Making a furniture for games or vr in blender 2 8 part1

hey guys run here with the wakeninganimations and that was another 2.8tutorial in this tutorial we're gonnamake something a bit more complex andwe're gonna use the high to low or atleast try to we might use it sculptinganyway this is what we're gonna maketoday I'm gonna drag it into the screenand of course there's full of crap how'dI do this before baby good know what'swrong anyway so one I'm gonna have likethis and I'm gonna have the exact samesorry image yes so that we can look atspecific parts from top okay so thisimage on Google just type in and I'llprovide the link so that you guys canget this exact same image we don't haveany other other perspectives but we'regonna tackle this guy one piece at atime okay so the first part is quitebasic and we're gonna keep it basicuntil we've got all the forms kind ofthere it seems like as well we'd onlymake one of these fellows here and we'llend up having all of them and we'll makeone of these as wellone of these okay there's any one ofthose here it looks like it stopsabruptly without any arms maybe we'vehad on this and we're not creating thispiece sorry I don't know if I mentionedthat I'm not making it work in thissense yeah we going to cut out this parthere not have it just have a flat facethere like an owl so maybe we'll addthis arm that side sue for some comfortto that person and yeah so let's let'sget cracking we're gonna start with thisbase kind of Land yeah we won't take it past base ourbase is gonna stoplet us team here and run across thebackground like that okay so that'squite a basic shape at first and itlet's keep it basic let's use a planefor that so I'm not going to be usingreal world measurements for this itwould be nice to actually but what wecan do is we can at least keep thingsquite square so let's keep our base likethis and to do that we're gonna go inthe front view what's happening herefront view and I want to move this andI'm holding control to increment itslimitsokay so I was holding from 12 toincrement snapped in that way and we hadthis part so I'm looking at this pieceas this one square yeah underneath so weknow we want two of those where the Owlsgonna start extruded all controlstandard twice two of those squares hereand now we're going to create this outwe want a third way extrude we've got athird square and one more square sothat's how base like that just for thatpuzzle piece quite easy no problemthat quads yeah the front view extrudedout old control again and maybe yeahkeep it that high why not there we gothat'sstudies completed and what we can doalmost immediately is grab a face hereso this one may be and should be andthen he separates election now we cangrab this face yeah we just want to moveit up ever so slightly so cheesyholding shift I'm just a little bit notmuch okay and now we can get thethickness of this guy's and edit modeyou just extrude this up and the threeblocks look fine for now okay so therewe go we've got our pushing it areatoday and if he wants to see this liveand stuff we could always all be whichdoes link to the kids and using patrolstandards of be losing control to startI'll be again so that means when we grabthis guy we actuallyso yeah it's quite confusing and stuffso maybe we can move our link duplicatesto a new collectionokay so for our next piece here we canstart with this left side it's quite asimple piece and yeah let's get thatdone so let's grab this face here shiftydrop it in place again peace afraid thistime I'm gonna believe ittouching now and it's extremist I'mgonna leave it like that for now theymight even take it why notand it's sure that this is going to bemore or less the cushion type somethinglike that and we could easily the dadyou can easily take these abilities hereand take them up respectively so it'sit's not a big curve so I'll just leaveit like that for now it looks fine andyeah so that's good for this part and wecan steal this piece and kind of use itfor the back there butit's not let's just grab this sectionyeah so should be again either in placejust repeats for the same steps it'svery basic we're gonna leave the paylet's do the extrusion first selecteverything straight so this one isdefinitely not as think it's not so I'mgonna leave it there for now want thisface this face that's good now we justneed to figure out the height so then Iselect these and from the right view[Music]like that you know the back is straightso we're gonna bring this up somewhereso maybe something today and it lookslike it's this piece yeah so I'm not100% sure this edge here might even bemore down something like that to pumpinside for thathello that needs to go in behind therebut we'll figure that out when we get tothat pillow we might as well it's closeto that now but yeah I'll show you guyswhat I mean so you see here we've gotsome kind of age thing so I want to undothat for now we're gonna see how that'sworking later on let's grablet's grab this face yeah because it'sgonna be more or less the width of thatclub actually it's gonna be there's somesquashing happening here with thatpillow in this pillow so we're gonnahave to do that day at the end but yeahlet's let's keep going so our next piecewould be this pillar piece here andsomething to go with that for nowtake it upsomething like thatand take this face bring it down todaymaybe and it's definitely not that wideso we're going to scale anything likethatthat doesn't need to be perfect herewe're going to be rotating this guy andI'm going to do that now we can putperson here and then we can sit originto up 3d cuts this way we just line itup and that waytransform sits into the hole you got andnow we can kind of see our rotation thatshould be fun and that gives us an ideaof how things are going to be matchingyeah but it doesn't really matterbecause once it all together we'll makeit so we can definitely just take thisface and just like that sorry this one[Music]so that'sand now we can do this little weirdpillow yeah so it's a selection modeshould be summation so with this onewe're just going to extrude it but Iwant to go on the actual z-axis so it'ssomething like thatwe take this faceokay so with this one we can immediatelysee that it's gonna be some stuffhappening yeah but I'll show you why wenot gonna touch that right now so that'sbasically the beginning of our couch Imean we don't need to do anythingfurther than this because this will justbe duplicated that will be duplicatedthis piece here we need to add it hereright now okay no we can take this pieceduplicate it's set the origin to thegeometry that way I can snap it in thecenter there as you can see[Music]for now that's fine and we've got ourdates we know we're going to duplicatethat so we might as well shift the ourrotation can be crazy - lets see the oneis more let's end like thatokay so we can't even do this with moreprecisionwe really have to there we go we butthat it's I'm sorry this is so there wego we've got our pillows and our sidesand everything how they need to be nowit would be a good time to save saveso we in 20 minutes we've got our blocknot hard and yeah we will proceed to thenext piecejust yeah sorry it's something for medoubles[Music]okay so we don't have a face lay in tofix that so we did a double let's sayokay so the next part we're gonna usethe subdivision surface and we're gonnaadd it onto our objects needed and we'regoing to go ahead and split objectsapart so we can get our schemes and it'sthe way we're gonna add things like that

Complete series of making a L shaped furniture from start to finish to use in games/vr.

In this part we block out the basic shapes.

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