailable retainer and we can enter inthe refund amount I in best casescenario we'll be refunding the entireamount but of course you could reducethat to denote any damages etc if thatdoesn't fortunately occur the date oftheir refund the fiscal periodtransaction this description defaults tocredit memo but I could change that toreturn security depositour total refund is conveniently shownin red along the bottom right corner andsimply by clicking okdesign manager will process that refundfor us and now we're asked hey we'vealready processed there the refund wouldyou like to go see where we can print acheck for that sure by clicking yesdesign manager jumps us right throughour payments in print checks window andright up top we can see our our entryfor our deposit to refund listed for usand then we could go ahead and actuallyprocess the check if desired now if welook back on our deposit analysis reportfor our brass Anton finances let's seewhat new entries are available to bedisplayed we can see here is oursecurity deposit coming in and this isus refunding it as we just processedthrough our clients returns and creditswindow there's our original deposit andnow we have an entry for our invoicewhere we're actually utilizing orapplying that deposit as well so byhaving all of our financial activity inthat one singular project we really havea nice linear display of all of thevarious financial activity particularlyregarding funds coming in and beingapplied to invoices etc what about theother security deposit that I recordedyou into the security deposit liabilityaccount well we can create a refundcheck for that as well but the processis a bit less automated here's how to doso in that case we'd go to ouraccounting tab and go to our bills andinvoices button on our accounts payableframeon our vendor deposit invoices operatingexpenses window we click the Add buttonand we're going to enter a expense thevendor or payee in this case would be Msbrassy - now notice I've already createda one-time or single-use vendor asindicated by the superscript and thenumber zero zero zero one that gotcreated automatically through thereturns and credits process that we justdid for the security deposit as aretainer if that wasn't an optionyou could add a one-time vendor or payeejust by clicking the one-time button andfilling out all the information and youcan see we're creating a little uniqueone-time code for me invoice number willbe something along the lines of returnsecurity deposit today's date is justfine transaction description as wellperhaps maybe we say turn brass tintindeposit now we'll click the Add buttonto add our amount and accountdistribution and in this case veryimportantly the account we're going touse would be our client security anddeposit account in other words we'regoing to be taking the funds out of thataccount to return to ms brass Anton andI think I used a thousand in thisexample now all we have to do is clickOK and actually post or process thatexpense and when we do so back on ourpayments and checks window we can seeanother entry and there is our refund ofthe security depositrun again I could go ahead and process acheck back to miss brass inton and if wehead back to our account inquiry reportand take a look at our security depositaccountwe can see our original deposit going inor increasing the value and then thereturn of the brass engine depositbringing that balance back down to zeroso a very handy report to track all ofthose transactions as well if we want tomaintain our security deposits in aseparate liability accountnow speaking of expensesI've been demonstrating under theassumption that our internal team memberor delivery team is going to be doingthis shipping and installation etc butwhat if that's not the case what if wehire a third party delivery company tohandle those duties well they'recertainly gonna want payment at somepoint in that scenario we would go backto arms our bills and invoices buttonalong our accounts payable frame to getto our vendor invoices window just as wedid for the security deposit we wouldadd and this would be another expenselet's say we have a shipping companythat handles all of the delivery andinstallation for us they send us aninvoice invoice date transactiondescription for asking ten deliveryinstall and now by clicking our Addbutton to get our count distributionconveniently I already have myinstallation delivery cost of goods soldaccount appearing for us because I lookat my vendor window for our deliveryteam on the defaults tab I've associatedthe expense account or in this case thecost of goods sold account with thevendor so I don't need to remember itdesign manager will automaticallydefault it conveniently for me let's saythey charged us I don't know twelvefifty to do so click OK and we're readyto go nowif I went and process and posted thisexpense the cost of the delivery wouldgo directly into our installationdelivery cost of goods sold accountbasically as an overall company expensebut what if I wanted to track our jobcosting with a greater degree of detailand I wanted to associate this deliverycharge directly with our Brazeltonproject well I could do that as well sorather than using the non project orcompany-wide expense in that case I'duse the project related option andnotice that the window againreconfigures here I would select oursales category I have one forinstallation and if we examine thatquickly we can see that all of my costof goods are going to that exact same 59100 installation delivery cost of goodsaccount I have our mountain still I putin our brassy intent finances projectdesign manager then asked me if I'd liketo update my mark-up etc there's no needI'm not going to be marking up thecharge at allthough I could if desired I'm going tocreate a new item within the stagingfinances project I could use thelocation of throughout again I couldleave it set to merchandise I could setto freight what-have-you absolutelydoesn't matter because all of myinstallation accounts are set to thesame cost of goods sold account but I'llchange it to install labor just forconsistency I can see the cost to theclient and I can even enter in adescription for both my information andperhaps the clients if necessarydelivery for Rossington staging now if Idon't intend to actually invoice msBrazelton for this delivery charge itthat cost is already embedded in my ownfee and I'm never going to invoice thisI want to use the option of bypasswith bypass working process this willput that 1215 hour cost directly intoour installation delivery cost of goodssold account now if that is further ifthat is how your company handles all ofyour staging and you will never ininvoice the client for individualcharges for delivery you can actuallyconfigure the project at the onset goback to our projects window and at thebrass in tin oopsthe brass Anton finances project on thedefaults go to advanced markup there'san option for bypass working process ifI selected on the project design managerwould always push that cost directlyinto cost of goods sold rather thanprocessing it through your work andprocess account now if the concept theworking process is new to you orunfamiliar be sure to check out our workand process webinar as that's afundamental accounting concept in thedesign accounting model okay now we cango ahead and click OKand I'm gonna post or process ourexpense and upon doing so back in ourprojects for the finances we can seethere is my delivery staging item wellwhere is our item for our services thathas simply proceeded on the completedstage as it's been invoiced in full butwhat we're doing is we're keeping ouritem for our revenue or our fees for ourservices we're also accumulating all ofour expenses into one singular projectand if we look at a report such as ourproject profit and loss another handyone to attach to our favoriteswe can see just by looking at our profitand loss for the brass Anton financesthere's our revenue here are our cost ofgoods sold or would you categorize themas an expense you could do so as wellfor the delivery itself yielding our netincome so we're encapsulating all thefinancial activity into that singularproject and again in fact if it was mybusiness model too not to simply chargemy designstaging fees as the staging services andthen charge the individual deliverycharges I could absolutely do that aswell and simply make an invoice for ourto pass on the cost of the deliveryteam's work another scenario where Imight need to invoice for somethingother than the staging services wellwhat happens if the client wants to keepsome of our merchandise well that's easyas well let's jump over to our manageour staging our partner managementproject and let's imagine that the theclient wants to keep the night stand asan example I can simply jump to my treeview and I'm going to copy the nightstand and I'm going to then switch overto our finances project and paste itright in and there we can see it nowI've got a copy of the night stand overinto the particular project and I can goto our invoicing for our finances andthere it is there's our delivery and ournight stand as well so very simple ifthe client does want to keep some of themerchandise which is certainly not anuncommon scenariookay now the last step we need to returnthe merchandise to inventory from ourstaging project and we can do so in afew waysback on our specifications for ourmanagement project I can simply edit theitem go on the component and click theuncommitted inventory option by savingthe item notice it's no longer indicatedfrom inventory and if we look at ourinventory window there's our queen bed Ihave none indicated as committed and wecan even see here's where I committed itto the original project and there is usremoving it via the uncommit functionnow very simple I could do that for eachof the items there is a more automatedway as well this method preserves theexact merchandise that was originallystaged for Miss Brazelton but if I don'twant to keep a record of that or it'snot important to me or I already have myoriginal proposal etc saved and stored Icould simply delete each of the itemsout of the project which automaticallycommits it back into inventory or ineven a grander scale I could go aheadand simply delete the entire projectitself which again uncommitted all theinventory as well and that wouldconclude all the inventory processing ofit now finally I mentioned the scenariowhere your company may not maintain acomplete inventory for staging and you'dgo out and actually lease themerchandise from a thirdcompany that does have inventory used inthose scenarios in the most part theprocess the is the exact same except youmay actually want to make a purchaseorder or order to the company that'sgoing to provide you the merchandise soI've created some projects to handle ordisplay that scenario so let's go to ourspecifications and I'll take a look atour looks not our brass antenna let's goto our Melanie staging management andhere I have two very simple examples ofof products that I want to lease fromour third party furniture outlet classicfurniture outlet company for the stagingof the clients wine cellar in this caselet's take a look at our chairs here thecost would be exactly what the companyis charging us on a per item basis ifthey do so they may gave you a a singlelease amount as well which we canprocess and we'll see that momentarilyso the cost wouldn't be the value of thegood itself it's what they're chargingyou to actually lease it out for thedesired amount of time in that case wemight want to make an order or apurchase order to procure those goods soall we have to do is input thespecifications that we want into ourmanagement project and then we can go toour purchase orders select ourmanagement project and create a pl nowin this case we'll be ordering them fromthe vendor and I'm going to be shippingit I can ship it right to the clientsthat I may change that and ship it rightto my company that's entirely up to havemy business model practices areand I can go ahead and send off an orderto the classic furniture outlet toreceive those Goods just another step inthe management aspect of the project nowof course there's more information aboutmaking purchase orders under ourpurchase order management course to apart of the project management course topurchase orders and work orders at thispoint everything is the exact same I'lluse my finance project to make my itemfor the services to invoice the clientand rather than processing the billsfrom the vendor as the vendor invoice onthe purchase order just do the exactsame way and make an operating expenseas I displayed with the inventoryproject as well and if we do so take alook the bill came in from our ourleasing company they would have aninvoice number and place date today'sdate again is just fineleasing merch for our projectselect our account and put in exactlyhow much they're charging us to do soand again we could change that to use itright to our arc project itself with ourstaging services and we could attachthat to our finances project they singor staging merchandise bypass ourworking process and go ahead and postand again we can now see that in ourfinances project as well so that processis the exact same only difference is wemay want to make a purchase order inthat case and with that that brings usto the end of our discussion on managingyour staging projects and design managerI hope to pried the overall framework ofhow to create and manage both both theprocurement and delivery of themerchandise along with efficientlyhandling the finances associated withjust enough detail so you could do thesame along I hope to provide you theresources for a variety of the othertopics that we touched upon as well andwith that thank you all for joining thediscussion today and I hope you attendanother of our free webinars in the nearfuture take care and have a great day

This webinar will be a basic walk-through of how to properly setup a home staging project in Design Manager. Home Staging works slightly differently than a traditional design project so having a system in place for those projects will make everyone’s lives a lot easier.

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