Room Colors 

Making a Maze Game – Creating Custom Room Colors

now we're gonna add a custom colorscheme for each room so inside of bitsyyou can have three colors one for thebackground one for the tile and one foryour spritesand items so my Start screen I'm gonnaleave with this palette palette zero soif I want to add different colors I haveto make sure I have my colors windowopen so I have background color tilecolor sprite color I can go ahead andcustomize these if I wanted to but I'mgonna go ahead and leave those just theway they were like that so now what Ineed to do is open up the palette selectoption here at the bottom and I'm goingto click the plus button to add a newcolor palette so for this color paletteI'm gonna make the background maybe bepurple the tile colorI'll make sort of an orange yellow andI'll leave my sprite as white so I wantto move to the room that I want to havethese colors so I'm going to click tothe maze and where it says colors I'mgoing to use my drop-down and now choosepalette one and you can see that it'sgiven me these new colors so I'm gonnamake one more palette for the winningscreen so I'm going to hit plus to addanother palette and I'm gonna make thebackground color about black so I'mgonna slide over here make the tilecolor I'll leave that white and thenI'll make this bright color how about anice bright green so now I'm gonna go towinning screen palette and then palettetwo shows up and I can apply that so nowwatch what happens when I play throughso you can see the colors have changedbased on the pallets that I've used ohyou can for every room that you have youcan have a different color so if youhave 20 different rooms you can have 20different palettes you can only havethree colors per room and you can makeyour game look differently with thosecolor palettes

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